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  1. So, Super Hexagon is like a real life "Last Starfighter" and is a recruiting tool for Skynet to decide which human brain it's going to turn into the AI base of the Terminators, right?
  2. Skeevers giving you Rock Joint in the first couple dungeons suck as well.
  3. Random observation: Managing MAME ROM files can fuck a cactus. That is all.
  4. MM17

    Becky is the better straight up wrestler. Take away Sasha's penchant for taking stupid ass bumps and she doesn't have much non-character stuff going for her. Being outside of NXT's structure hurts her more than the other Horsewomen.
  5. I get the issue... But my PS3 DS3 works 20 ft away with a wall and furniture in between, there's not much of an excuse.
  6. Well, Affleck tweeted a welcome to Reeves, so it's not likely he's leaving.
  7. You never know when sneaky rogues like the ones I build walk around with every weapon being coated in poison.
  8. MM17

    Styles vs. Naito in the Round of 16 is like picking my kids, but I know who's winning.
  9. Nope, not hitting that until my HTPC get's finished, in a year.
  10. Good, he can go suck there too. Odd's it's on Russo's XM channel?
  11. TV

    Well that give me no clue as to which period it's working off of... Outside of the classic timeline (Not the Lords of Shadow line)
  12. At least Kendrick got a CW reign to compensate for wasting his time attempting to make her a passable wrestler.
  13. I have my Cena all ready to jump up to 1 gold star, I'm just missing 5000 coins. I'm still grinding shit to upgrade my NXT Rollins to 1 Gold Star. I did notice today that there are more team bonuses hitting, mostly for guys appearing on the same roster (I used Cena and Kane, and they popped a bonus for being SDL. Don't know what it was because I got pinned with a fucking finisher with a 3000 damage cascade and had NO FUCKING MATCHES to kick out...