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  1. Act Yasukawa was on hand to make the save for Kris Wolf at her retirement show tonight.
  2. Here's the bracket for the Stardom Cinderella tourney next week.
  3. Momoe Nakanishi's son looking to become the next, er..., Momoe Nakanishi.
  4. Kris Wolf announced her retirement due to complications from concussions. She'll have another US tour and then a retirement show.
  5. Congrats to Kris Wolf who got married. (in sneakers)
  6. Wave had a press conference to announce their roster for the restart in April.
  7. This looks 100% legit. (What up, Takako?)
  8. Because I love fuckin around with Excel, I decided to download all the Stardom attendance figures and check it out. Unfortunately, my automated system didn't work properly and I'm missing about 60 shows worth of data. One thing I did notice is that Stardom has increased the number of shows they run every year. Also, outside of a show they ran at Sumo Hall, their top attended event was this year at Korakuen Hall for Io Shirai's last appearance. (Kairi Hojo's last appearance was at a Shin-Kiba show) NOTE: There is no telling if Wrestledata's numbers are correct. Or even whatever is reported by Stardom, for that matter.
  9. WAVE had their last show today, until their re-opening next April. Ohata had her retirement match against MIzunami (who beat Asuka for the belt 2 weeks ago) and ended up winning the Regina di Wave title in the match. The title was then vacated. Hirota/Miyazaki won the tag titles from Ohka/Momono. For some reason, Nanae came in and beat Asuka. Yoshiko drew with Yamashita. Nozaki beat Iroha.
  10. You need a population of school girls to draw from to get a school girl audience. Seriously, it is similar to female idol groups. They have a decent section of young female fans (admittedly less so for joshi puroresu) but between the cost of live events and the reticence of attending shows with that large a section of adult males, you don't see them. If the companies wanted to target them and have them come out they could, but they are probably worried about losing adult male dollars.
  11. Watched this, it was basically a puff piece and Hana came out in her cheerleader gear. They talked about various things. Interesting to hear about the training she got at Wrestle-1. From what I gathered, it costs 100,000 yen to enter and 50,000 yen a month for the 6 month program. They cover all aspects of pro wrestling, not just the wrestling. That included diet, exercise and acting classes. On a personal level, it seems that Hana is looking for a boyfriend in his 40's who is stronger than her and she is crazy about candy apples.
  12. Mio Momono has torn knee ligaments and will need surgery putting her out of action for the near future. If you want to see Chigusa apologize for the shows Mio will miss and then Mio crying, it's below. It's a drag as she's so talented and lovable and it adds to the knee injuries plaguing female wrestlers recently.
  13. Hana made a (sort of) TV appearance. This Kawaiian TV seems to be some cable network somewhere. It was also announced that her and Asuka are having a title match against Ohka/Mio. I assume that Asuka and Ohka are trading belts before Wave goes on hiatus.
  14. Not sure what I think about this new Hana/Asuka team name.
  15. They could have played it into her "losing confidence" story but I think they ran out of time. Charlotte could have played the Biff Tannen role.
  16. WAVE is running a #1 contender tourney on 11/18 at Korakuen. Same rules as that Diana tag tourney, 10 minute time limit and a draw is a loss for both wrestlers. The final 2 and last year's winner, Ohka, will be drawn into a semifinal with the winner getting the other person. The tourney winner will face Asuka in a match, I assume, will take place before the hiatus at the end of the year.
  17. That's part of the angle in Stardom. She's been too big for her boots, so they've been putting her in curtain jerker matches with the teenagers. She had to weasel her way into a title match.
  18. Let Cuty Suzuki and Mayumi Ozaki teach you how to check for breast cancer.
  19. Hana is taking on Kagetsu in 2 weeks for the Stardom red belt and everybody is thrilled about it.
  20. Shockingly, Double Inoue won the Diana one-night tag tourney by beating Sareee and Iroha in the final. Keiko Aono also had her retirement match on this show.
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