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  1. Rick


    main event was fantastic this week. Lio has been revelation
  2. Rick


    R Most talented NXT roster? I swear Ricochet is in there twice.
  3. Rick

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Pompeo makes the save. The Fox propaganda machine is already working the narrative that U.S oil costs could rise to $200 a barrel if sanctions are leveled against the Saudi's. Like clockwork, swaying public opinion with fearmongering. We live in a real fucked up world.
  4. Rick

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    Morelock capping for bans yet being the biggest contrarian troll on the board, lol. Warrior being a homophobe was the brunt of the joke there.
  5. Rick

    WWE Evolution - 10/28/2018

    The Vince/Warrior pic looks like it was taken at a Gays for Trump gala event.
  6. Rick

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    WWE should just stay the fuck out of the middle east. The Australia show was a nice change of pace. We have the Wembley fucking stadium that would sell 100 thousand paid which would be cheaper to run given it's recent sale. Isn't India still in their world expansion plans? China? 500 million is a lot of cash, I get it, but fuck.
  7. Rick

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    It's funny, the Saudi regime has made efforts to appear moderately progressive in recent times despite it's obvious nepotistic dictatorship that has arbitrary law dressed up as Sharia, the Sauds and the McMahons are a match made in heaven.
  8. Rick

    SMACKDOWN 1000 - 10/16/2018

    with the LED stage predominantly for the HD era, it won't be feasible for them, but I'd love a return of the big fist tron.
  9. Rick

    Raw Is Coming Up On Total Bellas - 10/8/2018

    The idea of Vince being on a direct line feeding Lio Rush lines to say is.. uh, I dunno, untrustworthy to say the least. Looking at KO's cagematch, he's been burning the candle at both ends for years. He worked 96 matches this year, 147 in 2017 and 193 in 2016. Jeez..
  10. Rick

    Crown Jewel - 11/2/18 from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    When Austin asked HHH about why Chyna wasn't in the hall of fame he gave a very disingenuous/muddled answer. He's inherited more of Vince's bullshit traits than we'd like to think.
  11. Rick

    Raw Is Coming Up On Total Bellas - 10/8/2018

    On the Jericho/WWE front. WWE turning down the Jericho cruise really unlocked the gate for Jericho's insistence in working for stateside shows, something he said he never would out of respect for Vince and not wanting to muddy the waters. Now he's toying with the idea of working with Impact, promoting ROH on his cruise, worked the All In show and has been outspoken in interviews against Vince's bullshit and feels liberated in having complete control on the indies. There's definitely tension there, however much Jericho will try and downsize it. The Saudi show is a bargaining chip which will steady the ship on that front. I definitely see Jericho being one of the eight. Angle looked real snappy in those short exchanges with Corbin, it's crazy that he could potentially be working multi-matches on a WWE show in 2018.
  12. Rick

    Raw Is Coming Up On Total Bellas - 10/8/2018

    I think it's part that and the Saudi money marks are attitude era fetishists and willing to throw absurd amounts of paper at anyone of name value. I read somewhere the Saudi brass were after the Ultimate Warrior wrestling on their last show. edit: Yeah Hogan's definitely working this show.
  13. Rick

    Raw Is Coming Up On Total Bellas - 10/8/2018

    Cole alluding to the WWE World Cup as a proclamation as to who will go down as the ''best in the world'' and even ''the best ever'' made me think Jericho will be involved somehow. Angle & Cena as the first two entrants into a field of eight is a real statement of intent. The card for Saudi-Mania is shaping up to be the best they've ever done, which is a real shame it's tarnished by a ruler bribing a western company with millions for the appearance of moderate liberalization that will ultimately benefit his regime.