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  1. Bad News Barrett should just be Wade Barrett walking around delivering actual bad news to people. For example, they can have R-Truth challenge someone to a match for a future date in Canada, and then Bad News Barrett can appear out of nowhere, and deliver the bad news that R-Truth isn't allowed in Canada due to his criminal record.
  2. Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV?
  3. Okay, I'll freely admit I've never seen a Truth Martini match/interview in my life, but just seeing these two photos makes me want to see 911 or 3 Minute Warning run in and beat him senseless. His voice is even worse than his look, like someone who spent 40 years smoking Chesterfield unfiltereds
  4. Question for those who have worked in various sized rings: How much does it throw you off when you work, say, a 16x16 one night and a 12x12 the next? Does the additional/lessened space from one ring to another throw off your spacing and timing, and how conscious are you of it when you work a match?
  5. Death, taxes, and the ROH iPPV stream going down right before a main event.
  6. Oh god, that slo-mo video made me realize that Zayn bears a striking facial resemblance to *shudder* Dustin Diamond.
  7. Is Steen hurt, or did working with Matt Hardy just sap his will to live? I wasn't wildly impressed by this match with Elgin, or, really, anything he's done in the last few months (not that he was the greatest worker ever, but still). Also I should note that at the Chattanooga show a few weeks back, he basically did nothing but comedy spots while the other 3 worked a serious match, and while it was funny, it was also evident that he had ZERO desire to do anything physically arduous.
  8. Of course it's a work. That's why Bob Vila never jobs Bob Vila jobs to Home Depot
  9. These shows are fantastic, keep up the great work. If the belt history becomes a path you guys are going down, a WCW Cruiserweight or the World Class TV title lineage would make for fascinating radio. Or, if you felt like spending six hours talking, you could just read verbatim a list of every USWA tag title change.
  10. I'm a week late, but I went to the ROH show in Chattanooga. It was decent, but not having been to an ROH show since the last Danielson tour, pretty fucking depressing overall. It's one thing to see the talent level dwindle on TV, but live, it really hits you that this company resembles very little of what it was four or five years ago. The Fish/Coleman and especially O'Reilly/Alexander matches were pretty good, but also helped by the fact that every match before was horrid. Fuck's sake, Cheeseburger worked in two separate matches. Also, Meltzer mentioned that the 300-ish crowd was due to the fact that there was no advertising. This is absolute bullshit. Sinclair owns the local ABC affiliate, and they ran ROH spots every hour on the hour for at least two weeks before. They had radio spots, newspaper articles - basically the extent of what a media "blitz" could constitute in Chattanooga. The reason people didn't come is because they don't know anyone, and nobody sees the TV show. I can attest to that - I have about 250 people who work for me and I invited a bunch of them to the show, and I got the same response from at least 15 of them "Why would I pay 20 bucks to watch guys I've never seen?" In a related story, the local dirt indie brought back Robert Gibson for the umpteenth time last week, and probably made money off the show.
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