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  1. That happened to me as well. However, it erased my entire character but I kept the same personal ride... So weird.
  2. I played until 330am last night. I haven't done that in a long time. Joined a session with some dudes who wanted to go on a robbery spree. Once we got all ready to rob some stores nothing happened. Then the ring leader pistol whipped me and everything fell apart. Then I played late night Tennis with a lady. So weird. *ALSO*Plane races are very fun. So are some of the mixed paved road/off road races. The crooked cops mission is probably my favorite just for the sheer insanity of it. I was able to get up to 16 kills by parking next to a building and picking guys off. There were about 15-20 cars clogging the road from all the re-spawns.
  3. I create a character, and then get this weird avatar of a dudes body with a females head, bald, and wearing giant sound proof headphones....
  4. So how are people playing this? Are there jerks who just run around and try to kill you? In heists i've read you can turn on your buddies. Can you do that at ANY point? Is there a cops and robbers mode? I'm at work and haven't got it to work yet, looking forward to leaving here in a bit.
  5. Gave up on the online, 30 million folks trying is gonna take a while to get working. However, i'd LOVE a patch that stops the cops from getting called on me for hitting right on the D-Pad in an attempt to interact with the citizens. . No crime, cops come! Why? I don't even have a gun out.
  6. Had no idea HHH had a shirt with something "smarky" on it. "Damn right i'm over"
  7. Didn't think my Foley post would be taken like it was. Sorry board.
  8. No. I didn't imply that at all. I was getting at the fact that his kids seem to be well aware of his friendship with a porn chick, and that to me is weird. Even if his daughter is 19. Even more so since, like we've said, he's done this with another porn chick. It's weird, but it doesn't mean anyone should be called a stupid slut, like none of us have done.
  9. Yeah, and he then talks about how he becomes close friends with them. Siri was talking about how she is a swinger and Foley made SURE to say he wasn't involved in anything like that. Plus, his kids seem to know he is "friendly" with her which is just adding to the weirdness. "Oh yeah, that's our dads porno friend. He wrote her a fan letter..." Plus the way he tries to celebrate her intelligence and saying how she could do anything but she chose porn... Really puts me off of Foley.
  10. Did anyone catch Foley on Adam Carolla's podcast this week? Seems Foley is back to being creepy with women again. He was at the show with a pornstar that goes by Siri (Big boobed chick). He said, just like he did with Christie Canyon he wrote her a note and told her how much of a fan he was.... LIKE HE DID BEFORE! So is Foley a creep or what? He seems to find women to praise and latch onto.
  11. When they brought that camera in I bet all the guys said, "I guess we are stiffing the crap out of each other today.." I like how they seem to be playing up the "years on the indies" that a lot of these new guys are getting. If they compare them to guys like Dragon or Punk, it gives them a "oh I should check these guys out vibe."
  12. Well that's good to know. I don't know why I assumed they wouldn't use it anymore. The FCW logo is still up, but their travel trailer is not longer there. Looks like i'll be able to see some shows now! Tampa has been pretty awesome with local shows lately.
  13. Sami Callahan debuted for NXT in Tampa last night. This is the second time i've missed someone I wanted to see for FCW/NXT make their debut... The first one being Daniel Bryan. 1st world wrestling problems... Has there been an word about them using the "Tampa Arena" more? I thought they were all but done with that place. I'm moving even closer to their in the next few weeks and would love to see more NXT live.
  14. HHH is soooooo good at his role as the dickhead %1. The statement that HHH is the champ and Orton is just holding the belt for him was perfect. I know the beat downs of Bryan and the teasing of Big Show saving him may look like Bryan is weak, but I get nothing but Orton is such a puss to HHH. AJ's promo was money. However, the other Diva's just yelling like stupid broads not being quiet and letting her cut that promo was so annoying. The other Divas were almost no selling her. The camera man in their faces with full audio was too much. Also, "say it to my face?" She's at the top of the ramp, she's calling all of them out... However, the Bella line of, "all you do is skip," was funny. The Divas being so loud and annoying reminded me of Stern making fun of the women on the View with that clip of all of them yelling and arguing.
  15. This should be Christians new "grizzled vet" look.
  16. Also, Colt having Pierce on his AOW podcast before the series started (correct me if i'm wrong on his appearance timeline) takes the hate out of it for me. I say this as a Colt/Pierce fan...
  17. If i'm going to buy Christina as the grizzled vet, he needs to drop his jump over the top rope to the OUTSIDE OF THE RING to punch a dude move. That's the only thing he is doing these days that I hate, and it doesn't seem like a VET move to me.
  18. Wasn't the "aftermath" just them throwing down the NWA belt and kinda making those brutal matches pointless?
  19. Foley is back to defending Diva's again. I always got weird vibes from his praise of Melina...
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