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  1. Nattie driving her car into a skip to avoid a drug test was pretty hokey but given the fact it is a E! show and they cater towards a certain audience I was fine with it, I'm sure the majority of people who watch all the Kardashian shows don't care how fabricated it all seems to us clued up folk. That being said I love all the over the top shit. You can tell most of it is played out for storyline purposes, but some of it does look legitimate, like anytime Bryan is on camera. I love Paige. Oh and how I want a Cena/Bella brother confrontation.
  2. When Punk finally loses his shit it's going to be great. I get he's in a brand new workplace and doesn't wanna step on any toes yet, but the moment he allows the self destruction he possesses to come out is the moment I'll be all in on him in the MMA world, tame Punker is a boring prospect.
  3. Mandy Leon was one of the Rosebuds too, dunno what she's like as a wrestler or a valet or whatever. But damn, sign her up, please.
  4. Given the bad publicity they've gotten recently regarding their doctors I would assume Bryan is cleared and ready to work full time, either that or they're dumb as shit.
  5. Bryan's music hitting at the #30 spot in the Rumble in front of a Philly crowd would have been crazy, especially considering we really didn't know if Bryan was ever coming back, someone said he was looking at a Michaels 4 year lay off. Like no one knew and Bryan himself wasn't handing out updates, I can understand in 2014 it's next to impossible for leaks not to get out, but damn, would have topped the Cena comeback in 2008 probably.. and then Reigns throws him out, even better.
  6. Am I wrong in thinking we're not supposed to want the authority on TV? Like could it be they're actually doing a tremendous job in being effective heels? Seth was damn good in the closing segment, hitting every line perfectly and some form of suspense had to be generated in order to get over the angle, you can't have Cena bring them back 5 seconds after Show grabbed Edge. It was executed well and the dead ass crowd reacted huge when Seth eventually laid out what he actually wanted. The whole show was pretty fucking fun as a whole. Ryback summarizing his podcast with Jericho in 5 minutes was.. odd. Ascension were put in the absolute worst spot imaginable though and why would you have them both squash Mizdow of all people, are these guys heels? I know they were in NXT, who knows. But seriously, Miz looked genuinely pissed off sitting on his ass at ringside. Cesaro pretty much sucks, physical charisma is one thing, but he completely bombed his one real chance at showcasing some form of ability on the stick. I could almost hear the groin groan and envision the ''I told you so'' look on Vince's face backstage seeping through the Laptop.
  7. Deducting NXT for Main Event is a huge kick in the balls. As long as SKY still has Football I'll continue to give Murdoch my money but they're not helping themselves in the long run with the Network being easily accessible and no doubt all the shows will be on there sooner or later, at a faster rate than they are now. I guess Smackdown being chopped down to an hour makes sense considering it's usually watered down anyway and a glorified Raw recap show.
  8. In all seriousness, how cool would it be if someone like Cesaro used the Gotch Lift today? I imagine he could pull it off. I was thinking the same thing after I saw it. Backlund was a beast. This clip makes me want to check out some Backlund tomorrow. Is this wrestling related? Not being dick, just want to know if either of those two of people I should know. I really don't know the context but I would like to, some sort of choreographed taekwondo? It would make a great submission move for someone actually, Sami Zayn perhaps
  9. Sasha and the Irish chick on NXT>All of those
  10. Why would he respond? do you want him to list all the gear he's on or something? It's redundant and I'm glad Jericho didn't venture into dissecting everything Punk said about Ryback and questioning him on it.
  11. Fucking Bullshit. Do you know what year Ryback debuted as a professional wrestler? 2005. Do you know when Ryback fucked up a simple "slam a guy through a table" spot? 2013. EIGHT YEARS. Goldberg's career started and ended during that entire time. Literally the fake Goldberg has spent the real Goldberg's entire career to get to the point where he's called "relatively green." It was a press slam off a stage onto a table not a simple slam. Who cares when he debuted, it was a high pressure situation and accidents happen, Chill out.
  12. It absolutely is, because it's proof positive that dangerous workers are put into that position. Vader and Utlimate Warrior are a couple more examples. We're in 2014, not 1995. It's purely speculation and I'm basing my opinion based on two peoples stories that are very different. Punk's bitterness and apparent disdain for Ryback is unnecessary and uncalled for but I can understand it. Maybe I just think Punk is a whiny prick.
  13. It was retarded as it was a press slam off of the stage through a table with no support underneath it, I can't remember the Cena spot but you comparing Cena in 2007 and Ryback in 2012 is apples and oranges, Cena has always had a reputation of being safe and has had PLENTY of practice pulling off stunts. Ryback was and still is relatively green and shouldn't have been put into that position in the first place, as I previously said it looked accidental. The ribs thing is subjective too, hell Punk was horrendous in 2013, who knows what ''really'' happened regarding Ryback supposedly stiffing him with a kick or not, someone is bending the truth regarding the accurateness of the story. Didn't Punk specifically tell Rusev to really lay into him during the Rumble and ''do a cool move'' on him or something? He sounds like the biggest hypocrite in the world. Jericho's attested to always being cool working Ryback, as have others. and yeah the Goldberg thing, relevant
  14. Ryback broke Punk's bones... at least twice... in the EXACT same way, doing the exact same moves and repeatedly committing identical mistakes yet clearly not learning from them. And came close to seriously injuring Punk with several other bush-league fuckups that nobody at that level should be routinely committing (like he does). How does that equal Punk having a stick up his ass? The table spot was retarded in the first place and should never have happened and was clearly accidental on Ryback's part, Punk believes Ryback did it purposely hence having a giant stick in his shitpipe. Ryback's become the scapegoat, as Ryback said on the podcast he wouldn't be put in the position he is if he's a dangerous worker. I think around that time the Shield dudes were really laying their shit in and leaving a mark on everybody, you can't blame The Big Guy for channeling into that culture. Who has he hurt that we know about? I haven't heard anything other than Punk. Accidents are inevitable, Seasoned guys like Harper and Ziggler most likely had concussions at the last PPV, Owens broke his nose from a fuck up. Shit happens.
  15. Ryback came across as very genuine and likeable in that hour, his dedication to improve is admirable knowing he isn't the most gifted of people in the ring. Punk needs to get that stick out of his ass.
  16. This was awesome thanks for sharing. I really need to get down to a ICW show.
  17. Using what is the hottest topic in social media for Network clicks is absolute glorious troll work.
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