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  1. So in my list of YouTube recommendations there was a short audio clip of Ryback talking about Grim (the guy from Jersey that had Brian Myers on his channel) getting roughed up in a match a few days ago. I think I'm more surprised this hasn't happened sooner based on how obnoxious he can be when attending matches or autograph signings.

  2. I like how when Cornette asked Bischoff why he didnt try to explain that he had nothing to do with the promo being edited, Bischoff just gives him a polite, "Because who the f**k are you?" response. A little Glengarry Glenross, "I drove here in a black Corvette and you drove a rental. That's my name." swagger.

  3. Anyone else looking forward to The Leftovers next month? I'm glad the show was given a chance to wrap things up. I think with the first season either you liked it and kept watching or you thought it was weird and moved on. The second season was a blast and Liv Tyler was fantastic. Easily the best work she's done.

  4. 12 hours ago, nate said:

    I was just remembering that period of time where Dusty was using the Weaverlock, and part of the kayfabe behind the hold was how, after he used it to put a guy out, he then had to slap the opponent on the back to "wake them up" or else they'd face irreparable damage.  And that time he caught Tully, maybe Arn, in it and he was refusing to do the wake-up slap.  Refs, officials, announcers all going fucking crazy (as opposed to just doing the slap themselves).  My dad and I refer to it as "that time that Dusty Rhodes almost killed a Horseman".

    My friend and I loved that angle. "Yeth, the Weevah Lock izzz a choke hold!!"

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  5. I love how Zoom has manhandled Barry twice, given him nightmares and just about made him piss himself when he confronted him in that cell yet Barry confidently proclaims at the end of this last episode, "Oh, yeah. Next time I see him I'm totally gonna beat him!!"...

  6. NXT at Washington Avenue Armory in Albany, NY:


    Asuka beat Eva Marie

    Apollo Crews beat Alex Riley

    Carmella beat Peyton Royce

    Enzo Amore & Cass beat The Vaudvillains

    Sami Zayn beat Elias Sampson

    Bayley beat Alexa Bliss

    Finn Balor & Austin Aries beat Baron Corbin & Samoa Joe


    After writing this (and reading the one comment), I realized that I've never even come close to paying dues as a fan when it comes to traveling to a show or waiting in long lines or bad weather. Every show I've been to has been arrive, walk in and find my seat. This was just one time the venue's staff screwed up and I was inconvencied so I got off easy compared to what other fans have gone through to see a show.


    - Alex Riley had a pretty good match with Apollo Crews. The crowd didn't seem to dislike him but booed everytime he heeled or gloated when he did.

    - Peyton Royce has a pretty good stalling tactic for a house show match with smelling her flower bit but she needs something better for a TV/PPV match.

    - Enzo was really over. The whole place erupted when his music hit. The Vaudvillains were a big hit despite being heels in the match. A lot of near falls and one of the best matches of the night. After the match, Enzo & Cass took selfies and signed autographs with the fans at ringside.

    - Elias Sampson came off really well. He had "go away" heat when he came out but he did a pretty good job with the "song" he wrote about Albany to start the match. I'm not sure if it's because he was in there with Zayn but he looked solid in his match. If he had more charisma I think people would have a better opinion (or one at all) about him.

    - Alexa Bliss looked really good against Bayley. She was great at being a nasty heel just punching, kicking and beating down on Bayley. Then she hit a sunset flip after rebounding off the second turnbuckle from an Irish whip and the crowd really got into the match.

    - Austin Aries got a huge reaction for his entrance and right before the match started. He looks like he's put on some size since he was in TNA.


    Finn appeared to have aggravated his ankle again early in the match. I'm putting this in spoilers because this led to a spot where Aries was reaching for the tag but Finn was on the floor. Either it was a practice run for a TV match or just a way for him to be in the match without him having to do too much. After the match, Finn did the bit where he dressed up as Bayley but didn't show any sign of his ankle bothering him.

  7. He needs to take the Shieky-baby approach: Throw the big clothesline and when they ask what happened, he says "Not Rusev's fault she don't know how to work."


    Just kidding, of course. They've had her admonish him on TV and slap him. Nothing non smart fans haven't seen. I understand the being professional in public part but the keeping kayfabe mentality when they have programs on the network that show it's a work makes no sense. 

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