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  1. I'm not sure how reliable this source is as I'm not on Reddit or know who the "insiders" are. But if Cena is saying stuff like that that's indicating to me he's firmly siding with Vince. And it's going to take a lot before Vince will let HHH take over. On top of the obvious, they'll use the stock and its shareholders as reasons to keep Vince where he is. Who supposedly mailed in at the ppv? So what you will about Rowan - Big Show match but both guys took some brutal bumps in that match. Ambrose and Wyatt tried their best, the crowd just wasn't with them.
  2. One thing about Nash , in interviews both he and Bischoff always come across as dudes who at the very least are able to present themselves as being intelligent well spoken men and it is easy to see why they managed to attain position of power and influence during their careers. The complete opposite when it comes to Russo.
  3. I am certain I read somewhere on F4W board that when AJ Styles first reappeared on the indies at the start of this year, his booking agent was generally telling people that AJ would not be losing. This was all prior to him appearing in NJPW, A quick search on cagematch tells me he lost one match to the Amazing Red in February and that was it. I remember at the time people saying how AJ was limiting himself by refusing to loose and that Chris Hero had the right of idea of going town to town and putting guys over. I am not saying one is the right way and the other is the wrong way but it seemed to turn out fine for AJ. I am also certain AJ doesn't show up the day of the event and tells the promoter that he is going over, no matter. I am sure they all know ahead of time and understand the circumstances which comes with booking him. From what I have heard and read AJ has helped numerous smaller companies draw bigger than average houses, if he is drawing well and worth the price, I can see why promoters are still keen to book him. I personally like the fact that AJ is protected, even more so now he is NJPW champion.
  4. Savage vs Foley around this time could be a whole lot of fun,
  5. This actually sounds quite interesting, I love Arn on the WWE Four Horseman doc, he never once broke kayfabe but this made him the perfect talking head to be a narrator and it made him come off like even more of a bad ass (which is quite the impressive feat)
  6. Just watched a bunch of these, it is good that they are giving Summer a chance to show off her acting chops by giving her lines of lifeless exposition to rattle off.
  7. From the sounds of it, Patterson may have some issue with his sexuality being one of the worst kept secrets in wrestling for so long. I imagine that someone from that generation having a hard time with strangers around the world being aware of your sexuality while dealing with your own identity.
  8. Also this http://www.wwe.com/classics/wherearetheynow/where-are-they-now-joey-mercury-26309214
  9. I know this is just me being too lazy to search for the matches individually but I wish they would incorporate stuff like this into the Network more. A weekly show on the network called WWE.com presents that shows videos on the website and perhaps some editorial stuff like recommendations to watch on the network, where are they nows, would be cool.
  10. Have the bookmark dots that used to load in the streaming bar disappeared? I cant get them on my iPad, Ps3 or computer at the moment.
  11. 2014 has been Triple H's best year ever,
  12. I love this photo. It looks like Cena match at MITB might be Henry's last run on top and I perfectly fine with him spending the next year or so having fun before he retires. And Henry is talented enough, if WWE ever needed to plug him into a top spot, he only needs a heel turn and a month of squashes to get hot again.
  13. I think they are going to want to induct a new diva every year and the list of potential candidates is short. I can see Sable going in, I think the WWE would have put in Chyna if she did not get into porn.
  14. I loved The Shiled vs Smiling baby-face team/Bryan handicapped match from Chicago and was kind of hoping the main event would resemble that a little more. I dugged that Titus- Reigns smack talk moment even if it was just for a split second. This Bry-Cena feud has to end only after The Wyatts have attacked/stalked/kidnapped Nikki Bella to release Cena's true inner monster. I thought it was interesting that Cena wasn't featured more heavily on this show in the absences of Bryan but I think it was a wise choice. I can't think of any other major company draw in the last 25 years who would be so willing to take a step to the side to let someone like Daniel Bryan shine.
  15. I agree. I don't think the problem is Cole or JBL but the fact that they're having to deal with Vince or whoever in the back screaming in their ear all the time. Yes I really liked theJBL and Cole team in JBL's first commentary run. But I just dont understand what the company wants out of the current commentary team is. I love that the guys throw little barbs at each other but sometimes it feels that every second match is just Layfield bickering with Cole while never calling a single lick of action. It is really frustrating because I think JBL could be great in that role and I think Cole is kinda of underated (I really enjoyed his call of the Rhodes Boys vs Shield match at Battleground) but I just dont think they will ever get the chance to be good.
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