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  1. I remember the initial hate when the images for BaTB were posted but then, after the first episode found it hard to hate because it was so fun.
  2. http://youtu.be/7b1xsxC0c50 From about 2 weeks ago vs Adrian Hawkins from Anarchy Wrestling from Georgia EDIT: I thought it would embed, per RIPPA's instructions, but alas, that's the link to the video
  3. Fuck you Instagram, I just want to see the pictures people have posted, not sign up for your damn site
  4. I think Hulks and Stings contract are with Spike. I remember reading they were splitting the bill of Stings contract with TNA
  5. VERY disappointed with how Harbinger Wars ended. Basically I just thought, that's it? War really never ends? Ugh!
  6. Not reading Justice League Dark on a regular basis, but I did enjoy the issue as part of the Trinity War crossover. I actually am enjoying the crossover as a whole. Especially their portrayal of how everyone treats Superman. Well respected and given the benefit of a doubt among his fellow metas, but not as trusted to the goverment employees like Waller. IMO, especially in the New 52, it makes senese.
  7. Loved him in Snatch. Suprised to see he was the voice of Wildkat in Justice League Unlimited. He was great in that as well. He will be missed
  8. I like stories like these. Sure we probably do know better and whatnot, but it makes watching the shows that much more fun when you watch with a fan like that. For me, it helps to turn my brain off and just enjoy the show with them. Watching with kids can be the same way, see them get into it and then you bask in their joy and you enjoy a parent kid moment
  9. Missed the second episode of The Bridge, is it worth going on the iTunes and continuing to get or no?
  10. I wonder what commission is worse, Missouri or Alabama. They just passed something I believe that gets rid of the majority of indie promotions and people were pissed about that.
  11. As far as I know, no. But Shaolin Soccer is and its fantastic
  12. Justice League War is the next DCAU movie, based on the first arc of the New 52 Justice League. Jason O'Mara voicing Batman and Shemar Moore voicing Cyborg so far.
  13. I went to Dragon Con one year, I had a great time, but it was too much for me. Though I do love the exclusive toys that Mattel are doing this year at SDCC and I wish I could be there for the Robotech panel. But it probably is too big it'll take too much effort to get to all that great stuff.
  14. I know this was a staple on the old boards so here's this year's nominations. BEST LETTERER ____ Joe Caramagna, DAREDEVIL, Marvel Comics____ Chris Eliopoulos, COW BOY: A BOY AND HIS HORSE, Archaia____ Todd Klein, FABLES, DC Comics____ Jack Morelli, ARCHIE, Archie Comics____ Chris Ware, BUILDING STORIES, Pantheon BEST COLORIST ____ Laura Allred, FF , Marvel Comics____ Matt Hollingsworth, HAWKEYE, Marvel Comics____ Tito Pena, ARCHIE, Archie Comics____ Ed Ryzowski, GUTTERS, the-gutters.com____ Fiona Staples, SAGA, Image Comics BEST SYNDICATED STRIP or PANEL ____ CUL DE SAC, Richard Thompson, Universal Press Syndicate____ DICK TRACY, Joe Staton and Mike Curtis, Tribune Media Services____ GET FUZZY, Darby Conley, United Feature Syndicate____ MUTTS, Patrick McDonnell, King Features____ PEARLS BEFORE SWINE, Stephen Pastis, United Feature Syndicate BEST ONLINE COMICS WORK ____ BANDETTE, Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover, http://www.monkeybraincomics.com/titles/bandette/____ BATTLEPUG, Mike Norton, http://www.battlepug.com____ THE DREAMER, Lora Innes, http://www.thedreamercomic.com____ NIMONA, Noelle Stevenson, http://gingerhaze.com/nimona____ SHELDON, Dave Kellett, http://sheldoncomics.com BEST AMERICAN EDITION of FOREIGN MATERIAL ____ ABELARD, NBM____ BLACKSAD: A SILENT HELL, Dark Horse____ NEW YORK MON AMOUR, Fantagraphics Books____ SHARAZ-DE: TALES FROM THE ARABIAN NIGHTS, Archaia____ NAOKI URASAWA’S 20TH CENTURY BOYS, VOL. 22, VIZ Media BEST INKER ____ Steve Ellis, ONLY LIVING BOY, Bottled Lightning____ Jonathan Glapion, BATMAN, DC Comics____ Klaus Janson, CAPTAIN AMERICA, Marvel Comics____ Mark Morales, AVENGERS VS. X-MEN, Marvel Comics____ Bob Smith, LIFE WITH ARCHIE, Archie Comics BEST NEW SERIES ____ ADVENTURE TIME, KaBOOM! Studios____ HAWKEYE, Marvel Comics____ NEW CRUSADERS: RISE OF THE HEROES, Red Circle Comics____ REVIVAL, Image Comics____ SAGA, Image Comics MOST PROMISING NEW TALENT ____ Jerry Gaylord, FANBOYS VS. ZOMBIES, BOOM! Studios____ Dennis Hopeless, AVENGERS ARENA, Marvel Comics____ Ryan Jampole, MEGA MAN, Archie Comics____ Mark Mariano, Happyloo, MyPalMark.com____ David Nytra, THE SECRET OF THE STONE FROG, Toon Books SPECIAL AWARD FOR HUMOR IN COMICS ____ Chad Lambert, THE POSSUM AT LARGE 10TH ANNIVERSARY CRAPTACULAR, Old School Comics____ Ryan North, ADVENTURE TIME, KaBOOM! Studios____ Dan Parent, KEVIN KELLER, Archie Comics____ Chris Sparks, TEAM CUL DE SAC: CARTOONISTS DRAW THE LINE AT PARKINSON’S, Andrews McMeel____ Jim Zub, IMAGE COMICS, Skullkickers BEST ORIGINAL GRAPHIC PUBLICATION FOR YOUNGER READERS ____ ADVENTURE TIME, KaBOOM! Studios____ AMELIA RULES: HER PERMANENT RECORD, Simon and Schuster____ COW BOY: A BOY AND HIS HORSE, Archaia____ DRAMA, Schoolastic____ SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, DC Comics____ THE SHARK KING, Toon Books BEST GRAPHIC ALBUM PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED ____ ALIEN: THE ILLUSTRATED STORY, Titan Books____ ARCHIE: THE MARRIED LIFE, BOOK 2, Archie Comics____ CURSED PIRATE GIRL COLLECTED EDITION: VOLUME ONE, Archaia____ HEADS OR TAILS, Fantagraphics____ KING CITY, Image BEST ANTHOLOGY ____ DARK HORSE PRESENTS, various, Dark Horse____ DISTRICT COMICS, Matt Dembicki, Fulcrum Publishing____ ONCE UPON A TIME MACHINE, Andrew Carl, Dark Horse____ TEAM CUL DE DE SAC: CARTOONISTS DRAW THE LINE AT PARKINSON’S, Chris Sparks, Andrews McMeel____ WOMANTHOLOGY: SPACE, Mariah Huehner, IDW BEST DOMESTIC REPRINT PROJECT ____ BEST OF ARCHIE COMICS, VOL. 2, Archie Comics____ CAME THE DAWN AND OTHER STORIES, THE EC COMICS LIBRARY, Fantagraphics____ CRIME DOES NOT PAY ARCHIVES, Dark Horse Comics____ DAVID MAZZUCHELLI’S DAREDEVIL BORN AGAIN: ARTIST’S EDITION, IDW____ POGO: BONA FIDE BALDERDASH VOL. 2, WALT KELLY’S POGO, Fantagraphics BEST COVER ARTIST ____ David Aja, HAWKEYE, Marvel Comics____ Steve Ellis, ONLY LIVING BOY, Bottled Lightning____ Jenny Frison, REVIVAL, Image Comics____ Adam Hughes, FAIREST, Vertigo Comics____ Fiona Staples, SAGA, Image Comics BEST BIOGRAPHICAL, HISTORICAL, or JOURNALISTIC PRESENTATION ____ ALTER EGO MAGAZINE, TwoMorrows Publishing____ JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR, TwoMorrows Publishing____ TEAM CUL DE DE SAC: CARTOONISTS DRAW THE LINE AT PARKINSON’S, Andrews McMeel____ MARVEL COMICS: THE UNTOLD STORY, HarperCollins____ ROBOT 6 WEBSITE, Comic Book Resources SPECIAL AWARD for EXCELLENCE IN PRESENTATION ____ BUILDING STORIES, Chris Ware, Pantheon Books____ CURSED PIRATE GIRL COLLECTED EDITION: VOLUME ONE, Jeremy Bastian, Archaia____ DAVID MAZZUCCHELLI’S DAREDEVIL BORN AGAIN: ARTIST’S EDITION, Scott Dunbier, IDW____ TEAM CUL DE DE SAC: CARTOONISTS DRAW THE LINE AT PARKINSON’S, Chris Sparks, Andrews McMeel____ THE ART OF BETTY AND VERONICA, Victor Gorelick and Craig Yoe, Archie Comics BEST GRAPHIC ALBUM ORIGINAL ____ BUILDING STORIES, Pantheon____ THE CARTER FAMILY: DON’T FORGET THIS SONG, Abrams ComicArts____ MY FRIEND DAHMER, Abrams ComicArts____ RICHARD STARK’S PARKER: THE SCORE, IDW____ THE UNDERWATER WELDER, Top Shelf BEST CONTINUING OR LIMITED SERIES ____ BATMAN, DC Comics____ DAREDEVIL, Marvel Comics____ HAWKEYE, Marvel Comics____ LOCKE AND KEY, IDW____ RACHEL RISING, Abstract Studios____ SAGA, Image Comics BEST WRITER ____ Matt Fraction, HAWKEYE, Marvel Comics____ Joe Hill, LOCKE AND KEY, IDW____ Tim Seeley, REVIVAL, Image Comics____ Scott Snyder, BATMAN, DC Comics____ Brian K. Vaughan, SAGA, Image Comics____ Mark Waid, DAREDEVIL, Marvel Comics BEST ARTIST ____ David Aja, HAWKEYE, Marvel Comics____ Greg Capullo, BATMAN, DC Comics____ Mike Norton, REVIVAL, Image Comics____ Chris Samnee, DAREDEVIL, Marvel Comics____ Fiona Staples, SAGA, Image Comics BEST CARTOONIST ____ Jaime Hernandez, LOVE AND ROCKETS: NEW STORIES, Fantagraphics____ Jeff Lemire, THE UNDERWATER WELDER, Top Shelf____ Terry Moore, RACHEL RISING, Abstract Studios____ Chris Ware, BUILDING STORIES, Pantheon____ Adam Withers and Comfort Love, RAINBOW IN THE DARK, uniquescomic.com BEST SINGLE ISSUE OR STORY ____ BATMAN # 12, DC Comics____ BUILDING STORIES, Pantheon____ HAWKEYE # 1, Marvel Comics____ LOCKE AND KEY: GRINDHOUSE, IDW____ THE MIRE, BeckyCloonan.net____ SAGA # 1, Image Comics____ TALES DESIGNED TO THRIZZLE #8, Fantagraphics
  15. Lost in the shuffle, I noticed they added New Girl, so far, I like it. Sad though, the WWE docs, the Spectular Legacy of the AWA and Triumph and Tragedy of World Class are no longer on there.
  16. I tried to take an interest in Smallville, but the only episodes I liked were the introduction of Impulse and the Justice Society episodes. From what I understand, the Society ep is one of the highest rated of the series yet they seem to be adamant that costumes don't draw, which imo is a disappointment.
  17. Pitch Perfect is on HBO right now. I'm actually enjoying it. Now I see the deal with Anna Kendrick
  18. Yeah, outside of the 1020's, the newer Lumias aren't as thick, but to get wireless charging you have to purchase an add-on, despite having NFC. Personally I love the 920, I don't mind the thickness, though having to handle other people's phones is weird since that thing is so thick compared to others.
  19. What a wild tournament it was! But good on Murray for finally winning at Wimbledon. Glad to see him win it
  20. Since the crash, Nokia has announced the Lumia 1020 which is going to have a camera that has 41MP on it. Other that that, specs are similar to the other Lumia phones.
  21. I'm still enjoying Earth-2, at least until Robinson leaves.
  22. Let me second this. Thank you Rippa and DEAN for getting this place back up and running
  23. Personally, I've always felt this board was well moderated compared to other boards. Sure there's clowning around and busting chops like friends do, but the mean spirited stuff isn't too bad here, which is why I've always loved it here, I felt I could come and discuss and enjoy similar things here with my fellow posters
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