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  1. Vince has lost his damn mind
  2. Rick

    SDL is NXT Too - 2/19/2019

    I made the case for Asuka being perceived as a big deal once she returned to television.. I'll take my L on that one. No build-up. No ''ASUKA RETURNS TONIGHT!'' during the opening. No elaborate explanation as to where she's been. Then loses to Mandy Rose with a lame roll-up. What has she been doing during her time off? Playing video games eating doritos? These details should not be left open to interpretation. Sad!
  3. Rick

    Raw is NXT - 2/18/2019

    The Bashams were two meat headed bald nazis that were added to perhaps the worst era of tag team wrestling in WWE's history. Lashley is a 300 pound freak. Eugene was an anomaly. Anyway, you're missing my point. Those were all either Vince creations or picks. Of course he's going to promote 300 pounders or abnormal characters. Just like I assume the first wave of NXT picks this year were geared towards what Vince likes (Lars/EC3 etc.) His willingness to push and promote the likes of DIY, Ricochet & Black from the off confirms to me his willingness for change. The tide is turning.
  4. Rick

    Raw is NXT - 2/18/2019

    I understand people have a want to be disagreeable and have an in-built cynicism when it comes to the main roster so having shower thoughts of how you would implement new talent and it not entirely panning out how you envisioned is probably going to trigger you, but let me state an alternative view. If this was just a showcase for NXT and/or part of Vince's throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks phase then I'm not angry at the use of all four guys. -Ricochet shows off his highlight reel and wins the match for his team. -DIY convincingly beats the tag team champions. -Black crushes Elias in a short match that gets his finisher over as instant death. If anything it devalues the current Raw roster. If this was 15 years ago all of these dudes aren't winning a damn thing. Of course the crowd didn't help, but if I'm a first time viewer at home I would be clamoring to see more of them. People need to drill out this misconception that just because someone is perceived to be a big deal in NXT doesn't necessarily mean they're going to be instant main-eventers squashing established talent on the main roster. Transitioning over to a new audience takes time. The booking last night was fine.
  5. Rick

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    all that squabbling and complaining for months, the Revival should have just got arrested
  6. Rick

    Elimination Chamber IX - 2/17/2019

    Wouldn't that shine the spotlight on them even further? The best form of damage control is to go on as normal. Take tonight's hit and move on.
  7. Rick


    Who are those nerds? Orton is awesome.
  8. Rick


    Evolution produced the Batista 'thumb down' moment. For that alone it's worthy of it's heritage. Plus the comeback match with the Shield was pretty great.
  9. Following King's influence on the headset and in the sheets. Seriously though.. yikes
  10. Edge's 2002 run (post-draft and shampoo commercials) was my favorite of his career. Classic matches with Angle (Backlash & hair vs. hair). A fun feud with Jericho which led to a great, if not forgotten about cage match on smackdown. Winning the tag titles with Hogan. The series with Eddie. The Smackdown 6. It's a shame he got injured after such a strong year. He never really hit that kinda form again. And yeah, less said about his spear the better.
  11. Rick


    Happened tonight at Rev Pro. Tony Khan was also in attendance.
  12. Rick


    don't try that shit on Minoru
  13. Rick


    @West Newbury Bad Boy has created a monster