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  1. I take breaks. Following Mania I haven't watched a thing. The burnout is real. It's been proposed before but seasonal breaks would do wonders in regaining some of those disengaged fans that have tuned out over the years - absence makes the heart grow fonder etc.
  2. ''Vince'' has been following them since they were both in the company. Also I miss CM Punk
  3. Women's wrestler court? Seems complicated. Just have Randy shit in their bags.
  4. Doubtful Christian goes in on his own. Doesn't Vince hate his face?
  5. Never make showings of discontent in front of your peers. Subvert the system - including those peers. That's how the wrestling business has worked since it's inception brother. Seriously, if that tweet is true, both of them have some growing up to do.
  6. Revised mine. Batista/HHH and Walter/Dunne make my champions league places.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Sasha is the miracle worker some make her out to be. Actually, she's really quite sloppy as a face. I'll give her credit though, she has realized—being close friends with the Revival and all—that those in the machine simply cannot win by boo-boo facing (hi Niners) and tweeting cryptic tropes of disarray. The best option to represent her interests is shoving objects into the gears of the machine. It's the only thing that works. Sasha, whatever you think of her is a huge name and would be a big get for a company of AEW's stature so her leverage and bargaining power is enormous. I can't believe the Sasha that was killing it and was perhaps the best heel in wrestling in NXT hasn't had the opportunity to be a fucking heel. Turn her immediately. Heads will turn once the brass in the back realize how good she can actually be.
  8. Undertaker continues to morph into crypt keeper. That hair needs to go man. I will give him props though, he looked in great shape. Those outraged Bayley was the sacrificial lamb for Alexa must not have watched Bayley for the past two years. I am way burned out with wrestling after this weekend. The dynamic of Mania weekend is becoming a little stale. Hopefully AEW can inject something fresh into the scene. I'll plug back in for double or nothing.
  9. Hardly any chatter about Cena apparently being signed on for a match tonight. Tana is in the building..
  10. The general consensus of social media/reddit opinion re: Gargano/Cole is it was everything Meltzer says it is. Personally it wasn't my cup of tea but I'm not going to scorn anyone who did like it. I think I enjoyed the invisible man match from Spring break more, simply due to GCW ref Bryce Remsburg's masterful performance of directing traffic (seriously, go and watch it). This place generally doesn't follow a collectivist way of thinking - for the most part people like what they like without prejudice (unless you're a Randy Orton fan like me) and that's okay.
  11. if watching a million shows this weekend has taught me anything it's I absolutely loathe the ''you deserve it'' chant
  12. Enzo & Cass bring new eyeballs to the show etc etc. I'm not mad about it. I liked them as a tag team in NXT that being said The Briscoes are going to murder Enzo aren't they? Two funny things that happened during Naito/Ibushi. 1. The security guard working himself into a shoot not cowering to Naito's shtick making Naito break character offering up a handshake (the camera seemed to pan away when all that was going on) and 2. The fan who picked Ibushi off his ass to save the count. That dude was having none of it. I fell asleep when Matt Taven *sigh* won the belt. Loved Cobb/Ospreay, my match of the weekend so far. edit: caught the replay of Okada/White, the end stretch was amazing
  13. What Pete Dunne's chest looked like this morning
  14. I don't even think it's a thing that's what makes it hilarious/creepy that a fan would have the temerity to ask her in the first place and for Alexa to accept is uh, a notch in that dudes win column for the rest of his life I guess. Never underestimate the lengths wrestling fans will go to make wrestlers feel uncomfortable. Sunny was selling similar photo ops a while back involving spooning and a queen sized bed. Yes those pictures are as frightening as they sound.
  15. UE would be a good shout actually. They've done just about everything there is to do in NXT. We know Ricochet and Black are leaving, other than Shayna and Velveteen is there anyone else primed for a call up?
  16. Echo the request of a must-see list rather than combing through everything. From what I'm hearing Ospreay/Bandido was the best match on Thursday. Meltz was raving about it. I'm at the point of my fandom that Orange Cassidy is exactly the kind of light-hearted goofiness that I crave on a wrestling show. Damn GCW running Spring Break at the same time as Takeover
  17. Suzuki/Barnett was an all out war reminiscent of Walter/PCO last year. Suzuki with a somewhat full head of hair is a strange sight, takes years off him. Edit: Regal & Ambrose were in attendance at Bloodsport
  18. I'm with you there. WWE uploaded a 20 minute extended version of both training camps. Suddenly I'm all in.
  19. Zack Gibson might be the best promo in wrestling.
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