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  1. Everybody from Eric,Chris,Konnan and even Russo himself denied it. Meltzer open up a can of worms. This promotion cannot catch a break from the talent pay, fake fans, spending too much and now Russo. its only been 13-14 weeks. I guess its part of the territory.
  2. Russo still probably will attend a taping and take photos to troll the internet. To be fair, he has a right to at least go to a taping just to watch. Didn't he visit a ROH show in the past?
  3. Eric straight up said Russo not coming in.
  4. I loved the show as well. Thought El Patron came off like a big star and Texano look great as well. Pentagon Jr is finally getting pushed. I wonder if the wrestlers will come back and get revenge on him? I like how the commentary said that Cuerno hunting Mundo because he is friends with Puma and trying to get to him. They already planted the seeds for a future feud. Mundo has been the best in-ring performer on the show so far in my opinion.
  5. I really like Angelico, I think he would be a star in WWE or TNA. I love LU and ROH on Sinclair, so its going to be interesting to see how both companies book Del Rio. He probably have better matches in ROH since they will be giving more time.
  6. They're grown adults. Can't be worse than JJ banging angle wife.
  7. But Cage is the anti Lucha guy without going the RJ Brewer "I am related to Arizona senator and hate mexicans" route. Plus, Cage is a big guy that can fly.
  8. I am glad I am not the only one loving King Cuerno. He's been great so far. Disappointed they're not following up with Muertes/Morrison.
  9. What's up with Miller Coors being in the credits?
  10. Cormier is not likeable. He seems uptight all the time. Plus, he always the initiator between him and Jones.
  11. I guess the lighting is to not let the fans hijack the show. In the Impact Zone, fans would takeover a show with every silly chant in the book and you would see the same silly faces every week. I still remember the red head guy in the front row of Impact and Idk why. I guess the lighting and sound volume will make the audience tolerable.
  12. Well, TNA can make people with good talent look bad. I think Tenay is a better announcer when discussing Puro and Lucha Libre related things. Tenay and Jim Ross is a front runner for the New Japan ppv from what I am hearing. This is the first time in like 12 years that I've seen somebody actually request Mike Tenay as a good announcing option.
  13. I think this is probably about having a familiar face for WWE (English) language announcing. Vampiro's there because he speaks English, people might remember him from WCW, and he might know something about lucha in that order. As much as they have Striker do "we're not WWE!" bits, they want hispanic-ish talent familiar to people who watch WWE. Hugo wasn't on WWE TV enough. If Pete or anyone else is watching the repeat on Saturday morning on El Rey, it looks like it moves to 6:30pm Sunday starting next week. Think they running a marathon next Sunday but will return to Saturday the week after
  14. Unless Mike Tenay is free by the next tapings, I don't really see anyone else that can announce Lucha in English. Konnan would have been perfect in vampiro role. Imagine Tenay and Konnan calling the action.
  15. If they can afford Del Rio, they can afford Rey.
  16. Episode 2 was better than I thought. I guess sometimes the spoilers can be wrong. They need to start promoting the next episode on these shows. Can't wait too see Fenix and Pentagon.
  17. I thought the chairshots were fine,and properly done. Chavo barely touch them. I've seen worse in aaa. Lucha doesn't follow the same rules as tna and wwe.
  18. There is about 3 replays on the schedule. I hope El Rey let them have a 5 minute overrun in the future. They really need an extra 5 minutes to let things soak in.
  19. I wouldn't call the show dreadful but I do feel like they were rushing everything until they got to the main event. I am more excited about episode 3 than 2. The man of a 1000 deaths is coming next week. I think Sexy Star losing her first intergender match was smart and realistic. They can build to her first win and make it a huge deal. Puma/Morrison was basically a Sting/Flair situation with the veteran winning round 1.
  20. I don't know why I like Matador but I love it. Nicky Whelan is great. I like watching the reruns of the X files. Dolemite and Switchblade Sisters were fun to watch as well. Hopefully Lucha underground turns out to be fun.
  21. I didn't like the main event. Not what I want too see in a match.
  22. Sounds like ovw and nwa saw on an Indy level. How does AAA make money? I thought they was having financial issues years ago.
  23. Rey is telling Konnan to say all those things.
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