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  1. At the Stardom show yesterday, Arisa Hoshiki announced her return. Of course, she is mainly known for her finisher. She definitely looks like an adult now.
  2. Look at this one-night tag tourney that Diana is running to celebrate Kyoko Inoue's 30th anniversary. The circled number is the combined active years for the tag team. I'm not sure who will win but I'll put big money on Himeka Arita eating the pin for her team.
  3. WWE wish they could do a hype video as great as this. I can't fucking wait for these toddlers to have their debut.
  4. Saori Anou showing off her new heel gear.
  5. Hana Kimura turned on Oedo Tai and Kagetsu at the Stardom Shin-Kiba show yesterday. Not sure if this plays into her upcoming Wave title match or even her trip to Europe at the end of the month. (My guess is it's a ruse)
  6. At the Wave show tonight, Ohata continued her "going out on her back" tour with a pinfall loss to Nozaki in a tag match. (Ohka was also pinned by Miyazaki in a tag match) But the bigger news is that her retirement road will include a tag match with her and Mizunami against The Great Sasuke and Jinsei Shinzaki. To be honest, I had no idea either of them were still wrestling.
  7. Hana Kimura busted into the Wave show today to promote her singles match with Asuka at the Wrestle-1 show on 9/2. She said that when she wins, she wants Asuka to team up with her. (Why didn't you ask for a title match if you win?)
  8. Aya Koyama, known in Jd' and Reina as Ariya, died yesterday after a bout with breast cancer. She was also an MMA fighter.
  9. Went to the WAVE show today. Ohka and Momono beat Miyazaki/Nozaki for the tag titles. (Nozaki looks to be doing her beat down as hell Mick Foley impression so I think she could use the time off) In a good match, Asuka beat Iroha for the WAvE title. She hit a sweet moonsault/shooting star press combo for the finish.
  10. It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas presents for that significant other.
  11. It is pretty sad. Since I moved here in January, I've only gone to WAVE shows. They are entertaining but you could tell that they were struggling to put together shows with the regular appearances of freelancers, men and other company's wrestlers.
  12. GAMI announced today lots of stuff. Ohata is retiring, Fairy Nihonbashi is leaving and WAVE is closing up shop. I'm not sure of the timing (I think it will close at the end of the year) but starting in April next year, it will be restructured with GAMI out and Ohka as the President.
  13. I'm pretty sure I remember hearing it starting the end of this month.
  14. The tension ratchets up when two veterans battle in the ring.
  15. Good to see Act Yasukawa doing wrestling shit while drinking alcohol, even if she'll never actually wrestle again.
  16. Her mom can speak some English. (At the least, she fakes it well)
  17. It is 2018 and I just saw Miss Mongol tag with Sakura Hirota. Also of note, Iroha beat Ohata for the Wave title. Following the match, Iroha decided to challenge Asuka to a title match in August. Not sure why it wasn't the other way around.
  18. Now I know what those cans are used for when they aren't wrapped around somebody's head.
  19. At the time, Devil was doing a rolling powerbomb combo as one of her moves. (I can't believe I haven't seen it since) That's what she was trying to do there but the totally limp Hirota wasn't much help.
  20. I've always been partial to teenage Hirota getting wiped out by Devil Masami.
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