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  1. I thought WWE wrestlers tried that awhile back and failed? Since all pro wrestling is SCRIPTED.
  2. Averno/chessman/Apaches segment on this week show was red hot. That whole show seem hot but the matches wasn't good.
  3. I think Ronda vs Holly will still do big numbers. That's the match fans want too see.
  4. Jon brother only going to miss a month basically. Why the penalties in mma so severe? Would an union block these long suspensions?
  5. I think Ronda can fight on any card and it will be huge especially against Holm. I see Aldo vs. Conor happening at the December ppv. I know Dana is a liar at times but he was clear that Conor not fighting at MSG.
  6. That $400 million in projected rights fees caught my eyes. If Fox was willing to put up $3.6 billion, I am sure they going to offer UFC at least double of what they get now in right fees. If they can get $400 million how can anyone say UFC had a "bad year" after that? I think WME might want to put UFC on multiple networks instead of one. UFC on Time Warner would have been fun. Just imagine them on TNT,TBS or HBO. Crazy right. I've been saying for awhile by 2030, UFC would be strictly tv/fight pass and less on ppv. Kind of moving in that direction
  7. I know people say fighters should cover their butts but I think if I was the Ufc I would create a system that would help the Ufc. Maybe they should just ban supplements altogether.
  8. Usada is the worst. How long before the new owners be like "F usada" ?
  9. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-06-09/tencent-forms-china-venture-with-hollywood-talent-agency-wme
  10. UFC definitely went corporate all the way. This was eventually the next step,surprise it came this soon. WWE is on the same path because Vince only owns about half of the company now.
  11. Jones deserves to be number 1. He hasn't took a L yet and he fought against top notch competition. USADA going to be the death of UFC. When is this agreement up? When you can get banned for over the counter products and sometimes even if you do your homework you still not safe. Its too strict for it's own good.
  12. You have to realize they're on West Coast time and in Vegas. Most people are out drinking or they probably getting something to eat before going to the show. I probably wouldn't go to Fight Pass either.
  13. Do most athletes used steroids to help recover from injuries more so than an enhancement?
  14. No way Jon is losing to old man DC, plus Jon has slim back down to his normal size.
  15. The fight pass fights looks great. Sucks no one will be in the building.
  16. Is MMA training really that costly because most fighters obviously not making decent money in and out the UFC? As for CM Punk, I am sure not being on the road 300 days of the year makes a BIG DIFFERENCE.
  17. I always wonder what can a corporation(in the entertainment business) do with TNA. Would they make it even more WWE lite? Would they go the LU or NXT route?
  18. Damn, Ufc has a ton of shows from July to September. That is usually a good sign that business is phenomenal.
  19. TNA should contact the losers of the UFC bid and try to sell TNA. I am sure they can over price TNA to the Chinese for at least $10 million.
  20. Big if but if UFC make the fighters full time employees instead of independent contractors, they wouldn't have to worry about it.
  21. I like the idea that WME and Wanda will come together. Sounds like the best of both worlds. Plus, with Dana possibly staying and nothing else really changing, looks like good news for the UFC.
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