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  1. Look at those beautifully cut images. Pure art.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXFWmpB-cPQ
  3. Albert was a great guy. He'd give you the hair off his back.
  4. Roman

    Random music thoughts

    I just discovered Derroll Adams. He's fantastic.
  5. I finally got The Sopranos on BluRay. I need to remind myself to keep my expectations low, as I was let down by both Breaking Bad and The Wire, which I thought were quite boring. My late father loved The Sopranos, calling it his favourite television show, so it's going to be tough.
  6. That looks like he's been shot in the head.
  7. Not sure where to put it, but I love pixel art and these are beautiful: https://imgur.com/gallery/dM2aG Preview:
  8. Pity about Chile. Their matches were always exciting and fun to watch. As for the US... Well, that goal by Gonzalez was a beauty.
  9. I did watch it all the way through without pausing, but I think that, if anything, it makes me a worse person than you are. Or not worse, really, but it's slightly disturbing nonetheless. I watched Irréversible at the theatre and I almost walked out of that, but that's the closest I ever got while watching a movie. When I watched Earthlings, however, I did pause it and go out to play with the dogs and hug them for a good long time; and never went back to it. But I think that doesn't count, it being a documentary.
  10. How did you like A Serbian Film?
  11. Some pasty morons from an Indy hardcore promotion in Shit City will read your post and go, 'Dude! Let's to a Trepanation match!'
  12. Highlight of the day: Dick Advocaat (coach of The Netherlands) said that it would still be possible to go to the World Cup if they won their final two matches provided they score enough goals (so they would end up higher than Sweden in their group). Journalist asked him, 'But what if Sweden beats Luxembourg with 8-0 tonight?' Advocaat's reply: 'Sweden won't beat Luxembourg with 8-0. What a stupid question!' What happened today? Sweden beat Luxembourg with 8-0.
  13. If we had firefighters like this, I'd become a pyromaniac.
  14. Roman

    Tom Petty

    Apparently it's not been confirmed yet.
  15. I watched The Sound. The only good thing about it was that the missus and I made up a drinking game as it went on to counteract all the bullshit. Piece of shit.
  16. I was reading that in Scott Steiner's maniac voice until you actually mentioned him. I was hoping it was going to end up with a 200% chance of being a good movie because of Scott Steiner mathematics.
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