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  1. So going forward, the top of the card is looking something like this - Cole/Ciampa, Gargano/Balor, Velveteen/Strong?, Dijak&Lee/UE Also they're definitely going through with Riddle/Goldberg aren't they? I can't see Riddle using the jackhammer and commentary laying the Goldberg stuff on thick without Goldberg's permission and agreement to an angle. It's one of the most out there feuds they've had in years. It really should lead to Goldberg calling out Riddle on the main roster, it would be a waste (albeit attractive ratings boost) to do it at Full Sail.
  2. Oh I agree with you there. Swagger sucks, and his sucking leaves him way more vulnerable to being sucked into the woke-lefts wrath than say, AJ Styles, who gets a free pass nowadays because his talent resists such critics. When the honeymoon period is over, we will get a far better look as to who is really over and who isn't. I do think you're overselling the amount of fans that share such a demand for inclusivity though. Nonetheless, one dip in quality and the pitchforks are ready to come out.
  3. The same crowd that were chanting ''We The People'' in unison two weeks ago?
  4. They have something special with SP if they are allowed to succeed. I didn't know Humberto was part of the Garza family - no wonder he's so good
  5. Same old from Starr to be honest. Only so many times you hear the same DSA talking points before they become gimmicky and empty, especially coming from a middle class schmuck like him.
  6. He's done pretty well with Alexa and Charlotte. Owens too. Yes Alexa is very good, don't @ me.
  7. They missed a trick not making Jericho/Darby a ladder match. Imagine Darby hopping up the ladder with his hands tied, having Jericho beat, but unable to break the tape as he tries to snag the title down with his head. Anyway, the street fight was fantastic regardless. Agree that Hager wasn't really necessary, but it is what it is. Britt's homecoming next week being advertised is interesting, perhaps a heel turn?
  8. the internet told me Sasha and Alexa had molten heat and had to be split up
  9. Maybe Bisch is doing liaison work for Fox/WWE. Vince replacing Bisch with the ultimate prowres yes-man just says it all. The inner workings of the company couldn't be more transparent.
  10. Surprised they allowed Balor to leave looking at how thin the SD roster is, unless Cain is going to be SD exclusive. Did Luke Harper get drafted or did I miss that?
  11. Charlotte & Becky being on Raw almost guarantees that we're getting the Mania rematch with Ronda sooner or later
  12. Ryback is awesome and with some retooling could be a valuable asset to the mid-card. If we're willing to give Hager a shot (who does nothing for me) then why not Ryback? Because CM Punk said he was a clumsy oaf? So is Goldberg and Goldberg is the best. Ryback was one of the first casualties of WWE's reluctance to strike when the iron is hot. He was hanging by a thread and not even Heyman could heat him up again, so he took to social media and figured it out for himself. It was working for a while, too. Give him a shot.
  13. So Seth won by KO then? No? Who knows? I've probably spent way more energy meditating over this than whoever came up with that dumb shit. Let it die.
  14. They shouldn't have acknowledged Rollins/Bray at all. I would keep Bray off TV to recharge and pop up in a month with a Firefly Funhouse murdering puppet devil Vince. Punches aside, Fury looked good in there. Asuka winning again with the mist was cool. Women bossed the show. Other than that it was a garbage shoot. Roll on Wednesday.
  15. The minute they decided to name PPVs after gimmick matches is when the gimmicks were destroyed. Gimmick matches should always be administered to elevate feuds, they upended the element of surprise. Money in the bank works because the entire concept is working toward that element of surprise. It's by far the best concept they have.
  16. Sasha losing was the right result. Becky should not be beaten decisively yet. Not when the Ronda match is on the table. As for Becky's next potential opponents, Ruby Riott is a good suggestion. Hell give Liv Morgan a shot. I wouldn't be mad at extending the Sasha feud through Survivor Series. Plenty of options.
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