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  1. Rick

    Raw is Dean's Love Letters To Seth - 11/19/18

    It came out of Steph's mouth. Just like it came out of Steph's mouth comparing her Dad's steroid trials to the fucking 9/11 attacks. You've disregarded everything I've said and made it personal. I'm giving you examples, you're giving me nothing. I don't need to watch a few fucking shoot interviews to grasp that the WWE is a tyrannical, totalitarian, despotic, opponent-intimidating entity. If you feel content with that then you're a bad person with bad morals, being a tribalist wrestling fan does not excuse you from this, even though you hide behind the veil of illogical fandom. There's a fine line there that isn't thin at all. It's clearly marked and very visible. It's your choice to ignore it.
  2. Rick

    Raw is Dean's Love Letters To Seth - 11/19/18

    If you can't see the difference between WWE's exploitation of deaths to further storylines (ALWAYS distasteful and a channel changer, for me at least), which ironically on this very show they did that manifests within their framework to the media shitstorm that was the Saudi controversy that trended worldwide for weeks, and still is doing, effecting not only their company's value on the stock market but could have jeopardized their deals with FOX and beyond, then I can't help you with this one. Reid Flair is an anomaly. So is Roman's illness, to an extent. It's within their framework. Saudi Arabia isn't. It isn't out of the realm of possibility WWE disregarded the repercussions for said line, scripted or not. To me, it was Steph improvising. A momentary fuck up. But it could have been perceived to be very intended and very much a ''woe is us'' plea for sympathy for the ass kicking they got for their dealings with the Sauds. In any event, this company has a lot to answer for, either way. I blame Steph. I blame Vince.
  3. Rick

    Raw is Dean's Love Letters To Seth - 11/19/18

    If it was creative you would think anyone with a fucking brain cell that makes executive decisions in the company. I.E the McMahon's would read it and scrap it immediately. It's called damage control. You do not smugly go on national television and play the sympathy game. So you're saying creative is complicit? Fine. So are the McMahons. If it was my company whoever wrote that shit would be fined immediately for gross incompetence.
  4. Rick

    Raw is Dean's Love Letters To Seth - 11/19/18

    You're acting as if Vince isn't the filter for absolutely everything on his shows. As attested to by literally everyone that's worked for him, Vince is an absolutist. Only a handful of people get bullet point promos, even if Stephanie wasn't on that list (which I doubt) she has a track record of saying stupid shit at the wrong moments. With the Saudi controversy being their biggest opponent since the Benoit murders and taking $30 off the stock price you know damn well if the ''dismemberment'' line was ran by anyone in charge it would be vetoed. And even if it wasn't, Steph should have had the wherewithal to change it. But yeah, let's blame it on a creative mishap or whatever. It was clearly implied as a dig at the Saudi controversy by the McMahon family.
  5. Rick

    Raw is Dean's Love Letters To Seth - 11/19/18

    In hindsight, Roman relinquishing the title, breaking the fourth wall and leaving only for it to be the catalyst for the Shield break-up feels like manipulation. Manipulation of Roman, manipulation of the fans emotions. Another ''moment'' for Vince to stroke his ego with. Just go back and read the Roman thread the night the news broke revealing his illness and the reaction of the board. The sharing of stories of lost loved ones. The emotions that night were very real here. I don't care if Roman is fine with the storyline. I don't care if he went to Vince and said ''use this, it will be great heat for Ambrose''. It feels like a slap in the face to everyone that has lost someone to the fuck awful disease. People will say it's the wrestling business. Exploitation of real world events is written in it's DNA, right? No. There's a difference between Nia being a sloppy worker and breaking Becky's nose and creative capitalizing on it (which fucking stinks too, but it is what it is) to the living, breathing killing machine that is cancer. Fuck all that. As much as WWE barks on about progression, their true, reprehensible, immoral, unethical face has shown up a lot lately. It must be painful for some to continually repress these feelings and to constantly re-write reality to defend this company.
  6. Rick

    Survivor Series 2018

    Because it's the brand with the shitty booking and it's a predominantly smarky crowd?
  7. Rick

    Survivor Series 2018

    the one Brock match I figured escaped us forever is happening tonight. I picture Bryan envisioning how the match would go in his head thousands of times during his hiatus. If rumors are true, Bryan will be working the match as a face which I think I prefer. If there was ever an archetypal David vs Goliath WWE style match it should be this. I want a fight to the death.
  8. Rick


    a wholesome Sunday gif Everyone should go and watch the Ambrose chronicle right now.
  9. re: Velveteen/Ciampa. They fucking HAD me, dead to rights in thinking Velveteen was going over. The DVD on the floor, followed by the top rope elbow drop had me completely lost in suspense. It was like ''they're not going to... holy shit.. they're really doing this..'' and Ciampa fucking kicks out. It's moments like that that keep me watching. Getting lost in the trance of pro-wrestling is so rare nowadays. It reminded me of Taker's streak nearly ending following Taker eating both HHH and HBK's finishers that one year. Good stuff.
  10. Johnny Takeover/Black for me.
  11. Just got done with the Dean Ambrose chronicle thing which was really good and a nice come down from the FUCKING BLAST OF ADRENALINE release that was War Games. I love Velveteen. His in-ring ability is really in it's infancy if you compare it to 10 year veterans like Ciampa or Gargano. Velveteen is young, has charisma out of the ass and I can't believe people are using his cosplays as a way to smear his perceived shortcomings. Channeling inspiration from legendary figures woven into the fabric of his attires is part of the gimmick. Shit he even produced a near-perfect Hogan leg drop with the same TORQUE Hogan did in his prime. It's testament to Velveteen that he comes across as a star rather than trying to replicate a star, even when he's copying moves from the people he's imitating. He isn't Charlie Haas, he's Velveteen. He's snatching wigs and making them his own. I hope Hulk Hogan was watching and felt fucking guilty for being a racist piece of shit. Black/Gargano was fucking nuts, if only feeling very BOLA-ish in that it was a sprint, mixed with a bunch of WWE over theatrics that can become corny especially when it's every show. I love how Black utilizes his knee strikes, just so unique. You know you have stumbled on a great thing when knee strikes stand out in a business where everything is borrowed. War Games. Shit. I don't even know what to say at this point. I know Dunne was injured so working around the injury may have been motivation for the door being padlocked twice over. I called the double moonsault, btw. I hope Ricochet never does that shit again, nearly landed on his head. The War Raiders dudes fucked owned the cage. If anything it reminded me of a WWE game in that it what was pure chaos and mayhem but lacking any real structure. I liked it, but I guess it will be polarizing for some.
  12. Rick

    Survivor Series 2018

    The only draw in modern WWE is nostalgia. Still, Roman is definitely more over than Bryan, no matter what the boo-boys think.
  13. That's a good point. I think Bianca is next in line for the title shot, there's only so far her ''un-de-feat-ed'' shtick can go, she's beaten just about everyone. On the face side there's only really Nikki that's established enough to be a challenger, and that program has already been done. Candice is now seemingly a tweener and is being used as a moving piece in the ongoing Gargano/Black feud. Dakota Kai is moving back and forth between the UK brand and hasn't found her footing yet, and Baszler has beat her. Come to think of it, the face side of the women's division needs major reconstruction, unless Io gets pushed off the rip. It's been a long time since I wasn't hungover on a Saturday so I'm pumped for this show.
  14. is he any good? He looks like the offspring of Joey Janela and Necro Butcher. I'm going to assume he is awesome. Velveteen and Nikki Cross are strong candidates to make the jump post takeover
  15. expecting Ricochet to do some ridiculous shit like a double-moonsault off the cage. Wasn't there rumblings~! of making NXT a two-hour weekly show?