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  1. Stout, if you would join the party invites I keep spamming you, that'd be great. damien needs some cash and you can show him this new dupe glitch
  2. we had a buzzard lol, on attempt #6 I had damien get a tank and take it to the hangar. we just kept dying to stupid shit
  3. what is the best mission to farm for experience and money now? Damien is at level 98 and we need to get him the rpg
  4. instead of turning your xbox off and on (which doesn't work if you have quick startup enable because hitting the power button doesn't turn off the console, but puts it into a sleep/hibernate state), try unplugging the power cable OR quitting out of the game by hitting the home button and then hitting the start button while gta5 his highlighted on the dashboard. This kills the game and forces it to restart when you click on it again. I probably have the shittiest connection out of anyone on the board @ <10mb download and 0.5ish mb upload on a dsl connection but speed isnt everyt
  5. is this glitch still active? Im sitting @ $8mil
  6. Streaming live to twitch now...if you're bored at work, come check it out.
  7. I was wondering why I couldn't re-arrange my bikes
  8. streaming live to twitch now, link in signature
  9. I got that one last night...I thought going into it that it would just be a fist fight... I was very wrong. I know one kept ganking me with a broken bottle, I couldn't dodge or anything. I could dodge the dickhead with the brass knuckles, and the asshole with the broken pool cue...but that cocksucker with the broken beer bottle just had my number. I finally got through it by busting through the door with a haymaker and luckily hitting the bottle guy and dropping him then curb stomped him twice while he was down before knux and cue could get to me.
  10. I'm kinda streaming live to twitch right now... goddamn my connection is bad I'm also working on something, hoping to get it up later tonight* It sucks that my laptop came over on the mayflower, shit would have been done 3 hours ago...fml *that's what she said
  11. 384 light on my hunter, IB rank 3...I beat Aksis the day after the raid dropped. I played heroic strikes until I hit 365, then spent strange coins on heavy ammo synth (1200+ sc's to Xur). spent heavy synth on faction rep got me to 372 on raid Friday. Raid got me from 372 to 381. IB got me from 381 to 384. Raid scout rifle is a lot of DPS on pve bosses. raid auto rifle is good at pvp and pve it seems. I have the outbreak prime exotic quest on my Titan, all three characters are north of 380 now. my ghorn is 386 kinda bored, hard rai
  12. I don't know why it wouldn't let me post the screen shot with Nate on here...but whatever its 6am
  13. http://screenshotscontent-t4001.xboxlive.com/000900000805d41d-c87eee27-fb1f-4068-b30a-ea17c86071d8/Screenshot-Original.png?sv=2014-02-14&sr=c&sig=5Rk5VndRYQ4Q1CLaKKXzceTRiFj4%2B8Miiuh7vLocN18%3D&st=2016-10-07T09%3A51%3A10Z&se=2016-10-07T10%3A56%3A10Z&sp=r&__gda__=1475837770_3c2b29f3470ebf2be0415bfd5e6869dc
  14. I saw Melraz was on playing GTA by himself this morning. While I was waiting for my coffee to brew, I invited him to a party and shot the shit with him until I took a sip...A SIP of coffee...then I had to go shoot the shit with the toilet (poop joke #1, don't worry, there will be a dick joke somewhere in this mess). Nate being the good guy that he is, tells me about all the stuff that just dropped for GTA 5 the other day. I had no idea. This is the second time I've been to the board since my third heart attack at the beginning of September. I've been trying to lay off the vide
  15. You can still transfer weapons amongst all characters, armor cant be equipped but can be transferred to infuse something
  16. Im still looking for a grasp of malok, I may just have to farm it at some point.
  17. They fixed infusions so they now give 100%. The april update made it a lot easier to reach max light quickly with more avenues to attain said light. Its not nearly as grindy as it used to be. They fucked up subclasses though, specifically arc and solar hunters imo.
  18. Hey JT, I know you hate the game now and everything, but they will run a deal for last gen players. Once they get an xb1 they will be able to purchase everything for $40, if you were so inclined.
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