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  1. Freddy Rumsen stepping to the plate.
  2. The Submission Squad! Yeah, but they'll never actually make it to the show.
  3. Seeing Jake in a WWE ring made me break into tears. No fucking Lie. Jake Roberts is the reason why I love wrestling. To see him in the shape he is in now after how his life has been? Amazing.
  4. Considering you call every Rhodes/Shield match the greatest match in wrestling history, I just think you're a big fan of hyperbole. Yeah, but it's the best hyperbole in years.
  5. Well, they sort of did that when they introduced Test. Anyone remember him as a roadie for Motley Crue?
  6. so, heres this.http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/news/bryan-cranston-cast-as-lex-luthor-in-man-of-steel-20130826
  7. Vince Gilligan is the guest on this weeks Nerdist podcast. Pretty good hour+ interview.
  8. I've been selling my coworkers on the show pretty hard lately. I think I got a couple of them to bite.
  9. He had been working house shows in his Chimera gimmick as "el Local". It would be pretty easy for them to use that gimmick and have everyone "know" it's Ricardo under there but never say it. Or lampshade it. Whatever. Either way, I'd like to see it, because he's a decent luchadore.
  10. I really can't recommend this enough: Kill threads when they get huge. Big databases are prone to instability and will create problems for the entire board.
  11. Welcome back, board. I'll throw you guys a couple bucks a bit down the line.
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