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  1. Living legends from a couple weeks ago. https://youtu.be/wZ3Bqf4Qe_M Negro Navarro Vs Negro Casas.
  2. You know we need those two All Japan Matches.Thanks for uploading the other one for me.I have been on Kox kick for awhile now.Wrestling needs guys like this today.
  3. I do.I'm not that good at rating matches.Both were super matches.Wiskowski and Rose were great bumping all over the place.Piper was on fire.The crowd was great.But I liked the great technical wrestler going up against the brawling tough guy.I'm glad I seen both matches.
  4. The germany match was great, my first time seeing either guy and I loved every minute of it.I have it second behind Bockwinkle-Robinson for 1980 MOTY.
  5. I seen Lawler-Flair.Flair vs Kabuki.Yes this can't last as I have seen tons of world class and AWA.
  6. I totally understand.We were going to take our two young boys age six and four but without her 8 and half hours each way in the van doesn't sound like they will be going.
  7. I might have extra tickets row 3 east section if my wife can't get off work.That's night 2 Philly.
  8. Best lucha match I seen on tv this week was a noches de coliseo repeat with Dr,Wagner vs LaPark from last year.I liked the tag title match and the AAA show was good.Haven't watched IWRG yet.
  9. Leyandas Inmortales is pretty bad.The only reason to watch for me is maybe Black Terry or Negro Navarro show up.
  10. I love that Felino match one of the first lucha matches I ever saw.
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