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  1. As stated before, Hell in a Cell 97 was the first time the WWF lowered a cage from the ceiling. The first time they lowered a traditional cage from the ceiling was at Breakdown 98, and that was still big blue, which I believe that was the only time big blue was lowered. Big blue made a couple of more appearances, though it got repainted black, with Austin/McMahon at St. Valentine's Day Massacre and they did the finish where the Big Show threw Austin through the cage so they couldn't lower it. I believe the last appearance of that cage was an Edge/Christian match at Rebellion 2001 where they did a finish where Edge taped Christian's feet together through the cage from inside the ring while Christian was climbing out. I miss big blue, it was the cage I grew up with, plus you could do spots with it you can't do with the cyclone cage. The two examples above wouldn't have been possible in the current cage, and the finish to Bret/Owen at Summerslam where Owen got his feet caught in the bars and hung upside down while Bret jumped down wouldn't have been possible either.
  2. Not sure if Sasha is insane or genius for agreeing to this... https://thatpillowguy.com/products/mercedes-varnado-official-pillow
  3. The last 20 minutes made up for what was an awful rest of the show. Once again, they had a chance to make the draft seem cool by having it look and feel like a real sports draft with a draft clock and FOX graphics but just did the same bullshit they always do. The war room segments were embarrassingly bad. "Ok everyone, act happy. Ok, now act sad."
  4. I'm guessing we get a Mixed Tag with both titles on the line at Extreme Rules. Clearly both feuds are continuing and it would certainly be better than running each match for a third time.
  5. Bingo, it's the exact same way Alexa should have been booked when she was champ instead of winning decisively and killing the heat of everyone she beat.
  6. That's actually Animal, who was #19 and almost entered one entry too early until I'm assuming whoever was running Gorilla freaked out and stopped him.
  7. Yeah, I remember when NXT first starting touring, they came to Green Bay in January of 2016, main event was Finn/Sami. We pulled into the parking behind a car with Iowa plates. We asked them about it, and yes, they drove 6 hours to see an NXT house show in Green Bay in the bitter ass January cold simply because they had to see an NXT show live.
  8. Hey WWE, stop trying to make heel Becky happen.
  9. On the Titus thing, how lucky is he that they didn't bring those giant LED screens for the ring apron? Dude could have seriously wrecked himself if that was there.
  10. So this has to be at least a 5 hour show, right? 50 man Rumble, plus Cena/Hunter which you know is going to be at least a half hour, plus seven title matches.
  11. If they wanted to name it after the most well known female wrestler who's passed away it would be Chyna, and with her being the first woman to enter a Royal Rumble naming a battle royal after her would have actually made a little sense.
  12. As much as I've enjoyed the matches and videos, I'm really disappointed with how it's predictable it's been, and I'm really getting sick of Alexa, Asuka and Charlotte.
  13. Savage/Bret vs. Flair/HBK is already up as part of the Randy Savage collection, sans commentary for some reason as JR and Heenan did it on the Coliseum version: http://network.wwe.com/video/v1211132883
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