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  1. Did Balor legit kick Reigns in the head with that soccer kick? That was some gruesome shit.
  2. The best thing for the cruiserweight division would be Pete Dunne forearming the shit out of Neville then setting fire to his belt and running the UK/Euro title in it's place, because yeah it's just not required anymore, especially when Finn Balor is in the main events and Kalisto is beating up dudes like Crews. For the most part this show was pretty good, Joe/Lesnar will rule.
  3. I don't read spoilers but was Pete Dunne involved in any of the upcoming tapings?
  4. I'm all for transitional champions and experiments post-Mania when interest wanes and there's room to breathe, taking the title off of Orton is the best thing they could have done. Well, until he regains it in St Louis in 3 weeks
  5. I wanna know which roids does this whilst apparently ''not eating properly''.
  6. Both Bate/Dunne matches, Bate/Gallagher, Bate/Seven, Lorcan/Mcintyre, Goldberg/Lesnar.
  7. In hindsight this spot was really dumb.
  8. Fuck yes, although being an avid Progress watcher seeing British Strong Style duke it out with each other is seriously weird
  9. Man I selfishly want Jack to be a part of the UK show, that was a great WOS throwback match and quite surreal to watch those two main event a WWE show wrestling such a technical style. The Roddy video package was absolutely necessary.
  10. It was a good show outside of Aiden English getting 3 minutes to showcase his new persona before getting his balls cut off, a tailor-made gimmick for natural heat destroyed before it even got a chance
  11. Apparently Otunga has been traded for Byron, the reasons to free up my Monday night garbage TV viewing just keep piling up
  12. Ambrose losing the IC belt and being split from his girlfriend for mailing it in is Vince at his most ruthless best. SD womens division looks real bare now, even with additions of Charlotte & ? (Emma?). Potential call ups for Royce & Billie would bolster it massively, it's not like they're doing much else. So no-one's talking about the Drifter?
  13. I'm with Matt D, I was at the show live and fell asleep during the main, Bobby Roode is a very boring man.
  14. A couple of lapse fans sat next to me cosplaying as Hillbilly Jim and a Bushwhacker openly weeping when Taker lost was a sight to behold. I loved this show. This dude was um.. yeah
  15. Owens yelling ''GET OUT OF MY LIFE!!'' at Zayn before shooting him into the ropes for the pop up powerbomb might have been the best thing about this show actually.
  16. I watched the highlights on youtube and yeah this was a show. But this was GREAT.
  17. Isn't it weird that Cena has accepted the proposal to be foreshadowed this much? if I was contemplating proposing to my girlfriend I'd like the surprise element to still be intact somewhat, it seems far too inevitable at this point which makes me believe it could be a huge swerve and Nikki's going to decline, hell, that would be the ideal way to send Cena packing for a few months. Miz gloating endlessly despite losing would be amazing.
  18. Well they are in Orlando exclusively for Progress, as is a couple of the other WWE UK guys, hopefully Bate/Dunne/Seven are added as the card is a little uninspired at the minute. They really missed a trick not doing Nak/Ohno here.
  19. Yeah suddenly the 205 guys are making it work, it's taken Gallagher, Neville & Swann almost killing themselves to do it, with the inclusion of Aries giving it a well needed shot in the arm too. The Aries/Neville segment was brilliantly done.
  20. Bate/Dunne, Gallagher/Neville & Show/Strowman are the clear stand outs for me, wasn't high on AJ/Cena being this world beater of a match like everyone else.
  21. Reigns blasting away the field just proves how bad Marty Scurll actually is
  22. Shaq/Show will perfectly break up my beer haul and piss break, I'm not even mad speaking of great wrestling twitter, which one of ya'll runs this https://twitter.com/JumpinJimG69
  23. I saw the finish coming a mile away but Strowman losing pissed me off so much more than anything else which speaks volumes for his progression in such a short period of time, fuckkk. You could say his inexperience cost him the match, I suppose, but this Reigns push can suck a fart, I know he needed to win to set up the Taker match, but why even go down that route in the first place. Jack Gallagher is money, those headbutts are such a cool visual.
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