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  1. Bull had a really fun match against Mike Enos in WCW. I think it is on one of the Schneider comps. Bull's run in Puerto Rico as one of the Texas Hangmen is really underrated.
  2. I love the Fabs matches on the Memphis set against the Moondogs. I didn't see the stretcher match, which I think is the best one on Youtube. This match is pretty awesome too.
  3. Wow! I have to say after searching for the Great Kabuki, there's about a million matches I want to watch, some of which have already been posted. So many tag and six man tags that, at least on paper, look pretty good. On top of that, there are so many random tag match-ups. Here's Kabuki vs Greg Valentine, whose entrance theme is "She's Got the Look" for some reason. http://youtu.be/0h58JBwry6A This one's short and sweet. http://youtu.be/LNwv3yJu9yQ Technically, this isn't a kabuki video, but it is about him. Besides, I just wanted an excuse to post it.
  4. http://youtu.be/hMWhVMr8yss http://youtu.be/rAH8CO5y8As
  5. I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic; but the right answer is Dark City.
  6. The Watchmen trailer might be the best trailer of the tournament so far.
  7. It had such an insultingly lazy script. The MCU movies usually aren't known for their strong villains, except for Loki, but this movie had one of the most nondescript ones ever. It was a total waste of Eccleston. Thor 2 and Iron Man 2 are the only MCU movies I actively dislike.
  8. I just watched this myself and I really enjoyed. That being said, with all the talk in the film about wendigos and nature being out of balance plus Fitchner eating people's body parts; I was shocked that there was no supernatural element involved.
  9. Yes to Sekimoto vs. Shinobu Nothing much to add that others haven't already said. Shinobu was great as the underdog. I dug the selling and stiffness by both guys. I also really like the opening matwork as it came across as the two really fighting for all the holds.
  10. I know smoking is bad for me and I've never even tried a cigarette before. I don't need to see a guy with a hole in his throat telling me about how he smoked and now needs to clean it out every week.
  11. Weird to see a Moondog as special referee in this match. The women are the stars in this match but Tanaka looks good too. http://youtu.be/yObHj1b4eyg
  12. Nominate: Takashi Sugiura & Masato Tanaka vs Daisuke Sekimoto & Kazuki Hashimoto Zero1 6/1/14 This really felt like a war. Tons of stiff strikes and some hurtful looking power moves. Worked at a fast pace but the selling was still top-notch. Hashimoto comes across as one of the toughest sobs in wrestling. There's a spot towards the end where he really takes a ton of punishment and he still fights back. There was a triple German suplex spot in the match that I absolutely hated but other than that I absolutely loved this match. http://youtu.be/kMheGQaFDa8?t=1h21m31s
  13. I was disappointed to hear that Tori, Grant, and (sob) Kari are leaving Myth Busters. Its definitely an end of an era.
  14. When I think of my favorite Sid moments, they are either squash matches or botched promos. Here's a little of both: Also, I always have to try to post some Memphis because Memphis is awesome.
  15. http://youtu.be/uWPLaIVwHXE http://youtu.be/N8wO_FKKLx0 http://youtu.be/Mi9Z9CiXzr0 http://youtu.be/zPPns0lDC9s
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