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  1. Nothing's ever run at the 9:30 Club, but ECW did run at Nation (a sleazy 9:30-ish venue over by where Nats Park is now, back when that was a bad part of town). I remember Masato Tanaka ellbowing the fuck out of Mike Awesome on that show.
  2. I actually liked the Dominator quite a bit and think that Big E could make it look all kinds of painful. Favorite finishers (Some of these have already been mentioned) -- Stan Hansen's Lariat -- Hikari Fukuoka's Moonsault Double Stomp -- Los Gringos Locos' Superplex/Frog Splash combo (Yeah yeah, it was the PowerPlex first, but the version at When Worlds Collide is my favorite application of it) -- Hayabusa's Phoenix Splash (A thing of fucking beauty whenever he nailed it) -- Samoa Joe's Kokina Clutch (Sleeper with hooks in. Simple and effective) -- Ole Anderson's Diving Knee into the shoulder followed by cranking an armbar (Seemed totally believable after working the arm for the entire match) Least Favorite finishers -- Piling on the hate for the Overdrive -- And for the Lethal Injection -- And for the Big Ending. -- Hulk Hogan's Legdrop. I always hated Hulk, but back then you had Paul Orndorff and Randy Savage inflicting doom on their opponents and I'm supposed to buy running into a raised foot and a legdrop as the WWF Death Spot of the 80s? No thanks)
  3. Can't decide if Roman won't be in the three-way, or be in it and eat Dirty Deeds, the Superplex/Falcon Arrow combo, and the Pedigree.
  4. Same here. Dudes I grew up with would fucking lock in the Camel Clutch on me. That said, my Cobra Clutch was no joke either, and I may have nailed a DDT (on grass) or two back then as well.
  5. The Stump Puller also comes to mind. As does the Steiner Recliner - I mean, Scott didn't even look like he was trying to create *fake* pressure...
  6. This is the biggest thing, I think. Spinal stenosis doesn't happen because of one bump. He was likely already headed in that direction before going to TNA, but that was another 10 years or so of bumps on someone that worked a ton in some hard-ass Southern rings.
  7. As much as I like Lee, the Kamaitachi matches are a bit too spot-festy for me to put him above Rush's dickish heeling.
  8. As has been mentioned, the formulaic WWE main event style really doesn't do Reigns any favors. A lot of his matches are him killing time until the apron dropkick, Superman punch, and spear. When it comes down to it, I like watching most Aero Star matches and I don't like watching most Roman Reigns matches.
  9. The draw is on Sunday, 2/21 at 7:30 pm Eastern. The US first round matches will be in: June 3 (Friday) - Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, CA June 7 (Tuesday) - Soldier Field, Chicago, IL June 11 (Saturday) - Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, PA Willing to bet that the four seeds will be USA/Mexico/Brazil/Argentina, with hopes that those end us as the final four. And if they are....take my money, just take it.
  10. Or Sheamus will have shaved his mohawk. "IT'S A NEW BEGINNING!"
  11. I sort of agree with this. To add on I think Bray himself wrestles too often for a guy with his gimmick. He should rely on the family more. If he did this and won a some decent feuds he would be fine. I agree with this. I also think if Harper and Rowan would have beaten the Usos and had a couple of months with the tag belts, that could have built them up quite a bit as well.
  12. Oh, yeah. This has been the best season since the restart. And yeah, I think that Capaldi can bring a little gravitas that Smith never had, especially with River.
  13. A: Bear in mind, Capaldi's been a Whovian for decades. He's probably over the moon getting to pilot the old school TARDIS. B: I don't mind it so much. But then, I'd listen to Alex Kingston read from the Yellow Pages.
  14. I was waiting for this, especially once he was left off the Fantastica Mania shows. Hope he can assimilate into the culture there and fit in. All kinds of interesting matches in NXT for him.
  15. It airs...you'll need to pad the record time by a good hour, but it airs.
  16. That's not true for us - we get it on Channel 7 on Saturday nights at 1 am. Delayed because of college football, but still.
  17. Reminds me of the Hit Squad's old gimmick where they would take a guy and press slam into the ceiling at the Charity Hall in Bayonne. Fast forward to the Russ Haas memorial show in 2002 where they faced the Shane Twins, who press slammed THEM into the ceiling. The whole building lost their minds for that spot. Oh man, I was up there for one of those shows. Who did they do it to when I was there (during the 2002 World Cup)? Was it Rain Child?
  18. What did he give the Charlotte/Nattie match where he was basically screaming that Nattie was Jumbo Tsuruta with boobs? Oh man, thanks for *that* mental picture...
  19. When I first got the Network - I was going it via my 360 and on my wireless. I didn't have too many problems - like it might crash once a show max. And I think that had more to do with my shitty Comcast wireless than the app I know am running the Network on my XBone and I wired the connection and have zero problems. Like I watched Takeover and Summerslam with no slowdown, crashes, etc... (though I did see lots of tweets about other folks having problems. Like I think Pete could only watch the Spanish feed) When I first signed up, I was using my Xbox 360, but have since moved to Apple TV, as the 360 was always kinda problematic WRT buffering and crashing. No problems at all these days using Apple TV - was watching the end of SummerSlam before work this morning and it buffered once for maybe five seconds.
  20. Miz' monologue last night and his hosting of Tough Talk have gotten me the closest I've ever been to giving a shit about him. I didn't say that I do, I'm just saying that I'm close.
  21. I remember this - it was Vader vs. Stan Hansen at WrestleWar 1991. Dusty was in heaven watching those two punch each other in the face. I mean, so was I. I'm just saying is all.
  22. Well, Schneider and The Other Phil were pretty hard to mistake for one another once you got to know them... I'm glad that this has been covered.
  23. I think this week will be more of a test for the Lions than last week was. Pittsburgh away has banana peel written all over it. If the Lions can win this game - a game that they really should win - then I'll start getting all kinds of overly optimistic.
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