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  1. Thanks for the link. Just ordered one. Probably a stupid decision, but I'm excited.
  2. That's great, thanks. Going for my 6th Etheric Light of the week right now. You're right. It's better to wait for the bounties tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'll have any time tomorrow.
  3. I hope he sells Etheric Light again next time. You just have to be in the tower during the reset, correct? I'll probably try that the next time IB comes around. Set an alarm and wake up 10 minutes before or something like that.
  4. I hit rank 5 with my Warlock, and I'm about to hit 5 with my hunter. Got my titan to 3 and will leave her at that rank. I just started a new job last week so I didn't think I'd make this much progress. The weekend buffs and the bounties really helped. Used Etherics on Vision of Confluence, Fang of Ir Yut and the Blackhammer so far. 2 more waiting in the vault. And hopefully one more by tomorrow. POE 34 was easy this week, and the first time we actually finished one. Pretty happy about that.
  5. I'm not a regular Crucible player, but Iron Banner is worth it. Getting to rank 3 will take you 2-3 days. Once you're rank 3, you can buy that Etheric Light. It's a guarantee as long as you're willing to put in the time.
  6. Really excited. Fallout 3 was my very first PS3 game and I loved it so much. Never got to play New Vegas because I was out of the country that year. This kinda makes me wanna pick it up on the cheap just to get in the Fallout mindset before the new one comes out. What a sweet trailer. Love that they're still using music by the Inkspots. As soon as their signature song intro started, I was smiling from ear to ear.
  7. I'm not worried about rank 5. Just want to get to 3 really. Almost there.
  8. Yeah, my goal for today was getting to rank 1, but I did that in just two matches. Forgot to wear my shader and the emblem on the first match, but now I'm all decked out. Should be rank 2 before the night ends. Only lost one match so far.
  9. I wouldn't feel bad at all, dude. I had "video game integrity" towards Destiny for like 2 months. Cutting corners is sometimes necessary to have the most fun in this game. Smaller grind = less stress. Had no idea about the IB glitch. Good for you.
  10. My cousin, who's just a casual WWE and Puerto Rican wrestling fan, texted me last night with "Yo do you like Kevin Owens?" and just raved about his performance saying he "loved how he beats Cena down every time" and that he's the best wrestler he's seen in a while. Pretty cool. I hadn't seen the match at that point and didn't really read his text as a spoiler, so I was still surprised/amazed that he won.
  11. Crota's End is a lot easier than VOG. Should be no problem and will take you much less than 3 hours. An hour and a half at the most. And if you get the Blackhammer out of it, you're golden. Congrats on the Icebreaker. Definitely one of the best guns in the game.
  12. Having a blast with The Witcher. Reminds me of my experience with Mass Effect. I'm finding that it's best to spend your ability points on magic. Maxing out the 1st quick strike tier is a given, but after that, magic is the way to go. At least for me. Finally made it to the 3rd town. Spent 6 straight hours just doing secondary and contract missions yesterday. Can't remember the last time I lost track of time and played something all day. The Baron's quest in particular is a lot of fun. Pretty dark too.
  13. Either that, or calm down. I think Sepiks is a good Nightfall, especially if you have a Blackhammer. Just go up the stairs to the left and take cover, while making sure to occasionally watch out for shanks that come upstairs. There's also a spot to in the back of the map that makes it almost impossible for the Walker to get you. And the fallen don't bother you in that spot either. Icebreaker or Blackhammer are perfect for that part as well.
  14. The arc wave is horrible. We take out the wizard and boomer that come out near the center right away, once the 2nd wave starts. Helps big time. I got most of my keys chest farming. Have yet to get a key from POE. None of my friends have either. Kinda frustrating.
  15. I'm now level 34 thanks to Variks' chest piece. Not crazy about strength stats but I'll deal with it for now. After failing to beat POE 34 last week, my morale is pretty high again. Looking forward to destroying Sepiks Prime any minute now.
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