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  1. That's really impressive! Well done to him.
  2. It's been a tough week for everyone, so here's some natural medicine:
  3. He guest-hosted Have I Got News For You twice and he was a delight both times. He completely took the piss out of himself, which was fantastic, and had some of the worst/best jokes, like talking about Anne Robinson having botox ('I don't know how much money she spends on injecting herself with a deadly poison, but whatever it is, it's not enough.') and talking about DNA ('XY is Adam, XX is Eve and YYY Delilah.').
  4. Here's to another exciting season for second place!
  5. I comfort myself with the thought that the heart monitor he's hooked up to doesn't go beep but rather woooo.
  6. At least they didn't say Ric Flair was fighting in a casket match.
  7. Chelsea - Burnley 0-3 at halftime.
  8. Just so I understand you correctly: there is a script for Prometheus that would have made a perfect prequel? If so, do you mean this one? (I just Googled it, so I'm not sure if that's the one you mean.) If that's the case, I know what I'm going to do tonight while listening to the Prometheus soundtrack.
  9. I didn't mind Prometheus, really. I actually enjoyed it after I convinced myself it wasn't part of the Alien franchise. But Alien: Covenant can fuck right off and dive into an endless lake of burning shit.
  10. ... I remember Ed Lewis slapping his thigh as he Superkicked Joe Stecher. That's when I knew pro-wrestling was no longer what it once had been.
  11. That trailer was much too kind as far as I'm concerned. It should just have been a recording of a child dying to Ebola. I paid for it today because it was after 4AM when I finished watching them, but I'll be damned if Alien and Aliens don't remain absolutely fantastic.
  12. Alien is my favourite franchise and I'll be DAMNED if I let some FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT like ALIEN FUCKING COVENANT RUIN IT FOR ME! I'm going to watch Alien and Aliens back to back now. Fucking cocksucking piece of shit.
  13. ... And a mountie rides in on a moose to announce a 'Maple Syrup on a Pole' match, followed by a 'Sorry' match (like an inverted 'I Quit' match).
  14. Hell or High Water was a surprisingly good movie. Not amazing, but a lot better than I had expected. The soundtrack helped a lot, I admit. The one thing I disliked was 'the locals', but perhaps that's got to do with me being completely unfamiliar with Texas culture.
  15. The Hound certainly didn't teach her any dainty cuntery like that.
  16. The Arya/Brienne fight annoyed me. Then again, I've never been a fan of Arya. But that scene, with the 'little girl acting like a Zen Master martial badass' horseshit is aggravating as fuck. The best part of the battle was showing one burned body that was already reduced to a clump of ashes. This isn't some regular fire that'll simply 'burn' you; this is Grade A Dragon Fuckery.
  17. I love the way Rikishi does that move. It looks like absolute death.
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