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  1. Movie

    Didn't they already do Dark Phoenix?
  3. Well, it took like 2 weeks, but the NES Classic is *very* expandable. I think someone got an entire NES ROM set onto one. And I know someone actually got a stripped RetroArch into one. There's a chance Nintendo closes that ability to expand on the SNES Classic.
  4. It takes a couple episodes to get going, but Starcrash is where it all comes together and they hit on all cylinders.
  5. Well that's the thing. I already own an SNES. I'm not paying Nintendo for a plastic case to hook up to my TV when I can add the scanlines in on an emulator and get the graphics back to where they should be, and hook that up to my TV. No, I didn't spend the money on a Pi either. I don't like Emulation Station as a front end, and the backends that RetroPie uses doesn't have the filter settings RetroArch has, so I just use that on my laptop, and HDMI it to my TV when I want to play on a big screen.
  6. There's about 30000 other uses for Rasberry Pi other than emulating old consoles. And frankly, the 30 games they put on an SNES classic I already have legit copies of in some fashion. Ditto to most of my ROM's.
  7. Except that the actual records say the only clean fall Trip dropped singles in 03 was Goldberg. He got that back. Charlotte dropped more falls, and only got the wins back against Sasha. She didn't against Bayley, or Paige. You can't dispute that, it's in black and white, clear as crystal and takes 30 seconds to look up on Cagematch. You can argue that the division hasn't been great, and that's been on booking. Bayley is more a product of her gimmick not translating well out of NXT and being exposed as being overrated as hell and not as good outside of the more protected NXT environment. Sasha has had no problems being over, despite her short reigns. And the bookers haven't cared about anyone outside of Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky past Mania 32 until the brand split. Bayley isn't going to light the world on fire. And the loss to Dana was a fucking botch that didn't appear that it was supposed to be clean (I watched it, Dana was trying to go for the ropes and missed), and Nia having Bayley's number fits the narrative that Cole went over and over Monday about Nia being "The most dominate force in WWE". She's been pretty damn protected. The division isn't great, but in no way has it been Trips ego stroking fest that was 2003. I don't see Charlotte going overt racist and taking 20 seconds post Natural Selection to pin anyone that by all rights should've won the match.
  8. Now you're just deflecting.
  9. The facts say: Bayley is 5-2 v Charlotte in singles matchs (including Mania and the Clash 3 way) Try again.
  10. Well, it has been a while since Orton destroyed a group of people single handedly.
  11. Charlotte never beat Paige in the timeframe's given, she has a losing record against Bayley who beat her AT FUCKING WRESTLEMANIA, and is roughly .500 against Sasha. For fucks sake, stop talking out your ass and look it up. We get it, you love Sasha and Charlotte pissed in your cornflakes, but really, you're not even accurate.
  12. *sigh* Ok... Triple H 2003 Calendar Year 1 v 1 losses: 5. 3 DQ, 2 Pin, 1 Title Loss, 1 failed shot. Royal Rumble 2003 v Scott Steiner via DQ (World Title Match) Judgement Day 03 v Kevin Nash via DQ (World Title Match) Unforgiven 03 v Goldberg via Pin (World Title Change) Survivor Series 03 v Goldberg via Pin (World Title Match) 11/24 RAW v Goldberg via DQ Charlotte Wrestlemania 32 to Wrestlemania 33 1 v 1 Losses: 13, 11 pins/subs, 2 DQ's, 4 title losses, 2 failed shots. 4/11 RAW v Natalya via DQ (Title Match) 5/9 v Paige (non-title) 5/31 Smackdown v Becky Lynch via DQ (non-title) 6/13 RAW v Paige (non-title) 7/25 RAW v Sasha Banks (Title Change) 9/5 RAW v Bayley (non-title) 10/3 RAW v Sasha Banks (Title Change) 11/28 RAW vs. Sasha Banks (Title Change) 12/19 RAW vs. Bayley (non-title) 2/13 RAW vs. Bayley (Title Change) 2/20 RAW vs. Sasha Banks Fastlane 2017 vs Bayley (Title Match) Wrestlemania 33 pinned by Bayley in the 4 way eliimination match (Title Match) Covered that goalpost. That's sure a lot of pins/tap outs she ate. So no, your argument is still ridiculous. She was in no way booked like 2003 Triple H, your hate-on for her notwithstanding. As far as her getting wins back from Sasha, not her fault Sasha kept getting hurt taking dumb ass bumps.
  13. Triple H Televised losses in 2003 - 9. Times held the World Title 2 - combined days held 281. Only Goldberg's 84 days broke it up. Charlotte Televised Losses in 2016-2017 - 22. But yeah, she wins too much.
  14. Yes and no. It's a similar setup, but with Nintendo's own OS running it (which is why another whole program was written to access the storage). The way the thing was designed and carried out, Nintendo either had no intention of making more and it was a quick cash grab then underestimated, or they had plans on expansion and the retro community didn't feel like waiting. The thing was pretty much over once someone managed to get a peared down Retroarch running on it.
  15. Yes, the belt existed for a year and Charlotte's held it 4 times. That's exactly like 2003 Triple H.