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    You'd have thought he'd run a statement like that by management first if he really felt that way especially with Lio Rush being lambasted and almost kicked out of the company from being a dumb ass on twitter and yeah it's likely to further his feud with Bate.
  2. [NXT] Feb 21, 2018 TV SHOW

    Almas/Gargano have a rare once in a generation chemistry which makes me sad that Gargano's seemingly moving onto Ciampa (I mean, that match is going to be the pick of Mania weekend, but still) I hope we get at least one more match in their series before either get the call up. I'm with Fowler in believing Gargano is the best baby in the world right now, he's just unrivaled. There isn't a more convincing seller in the game at the moment. I want him to win, he draws my sympathy. I've missed wanting to see wrestlers win matches. The shot of Ciampa at the end was fucking frightening.
  3. Asuka should limit her English but speak primarily Japanese especially when she's in battle mode. You could tell she was struggling out there which I can only imagine was a tester to see if she was comfortable enough in her English going forward. I fear for Kairi on the main roster. That was the best Shawn Michaels cosplay I've seen in years, bravo Seth.
  4. another good one with Michaels was the one where Michaels knee was legit injured in the build-up. I think it was one of those Cyber Sunday type shows where the three challengers went to a public vote. Wrestling fans are assholes, lol.
  5. Raw Is The Elimination Chamber Blues - 2/12/2018

    I think Braun being heavily micromanaged (yes sometimes it does work) and guys like HHH convincing Vince to have patience that made Braun so good. Of course working with guys like Roman and Big Show doesn't hurt either. What's the deal with the Seth hate? I get that he hurt some dudes and is quite lame with his Metalcore shit but he's hardly Ziggler.
  6. Elimination Chamber VIII - 2/25/2018

    As much as I like Ohno, I can't imagine him ever being brought up to the main roster. I see him working in NXT for another 2/3 years before transitioning into a coach at the PC.
  7. #205LIVE

    I know Dunne fit's the weight limit (he's billed as 205) but much like Balor see him as a future main roster attraction (battering Enzo on the main roster in Manchester being an example) rather than being in a tournament for cruiserweights (and being in the division). I wouldn't complain if he was on the show, but he'd have to win. Ricochet is another name who could easily be in this.
  8. #205LIVE

    Well that makes sense, then. I can't imagine how pissed off some of these guys must have been living within the confines of Enzo/Vince's 205, what a shit show. All the matches so far have felt less like exhibitions and more like prizefighter matches, much like the original CWC or the UK tournament did. It's working. I think adding new guys every week with the aid of a video package to understand their backstory actively helps too. One thing, is Gulak going to go back to Philly brawler Gulak or will he keep the Powerpoint thing? He's built up far too much equity in the latter to simply go back to his CWC gimmick. Shit I want Neville and/or Rey in this tournament. Ok I'm rambling
  9. #205LIVE

    This was start to finish one of the best 205 shows they've done. Both tournament matches ruled, helped by the crowd not sitting on their hands waiting for the dark match. Dug the backstage promos. Spud is a breath of fresh air. What a difference a couple of weeks make, well worth giving it another chance if you have the time
  10. So Miz is basically a better CM Punk, then. Which is funny considering their history. Miz becoming an internet/crowd favorite for his relentless hard work is the best kind of fuck you to whiny Phil. Yeah I don't know where the random Punk slander entered my mind, might have been the gif thread. Seriously though, Miz rarely puts on stinkers, he's never hurt anyone, he can raise his game when required and pull out a PPV quality match. (I'm remembering those Ziggler matches last year which was the last time I actually gave a shit about Zigs). His recent matches with Roman have been great. Miz has done wonders for Curtis Axel & Bo. Miz is one of the best. Give him the big belt.
  11. Corbin's theme fits the glove for a good theme for a meh wrestler. On the subject of good theme songs the USO's theme is my shit (ish?). It helps that they're fucking great at the wrestling too

    Hard to believe that Almas/Gargano is WWF/E's 6th 5* match. Off the top I'd have both Michaels/Taker mania matches, Bate/Dunne, AJ/Cena & Brock/Roman ahead of it. Shit there's probably hundreds.
  13. I'm stoned again. This time, Ahmed Johnson gifs