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  1. Slimy and myself both got icebreaker out of the new nightfall bounty. Drops @ 370? Wtf
  2. I am more interested in vision of confluence/fatebringer(adept) to be honest JT. I ran sword on Crota to kill him all 3 times and got all the raid weapons (the primary adept versions with elemental burns) last week as well as a bunch of the raid armor. I missed the 2 minute deathsinger challenge by 3 seconds for the record book, oh well. Vault of Glass is the challenge mode this week. That sexy sexy VoG. Mmmmmmmhmmmm. Real talk, Crota was a sidepiece for a bit. I had a summer fling with Skolas. Things started to get serious with Oryx, but it didn't
  3. With everyone else away playing mass effect, I finally beat WotM on hard mode earlier tonight. I ran through on my warlock at 392. The fight mechanic wasnt that different between normal and hard. Then I beat it again on my hunter.
  4. ┬┐One last hurrah before mass effect takes hold - ?
  5. Gettin up early sucks after working the graveyard shift to 'make los santos great again' by killin dots with the mayor and robert. Damn we had fun though
  6. Sorry, I dont check the board every day very often...no, I didnt get kicked, butthat dude sent me a text that said "truce" I didnt even know you had been kicked until I read your message. I focused on not crashing a top range delivery, didnt even see anyone join the room. After I got the car delivered, I had to bounce anyway due to some family showing up unexpectedly.
  7. If the Mrs. finds out about the gamestop girl, it will be kinda hard to use the headset, what with it being jammed up his ass and all.
  8. What im saying is, if you arent fighting dirty, you arent trying hard enough
  9. To be fair, whether its throwing hands, lead, or high explosives, ive never seen a rulebook for fighting. The Art of War was the closest one, and I dont recall a "thou shall not go off the radar in a sticky bomb rigged car to kill dots" anywhere in that bitch.
  10. $30 on amazon.com new Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox One https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KVSQAGO/ref=cm_sw_r_taa_sRzzyb1MA7Y55 Same price at gamestop.com http://www.gamestop.com/xbox-one/games/grand-theft-auto-v/115457 You wont find a better deal than this unless you have credit with gamestop or something
  11. I use passive as psychological warfare, what with all the dick thrusting going on. Glad to hear JT is finally on the Xbox1.
  12. Its like 7 degrees outside, I think my internet is frozen. I know my ass will be when i take this bastard dog out in a few. Probably all the weed.
  13. I have a Kill On Sight request for a douche by the name of fallbackcar2170 on xbl. He sent me a friend request asking to join his ceo organization when we were the only 2 in the room, I said I would help after I was done with my mc stuff.. I delivered 1 van (god I hate those fucking vans), this asshole blew up the other 2. I kicked the shit out of him, he left. I added him and told him I was gonna make it my life goal to virtually sodomize him whenever I got the chance. He blocked me.
  14. Melraz and myself were running some missions, not bothering anyone when we loaded back into freemode and Nate damn near immediately got blown up. The mayor went on to have a town hall meeting with that 4 man mc unit, and they donated a brand new insurgent to his re-election campaign. We drove around Los Santos meeting the constituents, shaking babies while they were kissing hands, but for some reason there was a mass exodus of people that went north into Blaine County. We decided not to give chase, instead opting to run a few more missions and knocked out 3-4 that I had never do
  15. Shew-weee I got the biggon laid to me this morning. Maxed out on product, no supplies so I had to make a delivery. Found a small room, got the vans (booooo). Proceeded to have to fight 3 people while trying to deliver. I made 3/5s of the first truck before I abandoned the sell and went full on fight mode...lost 200k in ...mother fuckers
  16. Completely no-sold...screw you guys, I laughed for hours regardless. What is this, church or something? I get no respeck, no respeck at all.
  17. Stout and myself had a grand ole time earlier beatin the brakes off some kids. 2 yellow dots somehow thought it was a good idea to blow up Stout's weed before we could get lined out in a party chat. I actually got a few decent sniper kills. A 3rd party started poking around him helping those guys get out of dodge and whatnot. Eventually the yellow dots must have gotten hungry due to the ass whipping they were taking and left the lobby to go eat or something and the 3rd interested party learned a valuable lesson in minding his own bees wax. I got a couple spawn kills on him in a
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