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  1. It seems unlikely it'll have any man-on-man flute-fingering at least.
  2. Best YouTube comment: 'Were you rushing or were you dragon?'
  3. Regarding de Boer, I have a sneaking suspicion he will show in Belgium soon, either at AA Gent or at Anderlecht. Boy, all that misplaced prestige he had acquired with Ajax sure rusted quickly. Hard to believe he was considered by Liverpool before they got Klopp. (Then again, de Boer's management style was also a hilariously awful match for Palace.)
  4. Roman

    RIP Don Williams

    I only know him from one song, which was included in some 'Best Country Songs' compilation album I somehow found to be in my possession. It was one of the better songs on it, but for some reason I never looked up more of his work:
  5. I watched Blood Father last night. I hadn't expected much of it, but it was a pretty fun movie. Mel Gibson was surprisingly funny.
  6. Macedonia VS Albania in fifteen minutes! MY BODY IS READY!
  7. Ironically, the Olsen Twins today look like they used to work at ECW.
  8. Fuck Belgium. (Which they'll do themselves, so that makes it easy for me.)
  9. Queue Vince McMahon presenting a new babyface who gets insanely over and saying, 'I'm gonna make his popularity... disappear.'
  10. I watched the remake of The Mummy last night. Surprise, surprise. It was a piece of shit.
  11. Barcelona's just... fucked up right now. That entire transfer window was a mess. As a very minor issue in all of this, I don't really get why they didn't throw some money at Valencia to get Carlos Soler. Not that he'd be an instant superstar, but come on. Do something.
  12. Can't be any worse than Joe Hart.
  13. Surely that should be Destruction in Hiroshima 2.
  14. Mbappé to PSG as well, first 'on loan' so they can give the rules a humongous 'fuck you' too.
  15. If you have some time to wile away: http://imgur.com/gallery/2znvW
  16. $10 000 ticket. 'The price of this ticket includes $1 to support Amateur Unarmed Combat in Nevada.' Look at you, you fucking philanthropists.
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