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  1. No hyperbole, one of the best two hour wrestling shows I've ever seen. They just get it. The ending was WCW as fuck, in the best possible way
  2. Man. You really need to read the room. Keep the politics away.
  3. Someone literally wrote him off in this thread. Just as a side note, Cole is still coming off a legitimate injury which might suggest why he looked so depleted next to Rollins. I know Cole has always been noodly armed, but he makes up for that lack of girth with thicker legs.
  4. Are we still writing dudes off because of their size? I thought we broke that conditioning when Daniel Bryan became a megastar. Maybe they should push Lars or something, clearly Cole isn't worth it.
  5. Oh I get he's good in the ring. Lee would undoubtedly tear me apart in a fight, but I wouldn't be intimidated in his presence, quite the opposite actually. I've said this before but with his voice and natural charisma, he would make a fortune narrating anime/kids movies. I predict he will be a massive success, just not in the way people think. If he can develop that Mark Henry ''could kill you at any moment'' gift, I might change my mind.
  6. Keith Lee screams mid-card comedy act to me. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  7. I'm shocked they're doing something substantive with Rey. Either they suddenly realized they had the goat on their books or Brock requested to work with him, I'll go with the latter. The feud has been awesome. Put the title on Rey. He's cutting the best promos of his career. Becky/Shayna promo was great too. Loved the call back to Ronda. Didn't watch the main event, but Seth needing guidance from Papa H when it all goes tits up for him made him look like the biggest loser ever.
  8. Cody is cool but not cool enough for a no limit tee, sorry.
  9. nxT matCHeS aRe onLY gOoD bEcAUse tHey rEheaRsE tHeM aT thE pC Cole and Bryan had an absolute banger. Have they wrestled before?
  10. Reminds me of that one Raw a few years ago in Hartford they had to postpone due to a snowstorm but still aired a bunch of segments in it's place. Turned out to be a pretty entertaining deal. Like jae I wasn't planning on watching, but I'll give it a shot.
  11. The Kingdom would be completely insane to jeopardize diplomatic relations with the US which includes a billion dollar arms deal holding a US public company hostage that houses an executive formally of the Trump administration that has a direct line to the president. The entire Saudi state only exists through cooperation with the West. They almost tanked the entire thing after the Khashoggi incident. Which makes me believe there is some kind of hold up within Saudi airspace and they pulled the plug.
  12. @hammerva Sasha & Alexa had no issues wrestling in the UAE.
  13. I think if NXT wasn't a satellite product of WWE then you would see a lot more solidarity being thrown around rather than dissenting views. The WWE refugee section of AEW's fan base are bound to be louder than most with such critiques. It doesn't shock me that there is this us vs. them mentality instilled in some that have made the switch over.
  14. I was with him until he threw Jay Lethal under the bus and called himself 2Pac's successor. Someone get Mark Henry on the phone.
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