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  1. Probably the only Dolly song I really like, but it's a damn good one. For me, it's been Tom Russell for weeks. Either The Death of Jimmy Martin or this: Panco Villa crossed the border in the year of ought sixteen The people of Columbus still hear him riding through their dreams He killed seventeen civilians you could hear the women scream Blackjack Pershing on a dancing horse was waiting in the wings Tonight we ride, tonight we ride We'll skin ole Pancho Villa, make chaps out of his hide Shoot his horse, Siete Leguas, and his twenty-seven bride Tonight we ride, tonight we ride We rode for three long years till Blackjack Pershing called it quits When Jackie wasn't lookin' I stole his fine spade bit It was tied upon his stallion, so I rode away on it To the wild Chihuahuan desert, so dry you couldn't spit Tonight we ride, you bastards dare We'll kill the wild Apache for the bounty on his hair Then we'll ride into Durango, climb up the whorehouse stairs Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride When I'm too damn old to sit a horse, I'll steal the warden's car Break my ass out of this prison, leave my teeth there in a jar You don't need no teeth for kissin' gals or smokin' cheap cigars I'll sleep with one eye open, 'neath God's celestial stars Tonight we rock, Tonight we roll We'll rob the Juarez liquor store for the Reposado Gold And if we drink ourselves to death, ain't that the cowboy way to go? Tonight we ride, tonight we ride Tonight we fly, we're headin' west Toward the mountains and the ocean where the eagle makes his nest If our bones bleach on the desert, we'll consider we are blessed Tonight we ride, Tonight we ride Tonight we ride, tonight we ride.
  2. I shared a couch with our oldest cat, my 5 year old son and his favorite stuffed rabbit for Mass on Sunday. My wife took the other couch. Our English Setter hung out with whoever would pet him. The mastiff slept through the whole thing, and the rest of the cats didn't even bother to show up. We streamed an online Mass. Priest was good, better than our parish priest. I got a kick out of him suddenly realizing he had a congregation of 0 during the Responsorial Psalm. Very low key, which is how I like it. That's the way it's gonna be for awhile, regardless of what any of these fools tells me. Events go the way most of the experts seem to think, our president is gonna get kicked in the teeth by reality before Easter.
  3. The guy that's been driving all the local decisions is recommending no school for the rest of the year here. We'll see what happens. City/county went into lockdown today. Will be interesting to see what happens. Just about all the major cities in Texas are in the same boat. Normally our state government is in love with two things 1.) Telling everybody about the benefits of local control 2.) Overriding local control for the cities at every opportunity, especially when it comes to Austin Normally giving the state government the opportunity to so something like override a shelter in place order for Austin is the equivalent of extra strength viagra for those guys. So far, our governor at least seems to be taking a fairly sane approach, saying he supports the cities that have gone into lockdown. Not sure if that will last, but it's a nice change, dipshits like Patrick aside.
  4. Is anybody else struck by how much reality seems to be imitating a 70s disaster movie, between the crowds of people ignoring this shit and leadership sticking their heads in the sand? It's hard to decide who is doing the best imitation of the mayor from Jaws. Right now my leader is Dan Patrick, our dear Lt. Governor
  5. I'm under orders to clear out all the beer from the fridge. As a result I'm sitting on the back deck, watching my 5 year old run around while I'm enjoying a pale ale and dealing with my backlog of emails. Nice change from the usual work atmosphere, in some ways at least. We're apparently going shelter in place starting tomorrow, though in actuality I only left the house twice all last week.
  6. I'm curious how closely they can hold to schedule, especially on things that are fairly far along. I'm a hardware designer, so I don't really know enough about game development to know how much they can do remotely. For us, any task we can do at work can be done over VPN just as easily, though obviously the disruption does have some effects. Management is trying to hold us to our current schedules, though I don't know how realistic that will be. I think they've realized that stuff that is further away from completion will probably have to push schedule, and that they'll need to shift resources to the nearer term stuff.
  7. I would've, but some of those meetings were with contractors, and she would've gone too easy on em. If our old Great Pyrenees was still with us, she'd have done a better job than I did.
  8. My mastiff joined several meetings this week. Her bark is roughly on par with your average earthquake.
  9. On the plus side, restaurants can now sell alcohol for takeout and/or delivery here.
  10. After a trip to the grocery store Friday night, it was either gonna be this or "When The Shit Goes Down".
  11. All restaurants closed here for 6 weeks after today, though you can still do takeout. Right thing to do, I figure, but this is gonna crush a bunch of places, especially on the heels of losing SXSW. Oddly, not having a daily commute or a thousand activities for my son every day has made it easier to actually cook, so we're eating a lot better than usual.
  12. Schools are out here till at least April 3. Couple that with work sending us home indefinitely, and we'll all be in the house together till then. I'm gonna have to take the kid out on hikes and stuff just to keep us sane. A friend if sanitizing her entire house five times a day. That's despite never leaving the house.
  13. Think he'll sign one for today?
  14. My five year old's school got cancelled starting this morning. My wife's and my employer just sent us non-essential folks home worldwide. Gonna have to come up with a lot of stuff to distract the boy for the next few weeks. At least he didn't catch the lice that most of his class got last week.
  15. City and county have both declared states of emergency, despite a grand total of zero cases. I get why they did it (to cancel SXSW), but it looks silly.
  16. Oddly enough, The Last of Us essentially starts at a friend’s house. Didn’t seem to bug her. She’s pretty hard to unsettle, though.
  17. Work is keeping a list places where you have to self quarantine, at least in terms of coming into work, for two weeks after travelling. They added Germany a couple days ago. My boss is there right now. It's party time. And SXSW just got cancelled. I did not think that was gonna happen. I look forward to listening to my parents, who bitch and moan about the presence of SXSW every year bitching and moaning instead about it getting cancelled. I assume it will somehow be a covert attempt to undermine el presidente.
  18. Gotta love getting political calls 15 minutes after you get your kid to sleep. Especially when it's for a guy you wouldn't vote for if they held a gun to your head. Fortunately it was a real person on the other end, so I got to tell them to go fuck themselves before hanging up.
  19. Things that would make me possibly watch a BL movie.: 1 - not live action 2 - First scene has Scooter come back from the dead and strap Rhys and Vaughn to a rocket. He then launches em into the nearest sun while hollering a triumphant catch a ride. Neither of them is ever mentioned again. 3 - Every subsequent scene includes at least one of Tina, Torgue, Tannis or Wainwright Jakobs
  20. That explains it. Ive seen maybe 30 minutes of Tarantino movies total. Last horror movie I saw all of was, I dunno, Event Horizon? that doesn’t sound like much of a resume for something like Borderlands
  21. I have no idea who or what Eli Roth is. Guessing that might be a good thing, from Rippa's response.
  22. Amateur. Nate Newton topped that amount twice in the span of about five weeks.
  23. I'll never tire of that. "This borders on child abuse!" It's been nearly 30 years. I wonder if Peter Gardere has got over the nightmares yet. Texas' QB stats for the game: Passing Att-Cmp-Int Yds TD Long Sack ------------------------------------------------- Totals... 18-8-3 55 0 15 9
  24. Tabe just nailed a big part of of the reason for Texas. They've had six coaches since Darrel Royal left 44 years ago. Fred Akers - had some very good years. Could easily have won a national championship in 93. I was there for his final game. The "Fire Fred" chants were LOUD, and fun for an Aggie fan growing up in Austin. David McWilliams - Nice guy. His players loved him. Had one very good year. That was 1990. If Dolfan is reading this, he's welcome to comment on how that year ended. Otherwise his record was pretty much crap. John Mackovic - Their fans hated him, apparently because he wasn't a "Texas" guy. He was basically dead man walking from the time they announced his hire. Somehow lasted six years. Mack Brown - obviously a massive success. National championship. Nearly matched Royal's percentage. His success, and Deloss Dodd's massive arrogance, helped to spoil an already entitled fanbase. It's amazingly hard to find a Texas fan, at least in Austin, with any anything good to say about Brown. The level of vitriol directed towards him (and a lesser extent towards Colt McCoy, who should obviously have risked his professional future and health for an amateur sport) is amazing. After Brown was let go, a good portion of Texas fans thought Nick Saban was going to show up at Texas' senior banquet, bringing Alabama's top recruits with him. Instead they got... Charlie Strong - Forgot to bring Teddy Bridgewater to Austin with him. Bret Bielema called beating one his teams in a bowl game an erotic experience. Somehow lost to Kansas. Managed to have a losing record overall. Tom Herman - Jury's still out. Seems to be recruiting well. Teams have been inconsistent, but mostly improved from Strong They were talked about as potential National Championship contenders going into 2019. Played as well against LSU as anybody, then pretty much fell apart, especially defensively Had impressive bowl wins win 2018 and 2019 against teams that were better on paper. The other big thing has been their consistent inability over most of that time frame to recruit quarterbacks worth a damn. Brown's strong years coincide pretty neatly with the Applewhite/Young/McCoy years. Otherwise they've been inconsistent at best. This despite the state producing a slew of talented quarterbacks, many of whom would accepted offers from Texas if they had bothered to, well, offer. I'm sure I'm zooming a bunch of guys here, but here goes. Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford, Ryan Tannehill, Kyler Murray, Nick Foles, Patrick Mahomes, Baker Mayfield, Robert Griffin and Andy Dalton all played high school ball in Texas. Mayfield, Foles and Brees played at schools that might as well be part of Austin. None of those guys played at Texas. That's just looking at current NFL quarterbacks. Include former or future NFL quarterbacks and you get guys like Andrew Luck, Johnny Manziel and Jalen Hurts. There's four Heisman trophy winners in there. RG3 and Manziel both wanted to play for them, but both were recruited only as DBs. Obviously some of those guys overlap with Applewhite/Young/McCoy, but that's a pretty impressive list of misses.
  25. The flu is welcome to go out and fuck itself right about now.
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