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  1. Outside of him doing anything insane Orton always seemed to me to be pretty protected. But yes, this i'm sure got him a ton of protection from the office and even if the boys in the back didn't like it, they probably respect him for letting Brock cleanly pound on him, even if Brock did let up after a few shots. I wouldn't be very surprised if Orton also got a bit of a pay out for it as well.
  2. Who could have thought having Brock shoot elbow Randy a few times would have ANY sort of consequences?
  3. I know the background. It was a joke based on people who said Cornette didn't see anything in Steen (he did) Or Sami (lose the mask) and Cornettes relationship with WWE. Also I did this --->
  4. John Cena got the John Cena sucks chant almost on cue and he was ready for it... All is ok. Man, That NXT is one hell of a brand isn't it?
  5. Just read on 411mania that Ambrose cleared a Million dollars last year. For some reason that makes me happy. I hope Bryan has made MUCH more than that the last 3 years.
  6. I'm pretty sure his debut was met with laughter when he came out in his Gi. Then he did a bunch of wild flippy shit and did wild kicks and got over. If he got in shape and didn't show up to shows with Farmer tans he could probably get over as a plucky babyface. But he's GOTTA get in shape. He's clearly athletic, he just doesn't look it. His match with Roderick Strong at Mystery Vortex iV was awesome, with Strong calling him a nerd before the match. If he was treated like a mope from someone like Baron Corbin, it'd be sweet.
  7. Everything is finally catching up to them.... Cena and Cesaro train heavy Olympic Weightlifting... Injuries happen when you work like them and can snatch above body weight.... Sucks.
  8. This is what I was trying to get at but was said better here. It's the fact that nothing sticks. As a viewer I know there isn't any suspension of belief coming to think that Steph is gonna lose. Hunter does the same thing as Steph but at least he takes some bumps and sometimes puts guys over huge. With Steph she shows no vulnerability and if she is beaten she rages out and attacks a commentator and potatoes the shit out of him. Now. If her reacting like this leads to her being "removed" from her authority because she is a liability I guess I'd be ok with it. Vince did win some battles and then lost the war with Austin. Steph doesn't even have her loses aknowledged in a meaninful way that gets the good guys over. They are doing a much better job with Reigns now though.
  9. But there isn't a final defeat with her. She gets angry. Smacks the shit out of men. Her crew loses. And then she is right back to being a powerful villain. Since they won't bump her why not do something that really beats her. Like take her off TV and have her kayfabe lose her position but actually have it stick. I'm sure some folks do hate her because she is a heel. I hate her because she is the same character who just doesn't lose. If reigns or Ambrose won some stupid match that was a title versus her career or something and their victory over her kept her off TV... Youd make a huge baby face. But doing something like that and KEEPING her off TV is the only way she loses. And that's not happening.
  10. Ugh. It's horrible. She is the worst villain and since she isn't Shane she won't go flying off of anything or take CZW type glass bumps and be written off. I don't even care what baby face gets over on her because it won't matter at all.
  11. I don't dislike anyone more than I dislike Stephanie. And not in a good heel way. I just can't stand her at all. She will never ever get put in her place so everything against her is for nothing. She needs to go away and never come back. Stupid finish to the main but Dean is great.
  12. Well then I guess Corey Graves is fucked based on the last Takeover show Meltz implied NOW it's ok, hence the graphic and the camera identifying him.
  13. In the new observer Meltz mentions that if anyone ever mentioned Johnny Saint on TV they would get heat (Before this last special of course). Anyone know the story behind this?
  14. I imagine it was way loud in there and since Nia is much less experienced Bailey was surely over compensating her volume. Tag Champs Jackets were on point too. Very awesome.
  15. I thought Emma looked really hot in those Aviators.... If Nia went over the Asuke stair down would have made more sense. I don't care if she loses to Asuka now... Main was good. Bailey taking three of Nias leg drops might have killed that move, but if Bailey has Cena energy i'm ok with it. Also like her submitting the bigger opponent.
  16. Foley said he liked last nights show... So there is that. I'm assuming he liked the fact there are 4 "tops" heels now... maybe?
  17. Man, Kayfabe is dead. Haha. Bray Wyatt being there is pretty funny. Also, Xavier is cheap as hell with Honda. Just chipping.
  18. I remember marking out huge for this spot. That was a hell of a match. Holy cow. I do not remember that at all... that's a huge move for that time in WWE isn't it? Especially a power bomb?
  19. We are all crazy if tonight ends any other way than Roman going over. I'd be stoked if it wasn't, but it just isn't happening any other way... right?
  20. That chant works really well for when she isn't in the ring or is in a tag match. Outside of that, its a little weird. Eva has nuclear heat. but outside of her becoming a total troll champ she doesn't have much else in the ring. She needs NiaJax as her muscle to cover her even more that she can't work just yet. Have Nia do pre-match beat downs or something and then Eva easily crushs Bailey because she can't go as long as Bailey can. She is something to look at though... wow. The "bros" trying to get the crowd to turn there back on the promo was interesting.
  21. Not sure if this is the right place: Listened to Backlunkds interview on WOR with Meltz and Alvarez. Totally mind blowing to me in the sense of him openly talking about his career, not kayfabing a thing and seeming to be normal with some very hardcore old school American values. I only know Backlund from his fued with Bret and the running for President thing and I always thought the guy was just out of his mind and totally off the hinges. He is a pretty weird dude and seems almost like he is frozen in time or something. Or, he's just a machine. It was funny when Alvarez asked him if he was a fan of MMA because Backlund had referenced a "rear naked choke" once and Backlund responded by saying he thinks MMA is essentially unsafe because guys can do strikes while on the ground and guys who are in the sport 2 years are unable to cut a promo from the damage they take. Meltz was a pro and just moved right on to the next question. A little slow and weird in some places, but very interesting listen. Check it out if you haven't.
  22. Per Metlzer tonight will be a good night creative-wise, so who knows what's going to happen. Kane as champ cannot be the plan though, can it?
  23. If Bryan is back tonight (i'm not getting my hopes up) I hope it's "I've had a good talk with SCSA, and i'm changing my style" Bryan. If there is anyone who can change their style and still stay WAAAAAY over it's The American Dragon. If not Bryan, Ambrose with 3 Dirty Deeds and a clean pin is the only thing Id be pumped about.
  24. So, if Izzy grows up and doesn't get "over" wrestling when she meets boys or just develops as a regular girl, they have they next Bailey in about 10-15 years already, right? She's even at the little NXT house shows.
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