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  1. nurse-joker-says-hi.gif


    Everybody quit playing.  


    It'd gotten to the point where my party invites were ignored, or I send a party invite and people go offline.  I've even had people remove me from their friends list, without just cause.  

     No hard feelings, i understand how life is.  I go through periods of love and hate with Destiny, it's not uncommon for me to quit playing any video games for months at a time.

    I'm pretty sure I left Phil as founder, if not, i may be able to switch back over and line it out if needed.  

    Y'all are welcome in the new one I've started.

    If not, I understand.  I still don't care to help anyone out, but I'm not gonna beg people to play.

  2. I got d2 Saturday.  I was only able to play for a few hours before bed, but I did get to put a significant amount of time in on Sunday, and then Monday evening culminating with the nightfall (where I got the skyburners oath exotic scout rifle).  As it sits now, I'm at 268 waiting for maintenance to end around 2pm *fingers crossed* 


    I have not played any crucible yet


    Here are a few observations:

    -I said I cancelled the oreorder,did not say I wasn't getting it.

    -fuck spoiler tags on the board, amirite?

    -the darkness isn't in this story

    -this is about the light

    -better story then d1, but the bar was pretty low to be fair. 

    -I may be a little salty over the abandoning of certain aspects of storyline stuff from d1. Fuck continuity.

    -VoG shader is chatterwhite

    -rare engrams stop at 260(for a while, lost sector chests drop a little higher)

    -legendary engrams stop at 265 (kinda, vanguard tactician deal procs higher supposedly)

    -farm public events up to about 260 

    -fast travel is your friend

    -rally the flag fills your super

    -buy the planetary scout reports and treasure maps from cayde to show nearby loot caches, open chests (region chests, like goldchests from d1, if you wait to farm these out until you are past 260, the stuff you get will be useless, can't remember about treasure maps tbh)  

    -kill high value targets, they drop loot that will help you (up to 260)

    -save your mods, you will need them later.

    **save all your tokens (edz, io, nessus, titan, gunsmith, etc) until you hit 260, THEN turn them in, the legendary engrams they give you max at 265.  

    [email protected] the grind is real. Save your legendary shards until you are >265.  Infusion is a waste at 210, just put on the highest level blues and be content with your lot in life until the next higher blue drops 37 seconds later.

    -wait until you are north of 265 before you do the planet specific quests to get the weapons (mida mini tool on earth,   drang on nessus, rat king whereever, etc).  They are the blue lookimg fuckers on the map on whateber destination you are at. These will decrypt  >265.  

    -try to wait until you are north of 265 before you complete the weekly  milestones, these will give you >265 engrams.

    -i hear Clan engrams will drop >265

    -space pyramids=illuminati confirmed, but most likely are personification of the darkness as it was alluded to before vanilla Destiny, was seen (similar) in concept art waaaayyyy back in the day.

    -There is probably more, but i havent gotten my coffee yet and Irma is pissing outside making it dreary.

    -the floor is lava

    -a purple ball!!!

    -touch the pp.







  3. For all it's faults over the years, at its core Destiny was a spectacular game.  Dare I say, the best fps ive ever played. While it was far from perfect,  it had something for everyone, but it was at its best with a group of friends.

    Sure, it was laggy, campy, buggy,  and grindy; there was spawn killing,  and more spawn killing...there were no shortage of fuckbois everywhere...but the game played beautifully. 

    As it sits now, I've put 89 days, 5 hours and 58 minutes into this game...on XB1.  That doesn't count 360.

    It was most likely my favorite video game ever.

  4. Last hurrah in crucible, really these are just some of the clips of the last run I had in the game, in crucible of all things.  I cancelled the d2 pre-order 2 weeks ago... these were  some leftover clips that weren't uploaded.  I know nobody gives a shit, but I finally got a 2 kill 1 bullet double headshot with a sniper rifle, learned how to glitch on top of the vaults at the tower, and smoked entire teams in each subclass (basically anyway, i didn't get a good clip with the titan and the sword, but it does pop the 10 kill relentless medal and I had a good save after the sword swing threw me off the edge on pantheon)


  5. 21 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    I hope it was because of his infuriating screen name

    It didn't hurt. I gained .01 on my k/d thanks to him and his friend Tennesseesomethingorother.  

    Feelsgoodman.jpg when you take a 6 month hiatus from free mode only to come back, kick the absolute shit out of a couple griefers who were flying here around when I loaded in, and have them sending you messages begging off.

  6. Also, youtube has videos.  I ran a search there and found a few glitches.  I came here to post about it and Robert was already on it.  


    I haven't even tried the apartment glitch.  I had 2 garages (both full of sentinels) in slot 4 and 5.  i tried to sell them all last night so i could have a go at it...but I'm old and shit, and fell asleep pretty early. I 'm down to 1 sentinel now, waiting to sell it.  


    I'm not sure this glitch is still active since this smuggler update  (1.58gb on xb1), i really don't want to be the guinea pig with just over 13 mil in the bank.

    Knowing my luck, it's patched and I'd be out a few million...

  7. I havent really been playing much. No nightfalls in a couple weeks at least.  I've ran trials bounties on my hunter the last 3 weeks trying to get that scout.  Ive been remodleing two places this summer and 3 gardens to keep up...Ive stayed kinda busy.  


    Last weekend of trials and i was wanting a burning eye.  Didnt have to be adept, but i got shit from the bounties, so my last chance at one was the chest at the lighthouse.

    also working on the d2 beta crucible vid.  I know the video's suck but I'm learning.  

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