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  1. Heyman & HHH cut two all time great promos tonight, good lord. Joe's simply another layer to the HHH/Rollins feud, or is he? Why not have Papa H send a NXT heavy(s) every week to deal with Seth? Nah, probably not, but it'd be cool seeing The Revival break Seth's kneecaps. How to get Seth to HHH without Joe being the sacrificial lamb is the question? This is only going to lead to Seth decisively beating Joe at Fastlane to earn a shot at HHH. Nonetheless it was a cool way to debut him on top of the card on his first night.
  2. I'm not really mad at Orton winning as I'm digging the Wyatt's feud at the moment, but does it need the belt? Probably not. Cena/Orton isn't happening lol
  3. I hate this trend of independent wrestlers complaining on Twitter about guys on national television stealing their shit (which they stole originally from someone else on a smaller scale but whatever) as Gallagher did more to get the Umbrella over in 5 minutes than Marty Scrull has in his entire career.
  4. You have to question why Taker keeps coming back, he's rich, his health has been declining for a decade and he has nothing left to prove, he should have retired when the streak did. He looked awful in there, fat and bloated with the same mobility Mick Foley has. As much as I hate company shills for DDP Yoga, someone get the man a MAX Pack. He's one bad bump away from needing a knee replacement.
  5. Fucking hell, I don't think even AJ could get a passable 10 minute match out of Goldberg, there's ring rust and then there's completely forgetting how to do the most basic shit like run the ropes, I know his entire moveset has always been based around the two big moves but yeah, what a crap shoot and Brock was going through the motions AGAIN hitting dudes with some weak sauce Suplexes. I dug Gallagher & Strowman's involvement the most. The Miz was aces too constantly bouncing off the ropes and feeding into position for moves which was the complete opposite of Jericho who I'm sure carnied his way into lasting an hour to plug his Yoga shit on his podcast, because his involvement was secondary and as touched on before, Roman entering at 30 was hilarious considering he was screwed out of the title by the one cat who entered real early, why didn't Roman eliminate him? what was the point.. they could have debuted Joe at 30 and still gone ahead with Orton winning the thing and somehow got to Reigns/Taker after Reigns had taken out Strowman. So many loose ends, so much bullshit, typical WWE. What a mess. I was considering Orlando this year, but after how that show panned out and the potential Mania card.. I may just buy that new car.
  6. If his love affair with Japan is anything to go by then I think you can take his word for it, plus the Okada rematch has to happen, but that's for another thread.
  7. or y'know.. Kenny Om.. nvm. Goldberg is the new favorite according to the bookies.
  8. Same here, it worked great for the CWC. NXT fans will at least engage with the talent rather than be completely apathetic towards them. Just anything to get them away from the big buildings.
  9. Alpha were part of the Lumberjacks that refused to get physical with Ambrose which was kinda cool, one of the better Lumberjack matches I've seen.
  10. Does Shane even watch the shows? I know Bryan has been blackballed from Talking Smack so Shane's the only option. Constantly asking for recap videos and talking in cliches, just awful. But yeah, Cena has arrogantly belittled AJ's achievements, destroyed the champion of the company by referring to him as ''some dude from Atlanta'' on a national television morning talk show (could you imagine Steve Austin disparaging Triple H or The Rock in the same manner?) and has made up excuses for his losses pin pointing his perceived injuries for his shortcomings. I think AJ wins and we get a rehash of the redemption story we all know too well and Cena will earn another shot going into Mania, at least then this all makes sense. AJ being banished into midcard purgatory following one of the best years of his career would be mind-numbingly stupid.
  11. Yeah they need to take this show somewhere else, tour the ballrooms, do something with it - honestly when you're getting ''Goldberg'', ''CM Punk'' and ''New Day'' chants during a fucking awesome Neville/Cedric match in front of a relatively hot crowd for the most part it's time to change direction, this isn't working and it's ruining my enjoyment of the show.
  12. Mickie's delivery was perfectly fine in explaining her motive (and she was great during the follow up on Talking Smack) the crowd were assholes. Smackdown is a 2 hour show and we have 3 women's feuds going forward, all of which I'm enjoying. Nattie/Nikki is the biggest blood feud in the fed right now.
  13. Braun wins the Andre thing and Taker challenges Roman for the title is what I see panning out, which I suppose I wouldn't mind seeing only for the dynamic of the crowd going into riot mode when Reigns wins clean as a whistle. My memory isn't what it used to be due to my excessive binge drinking but would that mean Reigns headlining wrestlemania 3 times in a row? yikes.
  14. Sami Zayn now being booked as real life Sami Zayn is the funniest kind of carny shit ever.
  15. Oh man Devlin is really unlikable but yeah he was unimpressive in the ring, I'm not sure if the chants got to him but his timing was off and the fact he hit Burch with a gusher for the finish proved it, Finn come and get ya mans. Danny Burch is the best utility man WWE has that isn't signed to them. Tyler Bate is going to receive all the plaudits and rightfully so, he's going to be a superstar and he's like 19. I saw this as a precursor really, like the first round of the CWC it was nothing too spectacular but served it's purpose, roll on tomorrow.
  16. A belt that isn't manufactured for 5 year olds. Buzzed to score a 4th row ticket for the finals on Sunday, after watching the preview it's hard to look past Dunne vs. Devlin/Seven in the finals, hoping they throw a curveball and have one of the Blackpool lads make the finals/win. To have Trips, Finlay, Regal, Balor, Brookside and co. promoting and holding a tournament dedicated to British wrestling in my hometown on a worldwide platform is just nuts.
  17. Was the Tommy End name change motive to counteract the ''Tommy, Tommy, Tommy fuc*in' End'' chants making television? If so, smart decision. and this
  18. Has Trips offered him that fuck money? He is one of the biggest stars outside of the WWE at the moment, and with all this publicity coming his way coupled with the fact the majority of the WWE roster are gushing over him, surely he's on their radar. On the other hand he's very much immersed in the anti-WWE bubble, even tweeting out his desire to be one of a few to become a legendary figure without the WWE paint on him. Yeah I'm calling this a well calculated publicity shill personally, he's going nowhere.
  19. I mean, the match was what it was, but the entrance was so fucking cool too.
  20. I have PTSD after that main event, what in the fuck
  21. Yeah Strowman needs to be watching some 2002 Lesnar, lay your shit in my dude! He's far too careful and not really comfortable hossing it out there yet, let's face it, he's still green but he should be clobbering fools. I like the Strowman experiment so far but he definitely needs to tweak his big man toolbox. He needs to be mowing down assholes like TJP like he did that fan. Oh and Neville is damn good on the mic, who knew?
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