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  1. Nobody cares about Cabana as a wrestler.
  2. Those Indies are out of touch or trying to be ROH 2.0. Watch NWA SAW and TCW
  3. Hardy is the second biggest babyface in wrestling with proper promotion and booking. He can go back to the WWE and instantly top punk and Bryan. Tna have no idea how to use him, the guy is money.
  4. No dark period,no resets. You can lose your audience like that. You don't need a reset to change the name,ownership,etc. A month is a long time in the tv world. Nobody has the answers but I would think great storytelling and making people care about the product is the only real growth. ECW did that in 95, WCW did that in 96, WWF did that in 97.
  5. If Bischoff buys the company and make it similar to WCW Worldwide/Pro with tough guys and great squashes, I am down for it.
  6. I am sure AAA is happy to hear this news right before their US tv debut. As well as Ring of Honor. To be serious, this what TNA get for turning down Paul Heyman for Hulk Hogan and Bischoff. WWE probably have no interest in purchasing TNA.
  7. Expect AJ to wrestle in AAA and other places to sell the storyline that he is TNA World champion and a free agent. Wrestle-1 and OVW is also other promotions with TNA agreements. Its a decent storyline except no one involve have the mic skills and promo abilities of a CM PUNK.
  8. I can watch Norton and Luger squash matches all day.
  9. It seems like Dave Marquez created UWN to stroke his ego.
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