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  1. Then Punk can save ROH from Cole, and Hangman could save ROH from Punk, ... and people can just line up to save ROH. That would be hilarious.
  2. Sad. I still have my Bruce Sutter glove from when I was 10
  3. What a great unexpected perk of the job. Once, I was announcing a match with the Kings of Wrestling, and me, Kingdom James, and Joe Dombrowski got to play with the CZW and Chikara tag belts.
  4. Browns could easily be 5-0 and instead we're 2-3.
  5. My kid (19) loved the Bray reveal. Over-the-top theatrics is her favorite part of wrestling, as she also enjoyed the Firefly Funhouse Match. She wonders why wrestling doesn't do this more often, although she acknowledged that you don't want to overdo it.
  6. Okay, belt experts - Can anyone tell me what belt Onion is carrying in this photo?
  7. Fun fact: Hours after the Moosin PPV ended, Sylvia bellowed at me: "Don't you know anything about this sport?"
  8. They've got a title defense coming up on Monday's Elevation.
  9. He's going to wrestle on Monday's Elevation.
  10. We also had Mercedes Martinez as the interim ROH women's champion before she won the actual title.
  11. Jericho attacked ROH ring announcer Bobby Cruise.
  12. Jericho just vowed to destroy every ROH commentator AND ring announcer. I better steer clear of him or he will destroy me twice.
  13. Ring of Jericho! You heard it here first.
  14. Low-Ki vs. Joe from Glory By Honor Danielson vs. Doug WIlliams from Scramble Madness AJ and Low-Ki vs. Daniels and Xavier from Revenge on the Prophecy Joe vs. Punk from World Title Classic Prophecy vs. Second City Saints at The Battle Lines Are Drawn (I was running around ringside trying not to get killed)
  15. I actually LOVE this match. Lots of fun chaos. Hogan's team is so random!
  16. You know you messed up when you produce Four Doinks and the crowd chants "We Want Doink."
  17. Actually it was one PPV earlier, at Halloween Havoc.
  18. We can't get rid of him because I need this song in my life: And regarding "did everyone get signed to be jobbers?", I remember an interview with Nemeth on AEW Dark where he talked about wanting to be the top guy in the company.
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