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  1. Threw you a follow, since I've taken to watching a bunch of stuff. And that I need to get myself basically set up so I can join Zelda LttP Rando races.
  2. Cody's hot because he works the occasional NJPW match and a lot of people seem to think he's some kind of superworker that WWE lost out on when he's basically proven he's coasting on his Daddy's name. It's a shame that RoH is prostrating themselves for NJPW. I mean, NJPW is my favorite promotion, but why the hell if you're a promoter do you stick your main Belt on someone's that going to job to another promotions champ on International TV in 8 days? Like, that does nothing for RoH than solidify they're behind NJPW even in the US.
  3. That's why I liked Bruno/Hansen. It's pretty much a brawl until Bruno get's Hansen's "loaded" pad off and proceded to spend 2 minutes whipping the fuck out of Hansen with it. then when Hansen's bloody and out of it, Bruno just casually walks out of the ring and arena without sparing Hansen another thought. He beat his ass, he won, and that's all attention he needed to pay to they guy that broke his neck. It was outstanding.
  4. Systemrequirementslab is hit or miss. It's pretty accurate most of the time, but it tells me I can play REmake and Strider fine on my PC, and it doesn't run that great. However, the specs for FirePro are pretty on the low end of mid range, so most PC's under 3 years old should be fine. Craig: The problem for multiple controllers is I think it's topped off at 4 locally. I've never tried more than 3 at a time, but I know the Blue Tooth is pretty much at 4 active devices. Wired might be limited by software. XBox controllers and the drivers tap out at 4. You might need other controllers (Logitech is pretty decent and inexpensive.)
  5. 7/11 is just Steam Early Access. No date on PS4 yet, as it'll probably be the same time the Steam Version goes Full Version
  6. I recommend the Bruno/Hansen cage match for proof of how "escape the cage" rules are supposed to work and not come off like "first guy to run away wins".
  7. Running Lucha Atomicos 2/3 falls Elimination matches were the greatest thing ever in FPR.
  8. Out of what else is available in BC, Tonga's the better choice. Are you really hyped to have Yujiro in another tourny?
  9. TFA get's worse with with repeated viewings, but that might be my anti-JJ bias peeking through. Rian Johnson is a good director, but it's not going to matter if he pulls the JJ Hack job and just makes 7 a beat for beat remake of Empire. I loved Rogue One, but by all accounts, the reshoots and changes made it a better film that the original ending. Trevorrow wrote the 9 Script, and while I actually liked Jurassic World, my hopes aren't very high.
  10. For a while, Japan dropped more of it's focus into mobile and handheld gaming (which also partly explains the Switch). NJPW had a mobile game not too long ago, but with Fire Pro coming back, and NJPW cross promoting with Tekken 7 and the next Yakuza, there might be a better chance for a NJPW console game than there has been in the last decade.
  11. So, with under a month away, pre-sale should start soon.
  12. FTFY Although Rogue One was good, although I'm thinking it was in spite of her.
  13. Monday.
  14. I'll update the OP with participants when I get to work and in front of a computer. I will say Ibushi is a suprise.
  15. Braun's triumphant return should've been the closing shot, instead of Cass failing to cut a 10 minute serious promo.