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  1. I would've, but then I did some research...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carcosa
  2. Well, besides who their boyfriends are and the fact that DB has experience in actually training wrestlers in APW, Inoki Dojo, and Ring of Honor, Nikki was laid up for a while and expected not to be able wrestle ever again. Yeah, not so weird when you think about it. Though since they started dressing differently (and Nikki bought some boobs), perhaps some of that is to emphasize that they aren't so twinly any more? ...Nah, giving 'em too much credit.
  3. Over/under on part of the ending sequence involving Reigns spearing someone through-but-not-over the ropes, and that guy sneaking back in?
  4. I hope Piper is a prophet without knowing it and Ambrose Alley becomes a thing. Not this year, probably not next year, but some time....the man is Midas on the mic, everything he says is golden. It'd be so much better than Miz TV.
  5. Anyone else get the feeling they were watching the test run for a torch-passing between Cena and Rollins? Holy fuck, was that a sweet match for free TV.
  6. I marked like crazy for that Punk promo. Who knew the man missed his calling in musical theatre?
  7. HAHAHA!!!!! You had one job Miz. Just not look like such a douche that people will actually cheer the biggest heel on the roster for assaulting you when you are injured and helpless. Miz has an amazing resting doucheface. He could just sit in a corner doing nothing and people would boo him. I can't tell yet for what percentage of the audience this has turned into X-Pac heat.
  8. Nah, I'm seeing Show more like Sandor Clegane at this point, before he snaps at the Blackwater anyhow. (God, now I'm thinking about that little turd Joff strutting around with Motorhead playing in the background...)
  9. The winner in this category will always be: http://youtu.be/D-T2rTgvmbc With an honorable mention to
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