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  1. we all know what your favorite match is
  2. Riddle needs to learn how to cut a promo before we think about handing him any titles.
  3. in other words: the blow took him to the cleaners
  4. I remember bringing up Bret's suplexes to my trainer (during my 4 week pro-wrestling vocation) and the fact he'd furiously hit the mat with his unoccupied arm to really magnify the effects of the move. Bret's turnbuckle bumps always looked incredible too. Fuck it, gonna go ahead and fire up the network and watch some Bret today. No-one better.
  5. would watch the hell out of a network series based on WWE's engineers
  6. Simple spots you say? You would think savvy ring generals like Sasha and Bayley would be capable of executing an assisted drop kick. Personally never been a fan of the IIconics but Sasha and Bayley aren't much better.
  7. Well I mean, there is this one guy. There is a lot of genetic variation within the African-American admixture. Pure blood sub-Saharan African-American's are a rarity. Most of the genetic make-up of African-Americans consist of sub-Saharan, European and Native Indian ancestry. The average African-American is mixed by default. The Rock is black. He identifies as a black man. He is arguably the biggest success story in pro-wrestling history. We can discuss admixture and mixed-races but is it really worth it when The Rock fits the criteria and is clearly proud to represent his African heritage, who are we to take that away from him?
  8. I could have bought Big E lasting the gauntlet and beating everybody in the process (including Bryan). Kofi? I dunno man. My suspension of disbelief can only last so long. Would not be surprised if Big E's twitter address is leading to some sort of 'Vince is racist' angle. You know it's coming.
  9. Angle's mania opponent announcement on Youtube is sitting at 11000 dislikes as of now. For someone of Angle's caliber he shouldn't be bowing out against Corbin but it does make sense as Dolfan pointed out. If Corbin can throw his NXT working boots on it could be good, that's if the fans in the stadium don't outright reject the entire thing which you know they will. I admire Angle not politicking his way out of the match.
  10. How many ex-TNA guys do WWE have on their books now?
  11. I have an attention deficit for people without avatars.
  12. Doug Williams did an even better one but I couldn't find a gif
  13. I'll take Limp Bizkit over Imagine Dragons any day. 'My Way' is burned into my brain with how frequently I watched my Wrestlemania 17 VHS tape after school. The GOAT theme (closely followed by 'Greenlight' by Pitbull).
  14. Both this and the G1 Supercard look spectacularly underwhelming. Joey Janela might have the best looking card come Mania week.
  15. Wrestling is degenerate enough without injecting it with Rap poison. Keep that shit away from me.
  16. You do it more than enough. Instead of shitting on the product you tune into every single week - release the strain. Turn off the television. Don't watch the stream. It is the very definition of battered wife syndrome. Anyway, I don't like being combative with someone I like. But it's clear you have a crusade against Vince. Some objectivity wouldn't go amiss now and again.
  17. I'm not sure how much reliability an opinion can have when it's continuously coming from someone who has to inform people what other cool things he was doing in every Raw or Smackdown thread every week.
  18. How is it sad? Doesn't matter if he's old or not, he's still the chairman of the company that the average fan online thinks is holding down talent. The segment on smackdown was brilliant, so your opinion is wrong. and sure Vince had cold feet and fucked Roman beyond repair, but Roman wasn't getting Kofi type reactions and Daniel Bryan isn't a megastar like Brock Lesnar. The one time Roman was made to jump through hoops was the feud with HHH that ended with Roman beating him at Mania.
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