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  1. All of Rhodes' promos backstage were gold, but Cody impressed me the most. It seems he's in his comfort zone with this and is relishing the opportunity to work with his brother and be in a major feud with the big boys. This has given him a platform to finally fulfill his potential (and the reputation of his family) we'll see how he handles it, but he could be big if he stays focused and given the content to work with.

    I can't get over how good that match was, why didn't they end the show that way? Makes zero sense.

  2. I'd be more inclined to talk about it if his act wasn't practically dead at this point.


    Cody locking in that finish was brilliant, genuinely can't remember a better finish all year. Screw your Taker/Punk match and whatever else. This was old school bliss.

  3. Hm. Felt like an episode of raw, or one of those gimmicky special type deals they reel out every now and again like Raw Roulette. Rhodes' should have probably ended the PPV given the finish, plenty of Canadians going to go home disappointed tonight.

    Rhodes/Shield is a genuine MOTY. Perfectly booked and executed.

    Punk put a shift in as well.

    I guess we're going to have Show guest ref the HIAC match.

  4. Cena was well protected in defeat with his elbow almost falling to bits and no-selling his injury (running over to the ringside doctor and saying he was alright) I assume it will be revealed it was a lot more severe than he was masking, doesn't take the shine off of Bryan either, he was made tonight, the slapping contest with Bryan coming out on top had me off the couch shouting explicits and the finish.. Cena's head being kneed off and taking the pin has cemented Bryan as the new ace, the post-match sheninigans gives him some genuine sympathy and plenty of possibilities going forward.


    Boy was Punk's triangle weak looking, as was his first elbow, but it played into the story of the match that Punk was damn near fighting for his fucking life out there so I have no problem with his lack of technique.

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