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  1. I'm moving to Tokyo in January so maybe I'll be able to go to some shows.
  2. I'm surprised nobody is talking about Yoko Bito retiring again. Although, I'm kinda unsure what to say about it either.
  3. You probably won't be surprised that Japanese promoters quite often tell Americans to shout profanities.
  4. Not so much weird as it is awesome.
  5. I use Imgur for online videos, especially Youtube, and GIfcam for recording Gifs. (Extra care as there are loads of malware infested versions online)
  6. Syuri has signed a deal to appear at UFC Fight Night 117 at Saitama Super Arena. Not sure if it's one fight or multiple.
  7. The rudest powerbomb this side of a Kevin Nash botch.
  8. Sakura Hirota is making her grand return at the Wave 10th Anniversary show at Ota-ku Gym on 8/12. If you're thinking that her match is the one you're least looking forward to, another match announced is GAMI vs Chigusa. Yeah, it's like Muay Thai fighters using the name of their gym in their ring name.
  9. They set up a cliffhanger but I get the feeling that Lolo will just say, "Nah, I'm good with this one". I also how Jordan just decided to shit on Ashley M like he's not watched the last season and she just turned it up and blasted Ashley K.
  10. Oh Bananas. "You couldn't make it in wrestling". I'll just assume that MTV edited out the part where CM Punk listed his accomplishments in the ring or he was just too blown away by the absurdity to respond.
  11. I have no problem accusing Kana of stealing this idea from me. But I really can't prove that she had any interaction with the person I suggested it to.
  12. Just Sakura Hirota dressed up like Sakuraba and moonsaulting into a pile of thumbtacks.
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