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  1. The tactical nihilism of the IWC couldn't be more on show here. The same ones that are outraged and complain the most about 53 year old Goldberg winning the title are the same ones first in line to call people stick-in-the-mud and assholes for questioning women beating men for world titles. But some of you aren't ready for that conversation. I guess wrestling is only fake and a performance art when it suits some people. 

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  2. Just now, ComingToAmerica said:

    I wouldn't personally consider it to be that cool, but Goldberg was actually more capable then than he is now. 

    Roman is far more capable in executing the archetypal Goldberg match and working around Goldberg's limitations than broken down Taker (Goldberg was knocked out 5 minutes into the match) and Bray Wyatt. Roman is winning, the Jackhammer doesn't even need to be used. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, ComingToAmerica said:

    The notion of a money match in 2020 is questionable, unless they do indeed do the ESPN thing.

    But there's a decent chance the crowd will shit all over the Goldberg-Reigns match. I'm not guaranteeing it, but there's a decent chance.

    People are complaining about Wyatt's in ring performances, when we know he can wrestle just fine - whereas we know, absolutely know, Goldberg can't and we know pretty much exactly what his match with Reigns will be like.

    You mean a cool ass sprint like Brock/Goldberg was? Or 20 minutes of Fiend control segments to deafening silence? 

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  4. The Fiend was finished as soon as he pulled out the mallet at HIAC. Goldberg/Reigns is the money match. All of those cool firefly funhouse vignettes did not translate into good in-ring performances, aside from the Bryan match, and I mean let's face it, Bryan could probably have a good match with anyone on this board. 

    Ricochet/Brock was hilarious. 

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  5. 4 hours ago, RolandTHTG said:

    Could they run a Caster Semenya angle with Nyla and Britt trying to push the fictitious board of directors to put her through ridiculous standards and testing to ensure she's meeting the necessary testosterone angles to remain the champ?

    I feel like if its done with the appropriate respect shown, it puts huge heat on Britt and sympathy for Nyla. On the other hand, one transphobic audience cheering for Britt and it's super messed up.


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  6. I like the epic format, but it seems like the more creative liberties performers have gotten the more they're missing the mark on when to execute the finish. Gargano was really good at finding it. Zayn too. I don't know what's happened. Maybe Adam Cole sucks?

    I blame Shawn Michaels

  7. I understand the flex of wanting to showcase the absurd amount of athleticism Lee and Dijak have for their size, but some of those spots were bordering on life threateningly dangerous. The impulse of wanting to top their previous matches caused them to dance over the line of what's acceptable and what's out of their comfort zone and it showed. If it wasn't for the crowd being so hot, the presentation would have stuck out a lot more than it did. They've had better matches. This one wasn't it. 

    Balor CRUSHED Gargano with the GDG.

  8. I broke my heel like ten years ago and I still have lingering issues with it. She's very fortunate she's able to walk let alone do something as vigorous as throwing yourself at mat covered wooden plank several times a week. She's gotten herself into great shape too, fair play. 

    In other injury related news, my man is back


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  9. Yeah. I can see why they wanted to tie his Dad's blindness in with the angle, but my immediate reaction was wanting him to kick Moxleys ass. Some miscalculated emotional trip wires were laid with that. Kinda wish it was saved for when Santana and Ortiz eventually turn face. 

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