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  1. If I get everyone worked up about the idea of doing a Wargames with Brock/Axel/Shield vs Punk/Bryan/three guys so that they waste a couple of pages on their cool fantasy booking scenarios on how to fill those three spots, before they ultimately get disappointed because it never happens and they hate WWE for never doing their ideas, is that considered trolling?
  2. I'm assuming no one did, but I would have loved to have seen someone make a comment about Zimmerman just to see how the crowd would react.
  3. Aren't those the guys you should want to take as much money as possible from before they lose interest and find another hobby?
  4. He was accompanied by his valet Lady Lolicon and his manservant Yaoi.
  5. Royal Rumble Last Man Standing Match vs Big Show, Elimination Chamber vs Big Show, Wrestlemania vs Jack Swagger or are you talking about his earlier heel reign?
  6. It would also make sense to have Bryan come up short and compensate by challenging the champ to title fight, prevailing only to have the briefcase cashed in on him almost immediately. It might be more compelling if Henry is the champion who Bryan goes after rather than Cena. And it would make the most sense if the briefcase was held by Kane. Imagine if Bryan has a celebration on Raw. Someone tries to interrupt. Kane comes out for the save while holding his briefcase. Bryan forgives Kane for thinking that Kane thought he was the weak link. They hug it out. Then, wham, chokeslam, call for the ref, ring the bell, and Kane cashes in his title shot. Obviously, this can't happen with Kane out of the MITB match, but I think it could have been fun. They could try to use Orton in a similar role (maybe he sent the Wyatt family to take out Kane), but I don't think it would be anywhere near as cool.
  7. Bleacher Report did it better. Words you thought no one would ever say/type.
  8. Are you asking for an ugliest wrestler tournament? If so, should women be included?
  9. You could have kept informed with a Twitta Machine.
  10. One of the few worthwhile places to discuss anything on the internet. If politics were a permitted topic, I wouldn't have to go anywhere else on the internet.1,2 1Except for porn 2And when I get temp-banned for some of the things I might say about politics
  11. LooseCannon

    Tyson Gay / PED's

    Is he implying some sort of sabotage?
  12. Can you name Benjamin's finishing move at the time?
  13. If they created a masked jobber named What?, would that in any way affect crowd chants?
  14. Complaining about fans ruining it because they won't react the way they are supposed to is sooooo TNA.
  15. I am lamenting my lost opportunity to be an Atlanta Black Cracker.
  16. Could they have been Mike Knox and Luke Gallows?
  17. If they're not smart enough to click on "View New Content", they probably don't have an opinion worth sharing.
  18. Five years from now, DC will have yet another Crisis. The big bads will be a group led by Superboy-Prime, Wally West, Donna Troy, Cass Cain, and Stephanie Brown.
  19. He was looking for someone to give him a contract of something like 3-4 years at 7m per year and got no takers. He just hasn't fired his agent because of it like Monta Ellis did. I think the Spurs would have paid him if the T-Wolves were more willing to do a trade.
  20. It'll be fun if people try to steal the names of what they think are sock puppets of other users. The next March Madness could be interesting.
  21. Do you want to schedule a Like-a-palooza where people hand each other "likes" to keep FSW out of the top ten?
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