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  1. I find it really interesting that a lot of talk over the last year has been about how WWE can't book their guys properly (and a lot of the time they can't) but not so much about how the guys they are trying to book on top have so many problems to overcome in the first place. I can't stand Dean Ambrose and I'm amazed he's over at all. He's pretty terrible in ring and out of it. He's very unconvincing as the 'lunatic fringe' (ugh that name is the worst) with a style that looks so controlled and half speed with awkward promo ability to match. He also has the most godawful entrance music, seriously the worst in the company, which is a massive sin to begin with, haha. I remember a few years back when people were going on about his promos in FCW and matches with Regal but I didn't think much of that back then and he's only gone backwards. I've been watching some Raws and payperviews from around Wrestlemania 13 and Dean and Roman remind me a lot of early Rock, where Rocky was doing all this embellished stuff in the ring that looked really uncomfortable and hokey. The commentary was screaming at everyone about how great he was but a lot of the crowd where like 'What is he doing? God, screw this guy'. Rocky was allowed to do his own thing eventually and his positives shined through but I just don't think that's going to happen with Dean or Roman until the environment changes drastically.
  2. That would be a reference to her double finger arse poke that she does quite regularly. It's a Japanese thing. I wish I could remember the word for it...I wanna say 'Kancho'? The character Faust does it as a super move in the fighting game Guilty Gear.
  3. My main issues with Man of Steel - The handling of Clarks 'secret' identity is terrible. The death of Johnathon Kent. This makes no sense whatsoever and pretty much ruined any enjoyment I was getting out of the movie for the rest of the film. His Dad is a bad person and so is he.
  4. The opening of the trailer is full of endless cliches and Cavill looking as poor as the first film. It does look like Affleck is going to do okay as Bats but yeah, I really don't think this is going to be very good. I really disliked Man of Steel so have no reason to believe Snyder is suddenly going to make a good movie.
  5. DtM

    Raw 4-13-15

    Fair enough! Will they bring up Cena's own chain expertise? I hope so, as that was my first thought.
  6. DtM

    Raw 4-13-15

    Is Rusev a complete idiot? You can't use chain against a chain type Pokemon. Cena's leader of the Chain Gang Gym and is impervious to chain (Thanks Mr OOC). If Rusev really wants that US Title Badge back he's going to have to switch elements behind the refs back. Maybe Lana cosplays as Pikachu and throws Rusev a Russian Taser. In all seriousness though, a 'Russian Chain' match might be the dumbest stip name I've heard in a while. Is the chain specifically Russian? Like deadly galvanised Russian steel? Or are those dastardly Russian's really known for their brutal chain based combat?
  7. I figure Tomoka's done it this way so she could go see Mania, have a holiday and get paid at the same time!
  8. I'm not a fan of Reigns and really didn't want him to win but I consoled myself that Rollins was going to cash in so Reigns wasn't likely coming out as champ. But I'll be damned if I didn't get so sucked in to that main event that I completely forgot about the now former Mr MITB. As far as that match's booking goes, it was the best way to do it it to try and make Roman. Brock creams him and Reigns laughs and keeps on coming and still looks like he might have a chance until Seth snatches it from him. It was very deliberate. I'm not going to be swayed by it as everything Roman does makes me roll my eyes but I can totally see why it might change peoples minds who were on the fence. Having said that, I think they pushed peoples patience with Roman kicking out of what was a third F5. Get out of here with that. Otherwise I really enjoyed it and hope Lesnar gets to come back as a face and challenge someone for the title again. Everything else was good to great except for - Rusev/Cena wasn't quite as good as their last match imo, which is weird and a little bit of a letdown. The HHH and Sting match was overbooked fun with some epic entrances and nostalgia moments but yeah, I agree with most that the ending handshake was a bit odd and flat. I assume that's because Sting only wanted the one match, or will only work a Wrestlemania like Taker, so there's no point continuing the animosity and just leaving it hanging, so whatever.
  9. Oh, come on. He's just standing by his friend. Who hasn't done that?
  10. Really? I can kick anyone's ass isn't good enough for you? So the Rock or SCSA or Punk or Henry doing that doesn't do it for you either?
  11. Yep. Same thing, just as I was closing my browser to watch it. The fuck indeed. Mind you, there was absolutely no way the guy in a potential summer blockbuster which comes out pretty much at Mania wasn't going to win the damn thing. But still. The fuck!?
  12. All the All japan guys had animal versions of themselves, and they are all in likeness. I think Mutoh was a teddy bear because he looks a bit like one? I can't remember the others, but some of them were spot on and others less so.
  13. DtM

    Raw 9-16-13

    How long is Cena out for? This is probably just all building to him coming back and saving everyone right?
  14. The last thing a wrestler does regularly that I feel like complaining about every time I see it is Del Rio doing the double knees to the arm (which is fine for setting up his finisher) but then going for a flipping pin afterwards. Who is he going to pin from that??? I just don't get it.
  15. DtM

    RAW 9-9-13

    All the defence of Lawler's and JBL's reactions to AJ's comments - They basically slut shame her on TV every frickin week and it's pretty tiresome so, personally, a few shots back across their lame bows are fine by me. Scheming psycho = heel. Girl who likes sex does not.
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