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  1. Alright, they got me, I'm all in on Jinder. Until AJ or Nak cashes in on him, because c'mon, like anyone else is winning MITB.
  2. Sigh, Liger eliminated from BOSJ, can now only play spoiler to Dragon Lee.
  3. Totally Singh's fault. That's sarcasm.
  4. You guys are right. It's totally on Singh that he was vertical when Orton dropped him to freefall into the table.
  5. That's exactly how you DON'T debut someone after massive buildup. Fuck it, I'm in on Jinder. Fuck Orton for almost killing the Singhs with those fucking release backdrop drivers on the tables.
  6. TV

    He's actually got a job right now. Oddly enough, one that went right for the Different World reference when it had Jasmine Guy guest star. And is for Disney.
  7. I pretty much mean any nWo Post Starrcade 98, which was the turning point that sealed WCW's fate. basically any version of it that existed after Sting should've destroyed Hogan without breaking a sweat in 97.
  8. Yeah, um, Bullet Club was made by Styles joining it, not Styles's profile going up by joining Bullet Club. Yes, Styles run in NJPW is what got him to WWE, but if he didn't do the Bullet Club, he still would've been sitting at the top of the card in NJPW. Bullet Club's sell by date was when Styles, Anderson, and Gallows left NJPW. Since then it's been every incarnation of nWo since late 99. Everything that Bullet Club brought in terms of changing culture disappeared and everything shifted back to the way it was when Styles left. And really, their stuff wasn't different from when nWo Japan was a thing.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/games/564230/announcements/detail/1265920871262220632 Info dump for what's going to be available in Early Access. Fighting Spirit strike exchanges, Crawling toward the ropes in subs, and move steals. Awesome. I'm going to end up spending the first 4 days in edit mode.
  10. Nyssa makes perfect sense as her and Ollie are on good terms, and if Talia is Chase's heavy hitter, then Nyssa negates it. Slade is the unexpected element. No way in hell does Talia or Chase even think that Ollie would let Slade out, and probably don't know he's there. Now how Ollie and Slade decide to co-exist and what's going to happen after is another story. Besides. even if he had the means, Supergirl's a little busy right now too.
  11. I'm gonna put it here because it's all actual NJPW stuff, but they announced the rosters of who's going, and that AXS TV will be airing Night 1 Live in the US, with Night 2 playing the next week. NJ World of course will run both nights live. In addition to the IWGP US Title Tournament, the IWGP Heavy, IC, Heavy Tags, and Junior Tags will be defended that weekend. The roster going doesn't give away any of the mentioned title matches from Dominion, as all those participants are on the show. Roster: NJPW -- Hiroshi Tanahashi Michael Elgin KUSHIDA Jushin Thunder Liger Juice Robinson David Finlay Sho Tanaka & Yohei Komatsu Jay White Billy Gunn Yoshitatsu CHAOS -- Kazuchika Okada Tomohiro Ishii Will Ospreay Rocky Romero & Trent Barreta Los Ingobernables de Japon -- Tetsuya Naito Hiromu Takahashi SANADA EVIL BUSHI Suzuki-gun -- Zack Sabre Jr. ROH -- Jay Lethal The Briscoes War Machine CMLL -- Dragon Lee Volador Jr. Titan Bullet Club -- Kenny Omega The Young Bucks Cody Rhodes Marty Scurll Bad Luck Fale Hangman Page Guerrillas of Destiny Yujiro Takahashi
  12. Takahashi is a fucking machine right now, so he'll carry Scrull through that, and Liger is still Liger, but when he hits the lower tier guys in A-Block like TAKA and Taichi, that's going to be fucking terrible. EDIT: Finished Ricochet/Ospreay... A fucking Springboard Dragon Rana for 2... fuck these guys.
  13. Good lord, once you get past the gimmick and look, which is great, Scrull is fucking awful.
  14. I'm glad they're getting all the music rights sorted and we're getting less and less overdubed themes.
  15. I think the hand freezing was a different fight. Also, this Killer Frost seems more conflicted than the previous timeline.