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  1. WWE would have been castigated if they ran the same closing angle. Imagine Bryan winning the title at Mania and the Miz ruining his moment, or hell, anyone. Tone deaf. New Year's Dash exists for a reason.

    Jay White was the king of the weekend. I think Ibushi/White was my favorite match of both nights. It'a shame the audio screwed up half of the Jericho/Tana match because the work was great. Those two have crisp chemistry.

  2. JoMo reappearing after 10 years in a backstage skit was lame as fuck, but the only person to get a pop on the show was Roman, and that was mostly by women, so I guess it was probably for the best?

    I guess Miz has a breakdown and costs Bryan the belt at the Rumble leading to a Mania program between the two. I'm not mad at it.

  3. It appears we finally have concrete proof that Daniel Bryan main eventing Wrestlemania 30 was never the plan. Punk shared the original Wrestlemania 30 card on his IG story and Bryan vs. Sheamus was penciled in to be on the show. The document was dated 6 days out from the Rumble which means, I'm sorry, Gregg, but you have finally lost *that* debate 😛.

    That card looks awful, by the way.


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  4. My read on the Orton thing was to plant the seed for Edge's return. Orton name dropping his injury was a clue. I don't think it was simply just to swerve and fuck with people just for the craic. A program with Orton would be lightwork for Edge if he is cleared (all the signs point to it) and the backstory is already there.

  5. The twitterverse are sounding off on Sonya not being in Liv's position, which, yeah I get it I suppose, but what's the difference between Liv and Sonya being LGBTQ represented in WWE's make believe land? Are we supposed to believe Lana is into polyamory as well? Just shows that WWE fans are a bunch of spoiled children.

    I liked the wedding. Rusev popped out of the cake. Lana ate the cake. Lashley was hilarious throughout and got his comeuppance at the end. Liv now has a character outside of having a blue tongue and being a shitty wrestler. 5 stars.

  6. I've got to thinking tonight that Rollins - I followed him in ROH, I've seen maybe every single big match of his. He has NOTHING, on Timothy Thatcher. Nothing, on Oney Lorcen (terrible name but whatever). I do think that in WWE 2019, you have to be in the right place at the right time. The prospect of CM Punk coming in on a WWE fringe program (and absolutely decimating the programming) is cool but will not change anything - Imaging having a returning star coming back to shit on YOUR product and that is the difference you wanted? I might get some blowback from this, but I do think WWE has listened too much to this fans over the past 10 years. Since Cena, Vince has been looking over his shoulder. He cannot commit to anyone. Reigns was RIGHT there. Reigns is very good. Amazing actually. Better than Cena in 2005. But I do think OUR (IWC assholes that moan and complain) have made such a large impact that even Vince is questioning himself. Wednesdays are the hardcore nights. And there's less than 2 million people watching those shows.

    I do think wrestling is going to die in the next ten years. It's going to break my heart. It's my escape. But Vince accelerated this. Maybe he wants it to implode in itself?

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  7. Corbin is lucky Vince is senile and at that stage where he's very suggestive. I'm not under any illusion that if Seth Rollins came around 20 years ago he'd have a carpenter gimmick, but because he's attentive and was lucky that he was part of the shield he was given everything. Despite. maybe 50 other people on the roster being better than him.

    The ironic love for Corbin says it all about WWE in 2019.

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  8. I remember being on forums during Randy's transition to the legend killer model, and it was always received as astroturfed . Randy's face run was hamstrung and broken from the beginning. Triple H can LARP as an ally to the IWC but he did more damage to the nurturing of talent than anyone else in those years. It took Vince to hound him down to take the fall for Cena at Mania that year. Triple H was a tumor in the industry in those years where all of those attitude era fans dropped off. But no-one ever mentions it. lol. NXT is apparently his redemption arc? I'm not buying it.

    EDIT: Kinda wish this was in the chat thread.

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  9. @NikoBaltimore can't tag because the board hates me, but yeah. Of course Iraq and 9/11 dominated those early 2000's but domestically I miss them way more than I thought. Growing up on a cocktail of Tony Hawk, South Park and Pro-Wrestling, life was simple, or so I remember? I think a great emphasis was put on the entertainment industry to be an instrument to keep the populace distracted from the hellfire in the middle east as a product of the insane foreign policy of the Bush years. Nowadays I'm perplexed how such novelties like TV shows and games can form identities and tend to be highly critical of consumerism as a whole. The more politically nuanced I have become the more I hate everything. So I guess my point is, don't follow politics?

    Anyway Orton peaked in 2004. Amazing really. He's never truly hit those heights of that run with Foley up until he beat Benoit and HHH trampled all over him.

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  10. Morrison will get the Shelton Benjamin treatment in taking up a veteran role and being shoehorned into a tag team or filling out the bloated mid-card. He isn't a big enough name to bring back and strap the rocket to. They had a healthy Jeff Hardy under contract and they didn't really do anything with him.

    Drew Mac's a weird one. He's got a ton of upside, and was clearly a candidate to be one of their top guys last year. But they missed their opening and had him lose to Roman at Mania and then used him as a generic body guy for Shane and he pretty much fizzled out after that.

  11. The commercial is great. I like blood sports. Enough with the friendly ''we're not worrying about the other side'' bullshit. Some transparency is healthy.

    Marko's problem isn't even his height, or his work, it's that he clearly hasn't bothered to make up for the lack of size like Jungle Boy has with packing on some muscle in the gym. Even Janela has lost 20lbs. Who in the locker room is going to tell him to get his shit together? If there's one pro from having a JBL type in the ranks of the company, is these dudes aren't getting away with looking like a bag of shit on television.

  12. I once shook Low-Ki's hand at a training seminar and he squoze the shit out of mine and everybody else's in the group, which I guess in his mind was some kind of old school respect ritual or whatever. He then had us all taking bumps on the wooden floors in the gym. I was banged up for weeks after that. Ahh, Low-Ki. Perhaps the most talented of the ROH originals, what could have been.

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