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  1. AEW is running the old WWF model with no house shows so it's not all that difficult to piece together how they are doing. Rights fees are relatively low and probably don't cover their overhead. Live tv costs a fortune. My understanding is Raw/Smackdown have traditionally been a money loser/break even. AEW probably makes solid revenue from the ppvs but who knows how far that money goes. I doubt if they are losing money it is because of personnel decisions. A couple million dollars here and there doesn't matter. They need a better revenue stream to be a long-term viable company. It can be a new tv deal, a streaming deal, a video game deal, etc.
  2. I know there were reasons, but I still can't wrap my head around a.) why Vince wanted to get rid of Bret and b.) why the title was on Bret at survivor series if he was exiting the company. Bret in WCW reminds me of some of the AEW signings. If someone is available, you would almost be a fool not to sign him. That being said, there was never any plan or vision for him in the company. There were already so many top guys with massive egos who had the boss's ear. As a teenager, Wrestling with Shadows was truly mind blowing. I had never seen anything like it.
  3. Sometimes sh*t gets really out of hand. That's life. You can choose to own it or choose to play victim and lawyer everything up. Punk is the guy who never had to grow up. A real life Peter Pan. Everyone keeps on making excuses and exceptions for him because he has certain intangibles that you can't teach. The funny thing is all of this will somehow make Adam Page, a guy who I feel like comes off as too nice.
  4. Rumor is in the home Renee hides any sharp objects like she has a toddler. Mox still got some color using a rubber spoon.
  5. It's important to keep in mind that the way we view wrestlers through a body of work didn't exist when they were actually wrestling. Outside of very small circles, there was no wrestling criticism. It would be inconceivable to 1987 Ric Flair that his matches would be collected and debated. From that perspective, why shouldn't Flair go to the same well over and over again if that's what works from a drawing/engagement perspective? What else matters to 1987 Ric Flair? Which brings us to Bret. Bret was at least a generation ahead of his time. He was the outlier. When you start comparing other wrestlers to Bret just about everyone looks bad.
  6. I sat through the Helwani interview. The questioning for the subjects TK wouldn't touch were usually prefaced with an acknowlegment by Helwani that TK wasn't going to talk about it. I don't think the questioning was out of bounds, but realistically, I don't know what Helwani thought was going to happen. In reading Helwani's comments on the interview he seems to suggest that TK had something to gain from the interview (not sure what that is) and Helwani was owed some non-public info (no one is owed anything). TK is a tough interview subject he's going to steer the interview towards the subjects he likes. (old wrestling/success of AEW) The head of the second largest wrestling company in the world gave you a lot of time. He even extended the interview on his own. Probably not the best bridge to burn
  7. Konnan had a particularly tough fall from grace. Imagine telling 1999 Konnan that two years later he'd be working independents and never reach the mainstream (does Impact count?) US market again. Maybe it was the sing-songy stuff doesn't hold up. (Road Dogg had a similar fall)
  8. My pet theory is in the last year AEW ran into reality. The business side had a honeymoon period/initial growth phase. I'm sure internally there was the expectation that paying big money and bringing in top names was going to bring them to the next level and lead to higher ratings, revenues, etc. Even before Punk spontaneously combusted, hiring Punk/Bryan barely moved the needle. They are basically where they were before, and this may just be what rating are going to be. While there is nothing to be ashamed about being a viable no. 2. promotion and cable ratings leader, I'm guessing the company is not meeting its projections. From a personnel side, in the last year, outside of arguably MJF, no talent has made the jump from the mid-card to the main event scene. You have the homegrown talents who have now been positioned as the future for several years with no path to the next level. Then you have the former WWE talents who were either disgruntled or underutilized in WWE and have joined AEW only to find themselves in the same position. A bunch of talents coming to the conclusion that they arent going anywhere fast. Along with the booking issues, you have a promotion in a holding pattern.
  9. I try my best to keep wrestling away from my kids. They're just too young. The only exposure they've had is going to a nxt spot show a few years back on the coconut loop because some things are more important than being a responsible parent. Last year we were flipping through the channels and AEW came on. My son wants to watch. I tell him we can't watch because it's fighting. Very matter of factly he starts explaining to me that wrestling is not actually fighting and "sometimes as a man you just need to wrestle in your underwear."
  10. I guess I'm the only one who likes Sammy. He's a little lost at the present, but I like his offense. It's fast and a little sloppy. There's a degree of danger. He's toolsy and still waiting to put all of the pieces together. Andrade to me is a legend in his own mind. It's good to be confident but he seems higher on himself than anyone else is. The result is he is going to be disgruntled wherever he goes because no one seems to recognize how great he is. Generally, I'm just bummed over all of the AEW backstage stuff. Stop ruining my good time.
  11. I'm going to make the assumption that when WWE had the mass layoffs many talents landed at AEW at rates far below what they were making before. They had no other choice. It was the only place they could make a living. All of a sudden HHH is in charge and the door is wide open again. It makes sense why talents would be looking to get out.
  12. Basically sums it up. It seems like the majority of the industry is made up of message board posters with a byline. Everyone is parroting the same points and the more they are parroted the more they become cemented as truth. I know the Punk situation was completely insane, but you can use it as another example of how the echo chamber can have a debilitating effect on people when a whisper gets repeated and eventually viewed as fact. While wrestling journalism is particularly irresponsible, the echo chamber is not unique. It's the same thing that has happened in sports and politics. Sourcing is weak and content is king.
  13. At least now that the locker room lines are becoming clearer I can make sense of why Kyle O'Reilly was positioned the way he was in the company.
  14. My assumption is TK knew Punks position and didn't necessarily disagree with it. You can see during the presser when TK is nodding along. The Elite don't get a specialty titles designed to keep them out of the world title and tag title picture without being royal pains. I'm sure TK did not expect Punk to go off the deep end. I know Cody got talked about all of the time. Out of curiosity, have any AEW wrestlers cited the Bucks/Omega as mentors?
  15. How many of AEWs young, intriguing talents have plateaued? There's a conversation to be had about why that is, but at least some of it is going to fall on the performer. Let's look at Hangman. He's a fantastic in-ring performer and his matches almost always over deliver. He was given the title and victories over Omega and Danielson. This was the opportunity of opportunities. Nobody gets this. On paper, he should be made, but he's not. Something is still missing. Vets like Punk, Bryan, Jericho, Christian, and Henry are all guys who years into their careers put the pieces together and everything clicked. You can be dismissive of these types, but they all figured out how to reach the next level and you haven't yet.
  16. When they win matches he could spray paint that guys phone number on the loser.
  17. I think as a wrestling promoter you have a true dilemma on your hands. On one hand this entire thing was almost comically bush league. This is something you expect out of an immature 20 year old, not a bunch of seasoned vets. Putting up with this makes you look like an ineffectual leader and the inmates are running the asylum. On the other hand, you just stepped into a Montreal type situation where there is a ton of palace intrigue. Page who has been directionless the last few months has now been reheated. The Elite who were no longer the focus of the promotion have all eyes on them. If played properly, there is a ridiculous amount of money to be made. it is probably the best chance in the short term for AEW to get to the next level. If played the wrong way, AEW is TNA 2.0.
  18. There are no great options. Why not just blame the whole thing on Danhausen's boots?
  19. I was thinking how much eerily the events of Sunday night reminded me of the Applebees scene in Talladega Nights where Ricky's Dad realizes things are finally going good for him and blows the whole thing up over extra onions on his steak. Ricky's Dad even kind of looks like Punk.
  20. One of the things that felt so good about Punks return was not just the performances, but he seemed so sincerely happy and in a great head space. That's the Punk I want to see again. He's made his money. If all of this is having such a negative effect on him, it's time to step back. If you read between the lines, the purpose of the Page/Punk feud was to get the title away from Elite world where it had been for over a year. (Fast forward a few months and the Elite have a title made special for them which will keep them out of the major title pictures) It was a face v. face feud with no clear build. In my eyes this was confirmed by how TK treated the interim title. There is no real logical explanation why Page was not immediately put back in the mix. My assumption is the reason he was put on the sidelines is TK wanted that title away from the Elite. Punk ending up in the middle of it may have been the collateral damage. One other thing that really hasn't been touched on is Punks most outspoken allies in AEW (FTR) have an issue with the bucks as well. These things are not happening in a vacuum. Taking off my tin foil hat.
  21. One of the things AEW is really good at is elevating talents to the upper-midcard. The difficulty they have (which is the same issue WWE has) is getting these talents to the next level. Last year it felt like many of the younger talents were on an upward trajectory and slammed hard into the glass ceiling around the time that Brian and the Undisputed Era jointed the promotion. Part of the problem is Tony wants to play with his new toys. He likes young talents on the way up and his recent signees. If you're at the main event level you're in good shape, but if you're stuck in the middle you're probably neglected.
  22. What I never really understood (and this goes for WWE too) is if you have access to a low-cost facility to film programming you can produce all sorts of shows for next to nothing. Why not produce a womens only show with unique storylines, etc. instead of trying to squeeze a sizeable women's roster into a small programming block.
  23. They are also both the idiot savants of their respective professions.
  24. I look at the two of them as dinosaurs that somehow survived the mass-extinction event. Complete relics from the 80s.
  25. If the rumor of you hitting the convention circuit has turned into a multi-day discussion of the interest level and real/perceived value, I’m going to make the assumption that the interest level is pretty high.
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