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  1. One of several reactions on Whisper. (spoilered for size)
  2. I have never seen a Kevin Smith movie.
  3. IIRC, the black mist is the one that blinded Nidia.What would white mist do? Plan B contraception in mist form.
  4. They're building to the same payoff as the Jamie Noble/Nidia vs Billy Gunn/Torrie Wilson feud. Thinning the herd?
  5. They're building to the same payoff as the Jamie Noble/Nidia vs Billy Gunn/Torrie Wilson feud.
  6. Wouldn't that be racist to call Lin an elephant? Are you saying he has big ears? Is big ears a racial stereotype? Are you saying that since elephants never forget, this is implying that Jeremy Lin has memorized at least 1000 digits of pi? Are you calling him a Republican?
  7. If you're going to talk for 20 minutes, at least make it funny and involve several people.
  8. You should hold out for a payout from ICP before agreeing to re-think your rage.
  9. I have no idea. I have no black friends. Someone show me to black women fighting in MMA so I can learn how black women fight.
  10. Is it because black women are incapable of succeeding at the highest levels of women's MMA?
  11. Would you want to try to break up a fight between two black women? I know I wouldn't. Would you want to try to break up a fight between two attractive women who might have a wardrobe malfunction? I wouldn't consider it unless I had a guaranteed opportunity to get away with copping a feel, and even then I'd probably wait a little.
  12. I would totally cheer Zeb Coulter cutting a racist-as-fuck promo on Konnan.
  13. I think people should supply proof that they exhausted these methods before posting a question in this thread.
  14. Is there a coach they can hire who likes Josh Smith and will maximize the possibility of Detroit being able to trade J-Smoove to LA?
  15. Should Santino get a farewell angle that involves him being fired by the Authority? Is there a way in which he can be safely beat up Rusev? Or just threatened?
  16. If you foul him right, the other guy shouldn't be able to get up and punch you in the face.
  17. Why is this even a story? Has anyone played pickup basketball, sometimes things get testy and someone may get punched. The kid he punched apparently pushed him and by kid I mean a 6'5" 200lbs. 17 year old who probably had it coming. He didn't punch a 5'5" sixth grader with a learning disability, he punched what is essentially a grown man in a situation where it isn't uncommon for a grown man to punch another grown man in the heat of the moment. Sometimes people get punched in pickup basketball games, it shouldn't be news. That was my thought when I read the story. The other guy was being too aggressive, PJ shoved him, the kid swung, and PJ swung back. How is that not exactly like 500 NBA games this past season? Basically the only difference is that the NBA has refs and no one really fights. Seriously, playing pickup basketball is probably the most common place people get into fights sober. It is the combination of competition, physical contact, and especially people being able to call their own fouls. I've seen three times as many fights based on people calling bullshit fouls than from fouling someone too hard. Nothing will get you punched in the face faster than calling bullshit fouls every time you miss a lay up. If someone is calling bullshit fouls, why don't they just lay him out with a legitimate hard foul instead of punching him in the face?
  18. Does Santino have any potential as a commentator?
  19. If Konnan had been a guy worthy of putting a belt on, 3LK and LAX would have been even bigger missed opportunities in TNA,.
  20. If Lebron goes back to Cleveland, he should first require Dan Gilbert to re-enact a certain scene from Team America World Police while Nick watches.
  21. So, you plan on skipping anger, bargaining, and depression?
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