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  1. Tokyo Sports is saying that Meiko Satomura is going to be in the Mae Young Classic. (I'm sure this has already been posted somewhere)
  2. I would guess the foreigners they have been working with. I mean Toni Storm is already signed with WWE, right? And Xia Brookside has a pretty significant in with WWE.
  3. Konami announced today that she is going with Stardom fulltime.
  4. They don't usually play around in Japan. Once upon a time, a (shall not be named) wrestler went to Japan for a 6 month tour. The first night she was there she asked a couple of the other wrestlers where she could buy some weed. The next day she was on a flight back home. Hamada could have opportunities in the US and Mexico but they will most likely dry up in Japan. (I guess Seaaaaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddddddling is a possibility)
  5. HANA and her first rival, Reika Seiki, make an appearance in a new commercial.
  6. Well, I was right. Kagetsu ended up picking: Hana, Natsu, HZK, Yamaguchi and Martina. QQ is now Shirai, AZM, Momo, Priestly, Chardonnay, Viper, Konami. Stars is Mayu, Kashima, Starlight Kid, Tam, Natsumi, Shibusawa. Nobody from Team Jungle was picked.
  7. The winning team was WAVE, second was Sendai Girls and third was Stardom. Yumi Ohka was the MVP. This went down before 700 fans yesterday, so expect it to come back next year but probably without musical chairs as an event.
  8. I already know who wins this. Her name starts with K, ends with U and has agets in the middle.
  9. Went to the Wave show at Shin-Kiba last night. Pretty fun show. Mika Iida vs Konami - I don't know who Konami pissed off but she got jobbed here. It was a nice back and forth grappling match and then all of a sudden Iida put on a kneebar and Konami tapped out. It must have only been five minutes or so. Cherry/Misaki Ohata vs Asuka/Hiroe Nagahama - This must have been the John Cena Memorial Tag Battle because they had this weird rule that you had to call out your move before you did it. There was also some other rules I didn't quite catch. Asuka is a lot bigger live than in pictures but she bumps like a maniac. She made Cherry look like Taz on offense. Cherry pinned Asuka after a long finishing sequence. Ayako Hamada/Sakura Hirota vs Yuki/Miyazaki/Nagisa Nozaki - Sakura Hirota is the greatest wrestler in the world even if her offense is weaker than Gillberg's. This was about some feud that Hirota and Miyazaki have been having. It ended in a double knockout when they kissed and spat up blood and passed out. Ryo Mizunami vs Miyuki Takase - Interestingly, they decided to do the non-shoot version of the Yoshiko/Act Ghastly Match. This was stiff as hell. The internet is telling me that Takase is part of Actwres Girl'Z but I'm pretty sure she was the one that sold me my ticket. That must suck to have to work the ticket booth for a company you don't even work for. Yumi Ohka/Mio Momono vs Tae Honma/Saori Anou - Who would have thought all those years ago that Ohka would be the last Athtress standing. I talked to her before the show and told her about meeting her way back then and she didn't believe me until I produced photographic evidence. Ohka and Momono put the boots to Honma and Anou, literally. Ohka kicked out Honma's front tooth for the finish. After the show, they celebrated Ohka and HIrota's birthdays with cake and dumping their faces in it.
  10. Stardom broke in a new dojo in the shadow of Tokyo Skytree yesterday. Just waited for Kris Wolf to get up outta there, I guess.
  11. In other news, Sendai Girls is holding a Joshi Puroresu Sports Festival. It will not be wrestling but various athletic competitions - like Tug-o-War, dodgeball, jump-rope, etc - on 4/14 in Kawasaki. Here are the teams: Stardom: Mayu Iwatani, Jungle Kyona, Tam Nakano, Natsuko Tora, Momo Watanabe, Azumi, HZK, Shiki Shibuasawa, Saki Kashima Wave: Yumi Ohka, Hiroe Nagahama, Asuka, Nagisa, Nozaki, Yuki Miyazaki, Rina Yamashita Diana: Kyoko Inoue, Jaguar Yokota, Kaoru Ito, Keiko Aono, Ayako Sato, Sareee Marvelous: Chigusa Nagayo, KAORU, Tomoko Watanabe, Takumi Iroha, Mio Momono, Rin Kadokura Pure J: Commando Bolshoi, KAZUKI, Leon, Hanako Nakamori, Manami Katsu, Raideen Hagane, Yako Fujigasaki Special Team #1: Hikaru Shida, Hiroyo Matsumoto, Sakura Hirota, Syuri, Hana Kimura Special Team #2: Reina Isis, La Harochita, Yuiga, Alex Lee They are still hoping to get more teams and wrestlers before the show starts.
  12. Stardom wasn't her visa sponsor, it was with the job she was doing and they scaled back. Stardom could have gotten her on the same temporary visas that their other foreigners get but that would have affected everything else in her life in Japan. She probably saw this as a chance to go explore other opportunities. But I have a feeling she might be back some day.
  13. She's been hurt too. I guess she'll be good to go next month, though. She's booked in Europe, as well as her US dates.
  14. Hiromi Mimura will be retiring next month. Replacing her will be three new trainees and a returning Saki Kashima.
  15. That defeats the purpose of begging for a free one.
  16. So, I'm gonna be in Tokyo starting 1/1, anybody got a ticket for me?
  17. I wonder how long before the Young Bucks superkick a newborn to get the record for youngest wrestler from Baby Hirota.
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