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  1. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Eh, he was trained by Ultimo, who had a decent relationship with NJPW, and he was originally coming in as a Junior. It was that injury that he bulked up a bit and went heavy, but he went through the Dojo and Nagata liked what he saw. And to be honest, he got the whole Rainmaker persona from TNA of all places, he just never used it until Gedo took a shine to him. Okada's one of those dudes that did everything right and what was asked of him and clicked with people. Not many people do that.
  2. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Okada is/was Lightning in a bottle though,.

    But what if I only want the 3 good movies from that series?
  4. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    So, on the 17th, LIJ are defending the 6 Man belts against Fale and GoD, so I suspect BUSHI eats the fall from Fale here and they swap the belts, leaving room for a 6 Man defense, either straight up or a Gauntlet to get the last bulk of the guys not on the show active.

    I actually think Naito's getting a longish run this time around. You can give him a long run and take your time getting the belt back on Okada, while still building toward Okada/Omega 4 in the Dome next year.
  6. NJPW WrestleKingdom 12 in Tokyo Dome 1/4/2018

    Tag Title match is finalized, which is something new that we haven't seen already, which is good. Put the Suzuki/Goto Title vs. Hair match up there as it'll happen. So no 6 Man Belts, which is fine, I imagine they'll add one or two more matches with guys that should be on but aren't yet (Ishii, Fale, GoD, Juice, War Machine, the Old School) but wouldnt' bet on more than 2. It was also hinted at that the Cody/Ibushi match might be non-title, at least giving some suspense that Cody might drop the belt to Castle, since I don't really see Ibushi getting the RoH belt and no fucking way does Cody go over.

    Everyone forgets last year's Tag Title match that set the records for F-bombs dropped in a single match, including ECW, CZW, and XPW.
  8. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    It's going to be amazing how two guys that have never done the job now have the highest profile job in MLB with a roster so talent loaded and were a game away from the World Series end up tanking the entire orginization completly.
  9. NJPW World Tag League 2017

    Full card up, so it looks like someone from CHAOS is getting the NEVER shot at WK, since I figure either Goto or Ishii will pin, or at least go balls out brawl with Suzuki to set that up. I'm guessing that the Elgin/Cobb/WM 8 man team is going to set up a WK match, or at least be really interesting considering Rowe's very loud and blatant "Fuck Mike Elgin"'s the past few nights.
  10. NJPW World Tag League 2017

    I'm actually thinking EVIL and SANADA win the League, doing a fresh matchup for the Tag Belts.
  11. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    We already have Stanton and a new unknown quanity manager, what more do you want? (besides more pitching and now a 2B.)
  12. So, How's It Going?

    Cancer of all types can go fuck right off, right off. Spend the last 45 days watching stomach cancer ravage my dog, taking him from 79 pounds down to 52 before he lost the fight. Had to say goodbye to him today, only 5 years old, had him for the whole 5 years.
  13. Pitchers & Catchers Report 2/12/18

    Baseball Twitter and Bleached Report are starting to report Stanton to the Yankees is a dome deal.
  14. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    FTFY, but yeah, besides Twitter being complete Thunderdome with no discernable consistantcy with enforcing it's policies, there are few total wild west forums to match how utterly horrible people on Twitter are.
  15. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    Circling back to the "one percieved misdoing by the victim can be jumped on"... Gloria Aldred is a fucking idiot.