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  1. The first episode of the new MacGruber show on Peacock is fucking hysterical.
  2. Brock looking like the new toughest guy in Letterkenny is fucking great. That whole end segment was dope. And that Chicago crowd was great, as always. I even didn't mind the CM Punk chant because it was in the middle of that Corbin bullshit.
  3. Initially it was because Nana announced that he'd be revealing who the Crown Jewel of the Embassy was, and it was gonna be a huge surprise. I was at the show where the did the reveal in the middle of the ring and it was Jimmy Rave. And a LOT of folks, myself included,were like " Who?" Or if they did know who he was, it was a disappointment.
  4. Dude, If HHH pulled out a stupid neck tattoo from under the ring and tossed it away during a shitty match? Damn.
  5. Garvin didn't give a shit about anything then making money. It's why he went to WWF after the heel turn. He felt Dusty was cutting him off constantly. Garvin wasn't a belt mark.
  6. Punk vs Lee had that terrible pin exchange bit where the guy pinning the other guy pushes his opponent out of the pin before he kicks out to set up the next spot. It looked like shit, and always does. And MJF's insults were lame as fuck.
  7. HHH living rent free in Cody's head must be a terrible place to recuperate from a heart attack.
  8. So Cody went through the flaming table, Andrade didn't, but Cody pinned Andrade. That sucked.
  9. I liked Graves looking right down the barrel of the camera saying something like, " Who would've thought an egg at Survivor Series would turn out bad?"
  10. 1. Jimmy Valiant 2. Cactus Jack 3. Tony Garea 4. Bruno Sammartino 5. Randy Savage 6. Samoa Joe 7. The New Day ( Fuck it, it counts as one) 8. Daniel Bryan 9. Dusty Rhodes 10. Tony Atlas and Rocky Johnson, the Soul Patrol My GOAT list and my Favorites List are the same.
  11. The latest episode of Legends was just fantastic. And it had the joke that made me laugh harder than anything in the run of the show. Bishop escapes Gideon by running into the bathroom and hitting the red button to eject from the Waverider, and when Sara sees him floating down on the toilet with a parachute she says, " Someone must have pushed the red button." It's a callback to the season 4 episode " The Getaway" where Mona is in the bathroom and Mick says, "Whatever you do, don't hit the red button." And it's never brought up again until now.
  12. I honestly wonder if that is what killed them in Vince's eye. I don't watch a lot of the TV anymore but I was watching that show. Hit Row debuted to a weird mix of boos, some cheers, and silence from the crowd in fucking Wichita. " God Dammit Bruce, if they can't get over in Wichita, how are they gonna get over in Sheboygan?"
  13. I've been watching Prodigy and it's a lot of fun. My nephew is enjoying it as his entry into Trek. And speaking of Trek cartoons, Lower Decks is my favorite Trek since DS9. It's really great, funny, and such a love letter to Trek. It's not " Rick and Morty" Trek despite the adult rating and the show runner's background.
  14. Hey, if anyone wants to laugh at a piece of shit Pro Wrestler, the new Crime In Sports is about Steve Gatorwolf. Holy Moses, he was an asshole who became a monster. The podcast is hilarious, though.
  15. I loved this so much. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I rented it, then bought it right after.
  16. I've only heard ads for it on Greatest Generation but I've never listened.
  17. That was fucking wonderful. Bravo, guys.
  18. All of you need to watch the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw with Bix. It's fucking tremendous. The audio isn't, but the story is. The INS was trying to deport Pat Patterson in the 60's and Bix uncovered the story. Oh, and Gerry Brisco finally explains what actually happened when Vince bought " Georgia " on TBS.
  19. The other great line her son had was at the end. That best friend who I never heard of was going on that Luna would have wanted a biker parade for her funeral, with the imagined footage they apparently shot for this, and it cuts to her son who basically says " Naw, that's bullshit." He's the best.
  20. When Luna's son was talking about how when Tom would leave David would show up and said, "That's some shady shit." , I laughed out loud.
  21. This was great. Will going on about Sawyer having dog collar matches as his gimmick match he didn't lose until Phil shit on that was hilarious. Tune into this one people, it's another great pod.
  22. I thought it was more of a nod to the issue of Starman where Ted tells Jack about the JSA killing Rag Doll.
  23. It's ten pounds of gabagool in a two pound bag.
  24. I've been loving the new season of Doom Patrol so far. I just finished the second ep with Garguax at the vacation getaway and next up is Dead Boy Detective Agency.
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