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  1. I don't think it's Asuka who would necessarily be the sole motivation behind a fan revolt but WWE's insistence in stacking the gimmicks onto the Womens triple threat at the expense of just about everyone not in the Womens tag title match (which is already as thrown together as you can imagine). After meditating on it I don't think it will happen, but it's a risky move, and the social media backlash from the womens roster isn't going to help defuse it.
  2. also LOL @ that Angle/AJ match. I'm glad someone backstage recognized Angle is one bad fall away from a wheelchair.
  3. It's almost like the women got the memo to act as disgruntled as possible. Not gonna lie the idea of the NXT four finishing Mania with all the gold would be an iconic moment that will be shown in video packages for years and years which of course is a shame that's it come at the expense of others but that's wrestling. Now will there be some backlash? It's already started. If they're trying to insulate all the heat in Charlotte then they're doing a pretty good job of that, but there's always the possibility of fans ruining the fun by hijacking the match in favor of Asuka and the other girls. There was a women's revolution, and Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte and Becky were always the chosen ones.
  4. I don't think Roman beating Drew is a foregone conclusion. Heating up Drew for Seth's first title defense would make a lot of sense, for some reason I don't see Roman sticking around.
  5. I'm sure Joe didn't mind taking the fall, but Angle was losing clean to Corbin not so long ago. Angle's story is kinda underwhelming that it's being built as this farewell tour and no matter what Angle does from today until Wrestlemania he's always going to be leaving and it isn't being built to some retirement match or whatever. I figure he didn't want the Flair/Michaels retirement angle as he hasn't come to terms with being *done* yet despite looking like he's in pain all the time and can't even rotate his neck and plans to carry on working limited dates elsewhere. I figure Angle was done a long time ago, ten years even, by his own admission he was self-medicating with pills just to get through matches years before he was doing insane stage dives and all that other shit in TNA. As for Raw I'm not sure what that Triple H promo was but I dug the hell out of it, it's like he went out there with an envelope and just winged it.
  6. my favorite is CP Munk btw ''Ali'' or ''ALI'' is a GREAT name, like I'm dumbfounded by some name switches but Ali isn't one of them
  7. Certainly the best damage control they could do on the heels of the negative reaction to the Corbin match. Joe/Styles this week then @L_W_P's great idea would be just about the perfect run in. Then Corbin gets squashed to close the chapter to that feud. If this was the plan all a long it's actually smart.
  8. we all know what your favorite match is
  9. Riddle needs to learn how to cut a promo before we think about handing him any titles.
  10. in other words: the blow took him to the cleaners
  11. I remember bringing up Bret's suplexes to my trainer (during my 4 week pro-wrestling vocation) and the fact he'd furiously hit the mat with his unoccupied arm to really magnify the effects of the move. Bret's turnbuckle bumps always looked incredible too. Fuck it, gonna go ahead and fire up the network and watch some Bret today. No-one better.
  12. would watch the hell out of a network series based on WWE's engineers
  13. Simple spots you say? You would think savvy ring generals like Sasha and Bayley would be capable of executing an assisted drop kick. Personally never been a fan of the IIconics but Sasha and Bayley aren't much better.
  14. Well I mean, there is this one guy. There is a lot of genetic variation within the African-American admixture. Pure blood sub-Saharan African-American's are a rarity. Most of the genetic make-up of African-Americans consist of sub-Saharan, European and Native Indian ancestry. The average African-American is mixed by default. The Rock is black. He identifies as a black man. He is arguably the biggest success story in pro-wrestling history. We can discuss admixture and mixed-races but is it really worth it when The Rock fits the criteria and is clearly proud to represent his African heritage, who are we to take that away from him?
  15. I could have bought Big E lasting the gauntlet and beating everybody in the process (including Bryan). Kofi? I dunno man. My suspension of disbelief can only last so long. Would not be surprised if Big E's twitter address is leading to some sort of 'Vince is racist' angle. You know it's coming.
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