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  1. It's good to see that Paige already has the dead eyes necessary for her next career step of being one of the CMLL edecanes.
  2. The other issue is the level of scrutiny they would be under to do an impossible job fairly, the potential exploitation of the system at opportune times. I know there is an unspoken code or whatever about not trying to injure guys (hahahahah) but you can't convince me that players would not use helmet to helmet contact to remove star players from the game in high leverage situations. Implementing a system like this would run the risk of incentivizing more dangerous play.
  3. I always thought it would be kind of neat to do a league with an odd number, and each week someone plays against all the best performers still on the waiver wire.
  4. So now that the Browns traded Justin Gilbert to the Steelers for a 6th round pick, I'd like to to take some time and talk about just how awful the Browns drafting record has been. After getting three first rounders right in a row (Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, Joe Haden) they have used first round picks on: Phil Taylor (traded down from the pick that became Julio Jones), Trent Richardson (traded up to draft a RB), Brandon Weeden (the Falcons pick from the Julio Jones trade), Barkevious Mingo (number 6 overall, traded for a fifth rounder), Justin Gilbert (number 8 overall, traded for a 6th rounder), Johnny Manziel (Yeah), Danny Shelton (bad), and Cameron Erving (bad, but at least nice off the field). It's sort of shocking the amount of times the Browns have traded down and ended up with multiple first round picks only to fail hilariously at managing to get any sort of value out of them. This is truly an unprecedented run of futility.
  5. Thursday. September 8 Carolina at Denver Sunday, September 11 Tampa Bay at Atlanta Buffalo at Baltimore Chicago at Houston Green Bay at Jacksonville San Diego at Kansas City Oakland at New Orleans Cincinnati at NY Jets Cleveland at Philadelphia Minnesota at Tennessee Miami at Seattle NY Giants at Dallas Detroit at Indianapolis New England at Arizona Monday, September 12 Pittsburgh at Washington LA Rams at San Francisco Tiebreaker #1: points scored on my birthday (September 12) 101 Tiebreaker #2: Adrian Peterson rushing yards 93 Tiebreaker #3: Interceptions thrown in NYG/Dal 4
  6. So I was at King of Trios last night, and Mary Dobson was doing a sequence with Victoria. I couldn't tell what happened, but as they were going toward the turnbuckle, Dobson either pasted Victoria with an elbow or mistimed something a little bit, and from my vantage point, very clearly apologized to her, at about the same volume that you would see someone call a spot with. I'd never seen that before, so I wanted to ask the current/former workers on the board: is this unheard of, or are apologies in ring something that happens pretty often? Is it just due to Victoria being a veteran and Mary Dobson being much younger, so it was out of respect, and she wouldn't normally do something like that in a match? I don't know why I'm so interested in the answer, but it's something I can't remember ever seeing before.
  7. Someone should've told Teddy to take the kind of steroids that allow you to throw the ball more than 15 yards.
  8. Pootie Tang is the funniest movie of all time. I'd star in it for free. Also, let's be honest: Eddie Murphy, or any other actor for that matter, isn't under any obligation to make art, or use their talents how you see fit. It's not squandering anything if they are content to do work and make as much money as they want. That's just a different way of looking at the world.
  9. It's cool to know that Jim Cornette posts on this board and is a big fan of Rob Zombie. I assume the 1988 in your handle is in reference to the last year Jim Cornette was relevant?
  10. Evil Waldo is one mention of "pad level" away from being a non ironic ProFootballTalk Commenter.
  11. I would say some Lovecraft stuff fits in to what I'm thinking about, in addition to early stuff like Great God Pan, etc. Basically, I want to know if people are writing stuff that is spiritually in the same world as Blood on Satan's Claw and the original Wicker Man.
  12. @OSJ Are there any good to great modern folk horror collections, or did the genre peter out?
  13. Judging by the numbers, are the results essentially locked in at this point?
  14. I'm not sure there is a better person to feud with coming in to WWE than the Miz. If he can get over worthless sacks of garbage like Alex Riley and Damien Sandow, I'm pretty sure he can make people invested in seeing Samoa Joe hit him hard in the face a bunch of times.
  15. I'm not sure I buy the argument that Bosa is hurting himself more than the Chargers, who look as though they might end up getting literally nothing for the third overall pick in the draft.
  16. Zack Sabre Jr is the best wrestler in the world who has clearly never been in a real fist fight.
  17. I think Bosa has been pretty open about signing as long as the contract did not include offset language. He also said that he would be sign with the offset language if he got the entirety of his signing bonus up front. I'm sure Bosa hasn't been easy to work with or whatever. It just seems weird that a team that drafted a player number 3 overall would be so stubborn about being able to cut him for nothing.
  18. I don't really have a problem with guys putting their hands up. It's a natural reaction to seeing someone setting up to hit you in the face. It doesn't take me out of the action or make it seem fake, it makes it seem like a guy saw a move coming and wants to block it in some small way. Putting your hands up in front of a steel chair at the last second would still hurt like hell.
  19. People saying the Miz is a bad wrestler is indicative of how hard it is to change the mind of wrestling fans. He has been a top 5 TV worker in WWE this year.
  20. They should plug Sami Zayn in to exactly where Balor was, but instead of doing demon paint on the PPVs, have him don a mask and talk about how it allows him to be fearless or something.
  21. It's a month. He doesn't even need to have a successful defense. The damage has already been done, at least this way something interesting happens before my mind goes numb with Seth Rollins as long term champion. His first reign was probably the least interesting period of Raw in the past decade. Think about the ground that covers. They have a wonderful opportunity to try things and see if something works. Going back to Reigns or Rollins is actively more harmful to the program long term than a quick run for a first time champion out of the gate.
  22. I said this last night, but I think the most interesting thing they could have done with the title after Balor's injury is give a short reign to Strowman. I'm sure he is terrible, but I feel like Strowman dragging the belt around and killing jobbers while Rollins is scared out of his mind of fighting him but still wants the belt back would actually be somewhat compelling. Let him have it for a month before it inevitably goes back to Seth. We all know the end of this story, at least make the journey a little more fun.
  23. Where are you seeing 39.99? On the criterion website preorder is 79.
  24. When Heyman calls Brock the Night Mayor, I can't help but wonder if that means he's the fighter of the Day Mayor. The he only good part of Raw was the look of abject fear Darren and Titus had when the did the millions of dollars dance with Backlund and both clearly thought at any moment he might just put them in the chicken wing.
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