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  1. I watched The Night Manager this weekend. Great acting by everyone involved. Tom Hollander was fantastic, and Hugh Laurie (who will forever be the goof from Blackadder and Fry & Laurie to me) made for a very good villain too; charismatic and deadly. At no point did he remind me of the old goof. Simply superb. Tom Hiddleston was good too, and I can see why people see it as an audition to be the next James Bond. Still, I just can't buy him in that kind of role. It's not that he's not smooth enough for the role; he is. It's just his face and his 'scrawny' look. Even if he's not scrawny at all, he just 'physically' lacks something. And his face is one step removed from a British version of the the 'ah golly gee/aw shucks ma'am' stereotype. Then again, the missus was almost mounting the television whenever there was a close-up of his face, so perhaps that's just me. As for The Night Manager itself. Ehhh... We've all seen this type of story a million times before. There was nothing unique about it. The actors carried it (and did a very good job). Loved the cameo of John le Carré himself, though.
  2. You used an incomplete link. I assume you mean this one:
  3. Would that include the (in)famous nude pictures?
  4. There's plenty of footage like that on the Internet already.
  5. The Hound thinks all baseball fans are cunts.
  6. Speaking of women in charge in Game of Thrones: http://www.slate.com/blogs/browbeat/2017/07/24/dany_s_largely_female_war_council_was_a_rarity_on_game_of_thrones.html Such a wonderful article.
  7. I can imagine Virgil being pissed backstage about the guy sandbagging him.
  8. If you're going to post an Ed Sheeran song, at least make it the one from The Hobbit:
  9. I vaguely remember one of the guys from Robson & Jerome showing up as well.
  10. Some are saying that PSG is about to close a deal for Neymar worth 254 million USD. The millions that have been thrown around since Bale's transfer have been nothing short of insane. This would push it to a new level again.
  11. A Cure for Wellness was a weird movie, and I don't mean the story, which started out promising, but the final act was horrendous. There was no need for it to go on for that long, and it was just a mess. Such a pity, because at times I thought it was reasonably enjoyable. I always like the concept of a horror movie that goes for nearly two hours and a half... just not this one.
  12. Orton's reaction GIF fits that comment rather well.
  13. Bakayoko to Chelsea. A Bakayoko/Kante midfield sounds like fun.
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