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  1. You can do it during the main plot. Actually, it's not a bad idea, because if you make it through, you get a fucking TON of Dragon Souls from it, as well as the Dragon Taming shouts.
  2. Cancer can go and fuck right off.
  3. You picked Kindergarten Cop when Jingle All The Way is right there?
  4. I got busy at work this week, but I'll likely have my ballot done this weekend.
  5. Nice to see the New Management is as competent as the Old.
  6. Well, you could argue that the WCW US Title and the WWE US Title aren't the same title, but that get's thrown out because WWE counts the WCW/JCP history on their site. That list doesn't look like it changed, is there anyone other than Mark Henry and Goldberg that won the WWE Big Gold but not the WWE/F Belt? EDIT: Ok, it looks like they're only counting active titles, not historical ones, so the Euro and the old classic Tags are removed.
  7. NFL

    They do have a point. A music and arts festival *is* more on brand for the city.
  8. Really? That's new. But you can buy Skyforged items from Graymane if you completed the initiation.
  9. 92 for Rumble itself. 91 for overall show, with how things were laid out to keep the crowd hot throughout.
  10. Bless your hearts for thinking that anything other than "My Time is Now" is closing the show.
  11. Movie

    So I can assume that if they're going to remake movies out of old TV shows, they're not going to play it straight and going to make it screwball since 21 Jumpstreet did decently.
  12. I'd love to give Playstation Now a whirl because of the selection of stuff I want to go through. I'm against dropping $70 for a Dual Shock 4 when I have a perfectly good Dual Shock 3 and 2 wired XBox 360 controllers around.
  13. Thing I noticed about Bagwell is that he was a pretty good tag wrestler. He was shit singles, but he was really solid in tags.
  14. NFL

    Truth. I remember as a lad getting the bitching out of my life from my coach when I tossed my warm ups after losing a match in High School. I doubt some of these players ever had similar treatment in their lives.
  15. Yeah, except most of that time, the belts were hostage with Hall and Nash, so wouldn't have gotten it before Norton fucked back off to NJPW.