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  1. It was pretty cool to read that the Rosa Parks episode was pretty accurate outside of the whole time traveler stuff
  2. Pendleton accepted his apology. And after talking with SEC officials, Coach Saban stated the issue will be handled internally. So yeah you're probably right Dolfan, a game suspension
  3. I'd rather him direct something like a Blue and Gold movie but I'm just not a big Suicide Squad fan.
  4. I think Tua is pretty good at this game we call football
  5. I was tentative at first but shoot we got Spider-Ham!
  6. Speaking of classics getting released did they ever announce the international Neo Geo mini release or did that end up being Japan only?
  7. Looks like they're doing something similar to Christopher Robin here and I'm not complaining, I really enjoyed Christopher Robin
  8. I don't know if anyone has watched Death of Superman, but it is miles better than the Superman/Doomsday movie from 10 years ago. I think definitely one of the DCAU best movies. Showing Doomsday beat the Nu52 version of the Justice League is a better decision than having a league that had Guy Gardner, Bloodwynd and Fire.
  9. I'vebeen trying to catch up on CNN's the 2000 but my DVR went on the fritz, is it streaming legally anywhere?
  10. Well I'm waiting for Blu Ray now. That was the reason I wanted to see it
  11. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/24342005/maryland-terrapins-football-culture-toxic-coach-dj-durkin
  12. Negan?? That's about as random as Geese Howard being in the game and I love it. But I guess I need to give up on the idea of Tekken x Street Fighter now
  13. So Big Cass is working the independent scene and is going by.....Big Cazz Yean
  14. It's probably going to get even worse because they just announced a price increase to 15 bucks next month
  15. It was mainly Twitter where he went off but he said that on his personal facebook
  16. Is it wrong I'm looking forward to this as much as I did Avengers: Infinity War? Because I am.
  17. From my understanding you can play by the month but it's 7.99 a month
  18. There was a time when the Teen Titans was one of DC's hottest properties, it was selling even better than Justice League and did a big crossover with X-Men, but that was many years ago, but DC still believes in it obviously
  19. I agree. But my guess was they looked at it similar to the animated division. They started doing other characters but saw Batman and Superman were the ones that sold the most DVD's so that's why the focused on them instead of the other characters. I just hope these succeed so maybe just maybe we could get a Blue and Gold movie
  20. I just figure he's the CW version of Shonda Rhimes.
  21. I guess I should give up the prospects of Kyle getting a prominent role in the GL mythos ever again
  22. The Young Bucks ones are out as well. Ironically they were the only ones I found at my local Hot Topic. But I was told they were getting a shipment of new ones in soon (mainly the SDCC ones she claims) so I'm going to double check in a few hours. (Mainly because I want the Dead Yamcha one)
  23. Spent too much time thinking about the men's side I forgot to do the Women's side so I only got 8
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