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  1. Becky was over all night long. Petty nit-picking the phony reality of WWE to stimulate your dopamine receptors aside, Becky driving the ambulance and then returning in said ambulance for a straightener was bad ass. All it was missing was Becky stitching herself up on the roadside. 

    Raw's hit a bit of a hot streak recently. There's stories all over the show. The only thing I forwarded was the Mojo/Outlier/SP stuff, partly because I'm not a fan of any of them, but even that ended with forwarding some kind of story arc. 

    I don't think Seth has the acting chops to pull off the Messiah, but I appreciate that he's giving it a shot. He needs to work on his cadence, and internalizing some bible passages wouldn't go amiss. 

    Also hot crowd tonight! They popped for what they were supposed to. Maybe it's an indictment of how good Raw has been, or that the town is just super enthusiastic generally, but I enjoyed their interaction.

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  2. There is more stock in The Fiend than Kevin Owens. 

    Goldberg is disposable at this point. He's reached that point of his career where he should be doing jobs and he's only coming back for another 7 figure Saudi check. I'd book the typical Goldberg sprint. Goldberg passing out to Bray's mandible claw probably works best. The question is then can Bray deliver the archetypal Goldberg match? I don't rate him in the ring, but it shouldn't be too difficult. I love Goldberg, and selfishly I'd book him to win, but Bray should be winning the match. 

  3. I agree with you that it could have been used to elevate someone else, and Shayna was all the rage with the live crowd. I do think plans were changed to accommodate Ronda into the scenario. And Charlotte winning sets the wheels in motion for the triple threat rematch (this is strictly guesswork on my part but the idea of Charlotte vs. Bayley or Becky is garbage and has been done to death). I'll take my L if those plans do not come to fruition, but that's how I see things playing out.

    Ronda/Charlotte/Becky on the Raw side, and Sasha/Bayley on the SD side. Niners Fan is happy. The board is happy. Everyone wins.

  4. The Claymore is such a dope impact move, the way Reigns fed in to it to end the match made it look spectacular. I also totally buy it knocking Brock out clean. One shot and done.

    I called Orton/Edge the moment Orton referred to Edge in that weird fake injury angle promo the other week. I'm also going to call Ronda/Charlotte/Becky II at Mania. It's the only way not having Shayna (beating Becky at Survivor Series you would assume the feud would naturally be a lock for Mania season) win the Rumble makes any sense. 

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  5. I’d be down for that I guess but that would mean Taker having to commit to a retirement and judging his comments from his interview with Stone Cold on the network, he’s only going to retire when he’s good and ready, rather than being told to. And let’s face it who is going to tell him?  It’s sad but as long as the money is still there, Taker’s not hanging them up anytime soon. 

    Pretty sure Roman gets the nod, and it would be the right call. No-one has the kinda Daniel Bryan 2014 energy that would require a natural pivot to. 

  6. Too many cooks in the kitchen. It was always going to happen. Too much creative liberty creates overlaps and with no trade-offs, we get shit like the Dark Order and Brandi Rhodes' American Horror Story cult in back-to-back segments. Who is the authority here? They have Arn and Malenko directing the shows, they need to speak up. Don't get me wrong there's plenty of good, but the bad really sticks out like a sore thumb. I'd kill for whoever books NXT to book AEW talent filmed in AEW arenas.

    Also I'm over the tag team matches, time for some real showcasing.

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  7. Maybe they ran the angle at the end because they have something AEW related in the cannon for New Year's Dash that's going to steal the headlines? I know Jericho won, but I doubt they would dangle the bait so blatantly only to take it away without more prolonged plans between them. Having an outsider brandishing a foreign companies belt, win, and then go away again is the kinda shit that would create conflict. There has to be something else. Maybe Tony Khan hits Gedo with a stunner or something

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