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  1. WrestleWar 92. Steiners beating the shit out of Fujinami and Iizuka, The Freebirds being awesome, Flyin' Brian being one of the best in the world at this point having an awesome match with Z-Man, Flamingo and Bagwell, Johnny B. Badd's magnificent cape and that fucking main event. Is there a better show in 1992 than this?
  2. Is there any way to change the aspect ratio of the older broadcasts to widescreen on the PS4 app? or on any platform for that matter.
  3. Batista channeling his 2010 heel run was tremendous, ''where are all the real men?''. I still see Bryan getting into the title match at Mania through some sort of stip' if he beats Trips, which would hypothetically rule out Orton returning as a complete face. Bryan speaking on backstage pass hinted to that anyway and would make sense for Bryan to do double duty on the biggest show of the year considering it's been a theme of his since the Summer.
  4. The feed is back, the first image was Larry Zybszko in the crowd, yeah. This is the best show ever
  5. PS4 app totally crashed, desktop feed playing for 2 seconds then dying, fuck!!
  6. Step aside Shield vs. Wyatts. Good fucking god.
  7. I'm more pumped for this show than I am for WM at this point.
  8. I've watched the Playboy Buddy Rose blow away diet faux infomercial around 5 times today, I'm fine with it.
  9. Rick

    Raw 2-24-14

    The most retarded decision since, I dunno when the fuck ever. The two most dominant beasts in both of their factions, pushed to the high heavens for months, sent out in the cold spot right before the main event with no fucking build-up whatsoever. WHY? pissed me off more than any of the Bryan shit
  10. Flair hasn't quite hit the typsy stage yet, the post-show should be a blast.
  11. Watching the first SmackDown and the quality is lovely. UK user, btw.
  12. If Bryan won it tonight, then what happens? He defends at 'Mania vs. Batista? Meditate on that for a second.. Bryan will win the title at 'Mania, it just has to be that way. Surely, right?
  13. I was buzzing during the entire Shield/Wyatt's match, absolutely fucking insane.
  14. I remember this board wanking their cocks off in unison at that promo on Raw two years ago by Punk, how thing's change eh.
  15. Reigns was fucking amazing, though. Sheamus too, either of those winning at the end would carve my interest more than a Batista win. Batista looked gassed and sloppy as fuck as well, those chicken legs he was sporting and cheek implants make me never want to see his face on my laptop screen again. I guess Show got his receipt tonight for those weak Survivor Series numbers, right? Christ. Oh and a special mention to Zebb ruling the fucking planet.
  16. ''It's PG now Jake, PG'' Punk is tremendous.
  17. Cena should be number 1 with Bryan a close 2. Fuck this list.
  18. I think we're getting HHH/Punk and Michaels/Bryan. Add in Taker/Lesnar and whoever challenges Orton, Henry maybe.
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