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  1. Showboats have more HP.
  2. For anyone who's done a VIP signing at Axxess, do they sell out super quick? I tried getting three this morning, and by the time I had all of them in my cart they were all sold out. I'm not sure if they went that quick because it was a presale and they only had a limited number allocated. For the general public on sale date, should I expect them to go just as quick and just pick one and buy it right away or will I have time to grab the ones I want?
  3. Well dammit, I'm planning on going to Fastlane, and was very excited about it because all the rumors said it was going to be a Smackdown show. Not nearly as excited now that it's going to be Raw.
  4. Pretty cool of Jericho to retweet and follow anyone with Ellsworth's t-shirt, that should get him quite a few more buys.
  5. He originally debuted in the fall of '93 as MVP. He wrestled one match on Superstars and was in a Battle Royal on Raw, and the gimmick was dropped. Then in the fall of '94, during the baseball strike, they brought the gimmick back under the Abe "Knuckleball" Schwartz name. This time the concept was he was a current MLB player who turned to wrestling because he was out of work. He showed up a ton of times in the crowd with an "I'm on strike!" sign and eventually wrestled a couple matches on Superstars and Challenge before the gimmick was dropped again. Here's a match from Superstars where Vince and Lawler try to figure out which MLB player is under the makeup, and Vince makes sure to get in one "Not sure if he's a pitcher or catcher" joke:
  6. So was that the least creative thing they could have done to determine a new champ? It's exactly what they did a month ago except in reverse. Last month: two fatal four ways to determine a one on one final. This month: four one on one matches to determine a fatal four way final.
  7. Anyone else wonder why they decided to repackage Darsow as the Repo Man? I guess after how badly Demolition were neutered after the Legion of Doom feud they thought a full repackage was better. However, as much as I loved the Repo Man character and how well Darsow did with it, it was a comedy character that was never going to be seriously pushed. Smash as a single could have been an upper mid-card heel that could have easily turned face if needed. After Bret won the IC Title at Summerslam, a Bret/Smash title feud in the fall of '91 could have been great and really written itself just based on the past history between the Hart Foundation and Demolition.
  8. I haven't gotten an action figure since I was a kid, but I might actually have to get these Hasbro-style figures, since I grew up with the Hasbro figures and still have my almost complete set.
  9. Commentary teams announced: RAW: Cole, Graves and Saxton Smackdown: Mauro, JBL and Otunga We don't have to hear "Maggle!" anymore, so that's a good thing, but not getting Mauro and Graves on the same team is a huge miss. Good riddance to Lawler, why'd they even bother bringing him back just to dump him two weeks later?
  10. The Roadblock name makes no sense in December unless the Road to Wrestlemania is now going to start at Survivor Series. If only the Big 4 are going to be dual brand, which brand gets Money in the Bank? That almost has to be a dual brand show.
  11. As someone who gets horrible motion sickness from first person games, this shift to VR saddens me. I've played every Arkham game, but I know I'd only get through a minute or two of Arkham VR before I need to throw up.
  12. Barry was billed as being in the 1990 Rumble, he's even listed on the back of the box. So that's two pay-per-views in a row where he managed to make the box but not actually appear on the show.
  13. Anyone remember short lived WWECW ring announcer Lauren Mayhew? I loved her announcing because she had her own cadence and she's been the only ring announcer they've had in the last 20 years that wasn't doing a bad Howard Finkel impersonation. Plus she always announced the champ as your ECW Champion instead of the ECW Champion which I love.
  14. It's depressing to think about how even with the injuries, how much better this Wrestlemania could have been with better booking. After the Rollins injury, turn Roman heel, have him become the new Corporate Champ, screwing Ambrose in the finals of the tournament for the vacant title at last year's Survivor Series. This leads to Ambrose winning the Rumble and getting this rematch against his former friend. Instead of running Taker vs. Lesnar III at last year's Hell in a Cell, save it for Mania. Have Shane face Triple H for control of the company, the guy that actually took his spot as heir to the throne. Make the giant mess of a ladder match the US Title match, and give Owens and Sami a one-on-one match for the IC Title.
  15. Owens is going to wrestle Big Show and we're going to like it. Or not. Probably not. I'd be more interested in seeing Owens/Adam Bomb, personally. There's nobody I'd rather see Owens wrestle less than Big Show; perhaps not even Kane. Fortunately, Kane seems destined for the Andre midcarder battle royal. As if the card wasn't shaping up to be enough of a wet end, I get the sinking feeling Ryback is going to be winning the battle royale. Fortunately winning it has prompted the previous winners to go absolutely nowhere. If WWE actually wanted to make the Andre Battle Royal mean something they should have Big Show win it two or three years in a row so when it comes down to the Big Show and somebody and the other guy actually tosses him out it would be a big deal.