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  1. Rick


    I fully expect Brock and Ronda to be pushed as the faces of the Fox era which would effectively kill the brand split. Raw is still Vince's baby, he isn't going to want to compensate.
  2. Rick


    when that WWE share price soars to an all-time high
  3. Rick


    Travis Banks has signed? Yup this tournament is going to be insane
  4. Rick

    London Calling - Raw - 5/14/2018

    Roman being lumped with another one of Vince's failed creations is quite appropriate really.
  5. Rick

    London Calling - Raw - 5/14/2018

    so Pete Dunne wasn't on the show? what a crock I didn't watch but this looked fun this did not
  6. Rick

    [NXT] May 9, 2018 TV Show

    Ricochet has come along way since butchering a promo so badly NJPW edited it out of one of their broadcasts. Ricochet/Velveteen is money
  7. Rick

    Rusev In The Bank! - SDL - 5/8/2018

    poor Becky
  8. Rick

    Raw Is... Ugh, Okay... Over The Moon - 5/7/2018

    The last time I watched impact D-Von Dudley was revealed as an aces & 8's member. Roode desperately needs turning too, and with Rollins needing credible challengers it couldn't come at a more perfect time.
  9. Rick

    Raw Is... Ugh, Okay... Over The Moon - 5/7/2018

    Lashley was dull ten years ago and he's just as dull today. He's jacked though and Vince assumes he's made a name for himself outside of his company so he'll be spotlighted and pushed to the moon despite him still sucking in the ring and being boring as fuck, piggybacking off Braun's heat in the process. I can't believe in 2018 with the amount of elite talent at their disposable Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal are propping up the mid card on wrestling's biggest weekly show
  10. Rick

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    I know Fowler won't like it but if Seth can keep up his momentum for another 6 months or so he should be in with a realistic shout of being the guy to beat Brock. If thousands of fans flooding the exits during the main event isn't enough to make Vince realize Roman is toast then I don't know what will.
  11. Rick

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    Because Vince hated Asuka's streak probably But he'll send Alexa away for a tit job in the name of empowerment and run a weight-shaming storyline because he has the mental capacity of a 14 year old
  12. Rick

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    Miz tearing down Rosenberg was worth staying up to nearly 5am Just realized Miz could potentially win the MITB and cash in on a newly crowned D Brine
  13. Rick

    Backlash XIV - 5/6/2018

    show peaked at Miz/Seth, picked up again at Bobby Roode twerking then it died a sorry death
  14. Rick

    [NXT] April 25, 2018 TV Show

    I get anxiety every time Black does that lionsault into the sit down spot. Strong Hayabusa flashbacks
  15. Rick

    The Greatest Royal Rumble - 4/27/18

    If Roman mentions it he looks like a big whiner again, and if he doesn't he looks incompetent and a dufus. I mean, the finish does set up another match down the line, probably at Backlash with Joe involved so he can eat the pin.