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  1. I think if they were ever going to turn Cena heel, that would have been the time to do it. Post Survivor Series have the two be buddy buddy but have Cena show the occasional jealously when Dolph is getting all the kudos for getting rid of the Authority. Give Dolph the title shot against Brock at the Rumble and have Cena interfere causing Dolph to lose. Have Cena cut a promo on Raw claiming he was doing it for the company and for Dolph's own good, because Dolph is a mid carder and not a top guy. Saying Dolph as champ at Wrestlemania would have been a financial disaster for the company, killing Dolph's career. Cena could have made that a money promo, cutting a heel promo as a babyface.
  2. I've been saving up my in game dollars for a 30 pack, because that seems like it's my only option to possibly get a three star without putting actual money into the game, but man is Bam Bam tempting.
  3. How the hell can the booking of the women be so great on Smackdown and so God awful on Raw?
  4. Blitz difficulty scales based on the talent level of the roster you select. My strategy is to send three of my top guys and then fill out the rest of my roster with weak ones. It keeps the difficulty pretty low.
  5. Sasha/Swann vs. Alicia/Dar announced and instantly becomes the match I'm looking forward to the most.
  6. Scopely is going to remove that bullshit New Generation requirement, sounds like they got a lot of pushback about it.
  7. Yeah, a real dick move by Scopely when the first two days just required a Nexus member and New Generation is by far the rarest type in the game. There's two trampolines as a reward in Hard that I thought I was going to be able to get and would have put me very close to being able to level up my NXT Rollins to 2 Star Gold.
  8. The only values available in the Shane contract are 40, 50 and 100. The chances to pull 40 or 50 are 49.88% each and the chance to pull 100 is 0.25%, so a 1 in 400 chance.
  9. Based on the wording, it sounds like you only had to have first ordered the network before August 2014 while being a current subscriber, you don't need to have had the network the entire time. However, you get one entry for every day you've been a subscriber. Someone who's subscribed since day 1 and never cancelled will have about 1155 entries while someone who's cancelled and resubscribed will have less.
  10. Do you still have your old phone? The only way to carry over your progress is to link your account to Facebook. If so, link your account on your old phone, then link it on your new one. It's stupid that's the only way to do it and the game doesn't make any kind of effort to tell you that. It's even more annoying there's no login option when you first start up on a new phone so you have to go through the entire long, drawn-out tutorial before you can do it.
  11. You don't have to fill every spot, you just have a team of less guys. If you're doing Normal or Hard odds are you won't need a full team.
  12. I'm close to being able to enhance an acrobat to two stars. I'm debating between NXT Rollins and Darren Young. I think overall Rollins is better, but I already have a two star Cena and Cena and Young get a Nexus bonus, which would be very helpful in tags and versus.
  13. Showboats have more HP.
  14. For anyone who's done a VIP signing at Axxess, do they sell out super quick? I tried getting three this morning, and by the time I had all of them in my cart they were all sold out. I'm not sure if they went that quick because it was a presale and they only had a limited number allocated. For the general public on sale date, should I expect them to go just as quick and just pick one and buy it right away or will I have time to grab the ones I want?
  15. Well dammit, I'm planning on going to Fastlane, and was very excited about it because all the rumors said it was going to be a Smackdown show. Not nearly as excited now that it's going to be Raw.