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  1. Trials of Osiris is down...something fucked up somewhere. In other breaking news: Its been a while since I ran the vault of glass. Ive been kicking around the idea of running it with 3 people just for fun. Im sure we could do it. It would be much easier with 4, but its hard to get 4 people on nowadays that actually feel like running vog. Anyway, I was checking lfg earlier and saw a post for vog normal, and the kid said he had oracles checkpoint. Honestly, I was hooked by someone posting on lfg wanting to do vog, so I thought why the hell not. I send a message sa
  2. didnt the thread that shall not be named from the old board have a higher page count than this one? You know, the one where the rock n roll express walked into a room where jimmy valiant was chilling under a table...robert left and ricky stayed. Something along those lines.
  3. Still nothing from rockstar eh? Well fuck...
  4. Fuck me, I thought I replied earlier Rippa. Its the one to unlock the crucible weekly bounties. Elimination was part of it, but there was the factions crucible quest, weapons master, and some other shit, its 4am and yeah, im tired
  5. Just dropping by to say high on page 420. Nothing more to see here, move along.
  6. This crucible quest line may be the literal death of me.
  7. Todays patch was pretty much bungie saying fuck you to hunters. I dont think that shit was necessary, expect the nightstalker buff... yeah, nerf the weakest fucking melee in the game, the one class that actually uses a knife for the melee, but these goddamn warlocks can fucking snipe you with a melee strike... They were doing so well with the april update...I blame activision, dickheads
  8. so when is rockstar doing their thing?
  9. I have no idea what is going on with the last page of this thread now
  10. Raze lighter fucks nearly everything Take a break, you deserve it guardian. We will need you again.
  11. 2 swords and a rocket/machine gun at the room entrance was how ive been able to get it done every time
  12. Lost to light is the daily, so its black spindle time! I helped damien, inlinestang, and a throwback to my CoD days, thejim get their first spindles today. Much love to Raze Lighter and the hunter tether for helping us to merc those taken fools.
  13. I suddenly have the urge to bang 1980 stevie nicks
  14. Was that guy just smoking a bowl?
  15. Fuck, wtf is bethesda vr? I missed that entire segment, stupid fucking stream
  16. Sorry that was mean, eso makes me angry...damnit feed crashed again
  17. Im getting motion sickness watching this fat fuck do a nervous 2 step
  18. Japan probably doesnt give a shit
  19. 1st level of doom free on Ps4,xb1, and pc starting tonight, also fuck eso
  20. Goddamn bethesda, even their twitch feed crashes on my xbox...bugthesda for the win lolz
  21. With skyrim coming, I think ES6 is still a couple years out...but im cool with that..skyrim, with fucking mods...macho dragons here I come
  22. Es:valryren??? ..wait...oh my fuck
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